On The Space Time Foam

So far, I’ve just said “Spacetime is erupting into a higher Dimension.” Now let’s think more deeply about what we’ve been viewing.

What are these undulations into the higher Dimension?

Imagine a magical, extremely small 2-D pico-bug (as far as my brain can presently think, it seems that no real being could exist at this scale — it is space itself that is wildly undulating!) .

Imagine that the 2-D pico-bug is walking along its 2-D space, and the bug travels onto an undulation. Notice that this “undulation” allows the bug to remain in its physical 2-Dimensions, but move significantly into another Dimension.

Can you think of another name for these “undulations”? Maybe if I flip the picture upside down, it might help you.

What are they? (I’m hoping you don’t say “teeth,” “mountains,” “stalactites,” — guess what physicy thing they are!)

I recommend you don’t look at the physics words below until you take some guesses (“participatory education” is way more fun).

Here’s another hint:

They have to keep things simplified in a video, or it will take up way too much memory. Perhaps you were expecting more complex structures.

It’s true that some of these spatial undulations look analogous to the simple undulations in the video, but quite a few important ones look like the structure shown here on your left. So, the video should have shown huge numbers of these arising from space. Now do you have a good guess what we are viewing?

These are tiny wormholes!!And since they constantly erupt and disappear via Quantum Freedom, they are virtual wormholes !!! Just as the Freedom of Quantum allows virtual particles to dance in a fantastically-larger realm, here at this realm the Freedom of Quantum allows the continual arising and falling-away of virtual twists, bumps, and bridges of space.

So far we’ve just shown wormholes that warp 2-D space into a 3rd Dimension. The tiny virtual wormholes that fill all of our 3-D space are warped into a higher Dimension.

If we could shroom down to this level of existence, what would it be like to journey into one of these tiny wormholes? (Or heck, what would it be like to journey into any size wormhole?) We’d follow along in our familiar 3-D physical space, but it would be highly contorted as it bent into a higher Dimension. (If you didn’t follow this green statement, go back to the green words above describing the 2-D pico-bugs’ journey onto one of their wormholes. Always empathize with the 2-D bugs, they have much to teach us!)

Ok, now you’re ready to watch the video again with a deeper understanding. You now realize that you are watching virtual wormholes arising and disappearing. This interwoven, ever-changing, web of virtual wormholes twisting and undulating our 3-D space into a higher Dimension is the fabric in which you float!

You are basically a vast, amazing grouping of electron clouds (with very tiny, heavy p and n wavefunctions floating at the center of each e- cloud). This grouping of electron clouds is floating around in an interwoven web of virtual wormholes. Uh, . . . is Reality trippy, or what?

As you watch the wormholes in this video, in your mind allow the wormholes to erupt from every point in our 3-D space — twisting and undulating into each other and into a higher Dimension.

Let’s call our familiar left-right Dimension “Dimension -1” and our familiar forward-back Dimension “Dimension -2.” In illustrations like this we are forced to simplify — to picture virtual wormholes of Dimensions 1 and 2 tunneling into the up-down Dimension which we’ll call Dimension -3.

But into what Dimension do our 3 Dimensional virtual wormholes tunnel? Of course you all immediately answer back: “Oh, that’s easy — you already went over that earlier — the answer is the Valhalla Dimension.” Do you think it’s morally wrong to give someone trainer wheels when they are first learning?

I hope not, because that’s what I did. It’s not that I lied to you — our three Dimensional wormholes really do tunnel into the Valhalla Dimension. But this is Quantum Mechanics, folks — remember its motto: “Anything not explicitly forbidden is allowed to occur.”

Remember Hyperspace (also called “Superspace” or the “Grand Cosmic Situation)?

It’s the sum of all possible Dimensions — an infinite array. These Dimensions always exist as possibilities, but they can manifest themselves as physical space if conditions are appropriate. Amazingly, our virtual wormholes are literally undulations into all possible Dimensions! So one wormhole might twist our familar Dimensions 1, 2, and 3 into Dimensions 37 and 92 and 998.

Then the wormhole tunnels into Dimensions 1,924 and 17,319 and 16. Then the wormhole pokes into Dimensions 37,985,217 and 19 and 77. The wormhole does all this before it disappears. Meanwhile the wormhole right next to it, is twisting our 3 Dimensions into a set of completely-different higher Dimensions. Each virtual wormhole bends and twists our 3-D space into its own unique path in Hyperspace. Ok, there’s the full truth about the Reality in which you exist. How are you doing?

Remember when I met you for the first time and I told you that Reality, just as it is, is the wildest trip of all?
Looking back, do you now get a sense of that?

Let’s review your daily life — you are an amazing, organized grouping of ~ electron clouds (with very tiny, heavy p and n wavefunctions floating at the center of each e- cloud). This grouping of electron clouds is holding itself together by constantly exchanging various virtual mediators, and it prevents itself from passing through other groupings of electrons clouds (like the walls and floor of the room you are in) by exchanging virtual pusher photons with its surroundings. By movements of certain electron clouds among its vast herd, this grouping has self-awareness and consciousness. This grouping of e- clouds floats around in a space gently bent by another grouping called “Earth,” and this space itself consists of an interwoven web of virtual wormholes that extend out into an infinite array of other Dimensions.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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