Carnival Of Space #147

Welcome to WeirdSciences and Carnival Of Space #147 . If you have no idea, what a carnival of space is , take a quick  guide to carnival of space at UniverseToday.

First I would like  to introduce WeirdSciences. WeirdSciences is a blog talking on wide range of subjects including astrophysics, latest researches, astrobiology and some cool stuffs like ancient astronauts and aliens.

I thanks to Fraser Cain of universe today to let me host  carnival of space this week. Lets start carnival of space #147. .


  • Ian of Astroblog has

A Tour of the Exoplanets in Celestia Using the 3D space visulaization program celestia to tour the night skies as seen form selected exoplanets for you.

Phobos — The Key to the Cosmos? Just Ask Russia and China!


Dark Matter: We don’t understand everything.

Interesting post..

Carnival Of  Space #147 ENDS UP HERE. ENJOY FOLKS!! Thanks for stopping by…


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

31 Responses to Carnival Of Space #147

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  3. one says:

    France has ordered 14 Soyuz carrier rockets from Russia (for only $1 billion) to launch from Kourou:
    so, MY suggestion to Launch the Soyuz from KSC is a GREAT IDEA to FILL the 6-10 years US spaceflight GAP and SAVE up to $20 billion to invest in the development of an HLV for lunar missions:

  4. one says:

    the April 15 Florida Space Summit sounds as the “LAST CHANCE” to define a good US spaceflight program and to save the 23,000 space-related jobs

    if you want to discuss about the future of the US spaceflights and give your suggestions join this “Florida Space Summit on April 15” Facebook Group

    rumors say that, at the April 15 Space Summit, Obama should (finally) announce a plan to go to Mars…

    maybe, something like my “Five Steps Journey to Mars” that I’ve suggested eight months ago in this article:

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  6. bruceleeeowe says:

    I’m agree with your most of the points except first one. It doesn’t seems economical anyways. However rest of your points were fantastic. I would like to cite these points in my upcoming posts.

    • one says:

      surely, launch the Soyuz from Russia costs slightly less, but France, ESA, EADS and Russia will do the same thing from Kourou without any dramatic increment of costs

  7. bruceleeeowe says:

    For sure,that is a good attempt.. I think we don’t need another separate NASA for mars mission. It wouldn’t be economical anyways. 🙂

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  11. Michael says:

    That’s mean. When you say, “If you don’t what Carnival of Space, click here” and then your link points back to this page, it’s just plain mean.

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  14. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi, michael
    that link is broken. you can go here right now to know more about carnival of space


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  23. Mark Louis says:

    Wow, you have hosted the carnival of space this week. I just noticed it.

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  26. Crockett says:

    Do you think about dying? Are you scared?

  27. Futch says:

    If you could tell your best friend one thing that you cant stand about him/her what would it be?? what do you think their reaction would be?

  28. Very interesting…. i love the name carnival of space. It hints on just how weird it really is….I hate carnivals.

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