Poor Hawking You Are Wrong!!

“Aliens may exist but contact would hurt”, said  Hawking. Despite being one of  the fan of Hawking, I refute his speculation. After writing tons of articles on alien life I can finally conclude that poor Hawking is wrong. Hawking says that such advanced aliens would perhaps become nomads, looking to conquer and colonise whatever planets they can reach. But my contention with his argument is that why would aliens eradicate us? Perhaps they want food or want to steal our technology?

As for food, advanced aliens could produce any sort of food they desired, including herds of human beings if they wanted, far cheaper and more easily at home, than traveling hundreds of lightyears for take out. No matter how tasty mankind found some delicacy among the distant stars, I doubt that we’d mount an all out effort costing hundreds of trillions of dollars to go collect the real thing. At the very most we might take a small sample on which to base production of the food at home. And we’d only do that if it were practical for other reasons; it certainly wouldn’t be our sole or primary purpose in such a voyage.

Another tired science fiction theme is that of aliens wanting a new home, and the Earth being the best choice in the galaxy. Please! There has to be plenty of Earth-like worlds out there, probably many of them still pristine and serene, populated by no large land animals to fear, possessed of seas well stocked with fish, and the landscape breathtaking with vistas of vast old growth forests; in other words, there’s many worlds out there which a civilization like our own would consider much closer to paradise than our presently crowded and soiled planet. So advanced aliens selecting Earth over all these others as their new home could use some heavy duty tutoring in their shopping skills.

Perhaps advanced aliens might want to steal our technology? This is even a greater stretch than the Earth-as-Paradise theory, since lightspeed or faster tech based civilizations would find little here in our wooden mousetraps and sophistocated metal sling shots (guns) that would increase their living standards or pique their curiosity.

Maybe they merely want us as slaves? Or pets? Again, they could more easily and cheaply produce us at their own home planet for such purposes, than they could to come all the way here to capture us in large numbers fully grown, and then transport us back again.

Maybe they’re lonely, and just looking for a friend? Or curious? This could well be closer to the truth in many cases than anything described above. It’s not too difficult to envision an advanced race wanting to meet other intelligent species simply for reasons of difference, and learning about the natural diversity of evolution on different planets. Of course, it’s also true that by a certain stage most advanced civilizations will be able to construct new intelligent races on their own, without the need to search for natural-grown races like us.

Maybe they are mentally ill or unbalanced (as we would perceive them), and simply looking for someone to harm or kill or enslave? Unfortunately, given the significant chances of nomadic, displaced, and injured refugees floating about the galaxy, not to mention the warlike totalitarians looking for prizes easily taken, as well as roving ‘Berserker’ vessels and more, this possibility could be just as likely as that of benevolent curiosity stated before. In other words,we take great risks advertising ourselves to the stars the way we do today.

There’s also this last point: Mankind is presently enjoying a steady increase in the astronomical observation and detection means at his disposal. Within decades we may be able to view planets in many other solar systems as well as we do those in our own today– even without the need to venture beyond our own system with probes. And yes, we should expect more advanced civilizations to far surpass that– to ultimately be able to do reasonably complete and accurate computer simulations of the entire galaxy or universe (including Earth and humanity) without ever leaving home (after sufficient early sampling and observation had been done to gain the proper initiating conditions of course– otherwise chaotic systems cannot be properly projected).

But after any race comes to have such a simulator (and related technologies), why would they leave home at all? There are almost no cases which can comprehend the case for war against an alien civilization. If any advanced civilization endowed with antigravity technology and other magical alien technology, it would never like to appal us. There is no case for war, unless Hawking itself welcomes aliens with nukes!! May be possible that’ll be the case.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

28 Responses to Poor Hawking You Are Wrong!!

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Well said Bruce! Hawking can’t welcome aliens!;-)

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    Thanks, Mark. May be,I think so.

  3. Herbert Austria says:

    Hawkings letter is no right. Aliens can see all days what we do when its interested!
    I love to write German, and my english,…i hope you can understand… learn english 45 years ago…
    Summer 1969 Aliens visit us in the Apollo mon time – we are 4 peoples who can see the big star ships after our time, because the time stand still. Aliens can visit us in a short time without problem….We must learn to built Spaceships for big distance and i know the way what we must go!
    Die Gesetze der Physik sind für alle gleich, daher werden auch wir einmal Raumschiffe mit der gleichen Technik wie Sie die Aliens besitzen bauen können!
    Bei einem Einflug von fremden Raumschiffen aus einem anderen System kommt es zu einem Zeitstillstand von ca. 18 Minuten! Die Raumschiffe können daher von uns nur innerhalb von einem kleinen Focusfeld gesehen werden. Auf der Erde läuft die Zeit aber gleichzeitig weiter, da wir Ereignisse außerhalb von unserer Zeitebene
    nicht sehen

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Here is English translation of German comment as I found it on google translate

      The laws of physics are the same for everyone, so we are even space ships with the same techniques you can build have the aliens!
      In an influx of alien spaceships from another system, there is a standstill period of about 18 minutes! The spacecraft can therefore be seen by us only a small focus within the field. On Earth, time is running but at the same time further, as we of events outside of our time level not see.
      yeah I’m agree with you and I’ve suggested the possibility already.

      Summer 1969 Aliens visit us in the Apollo mon time – we are 4 peoples who can see the big star ships after our time, because the time stand still.

      Had you seen alien spaceship?

  4. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi Herbert,
    just keep commenting in German. I’ll reply you with english translation. and I’ll put a translation widget soon.

  5. Nicholas Gan says:

    In my opinion the whole universe is governed by a righteous force (God). There are many worlds and created beings out there. Only when humanity matures, learn to live together without killing one another will GOD allow us to make contact with another alien race. This is like some sort of protection which protects the universe (other beings)from our immature conditions. An immature civilization will be hostile to other alien civilization. When humanity matures in righteousness the angels will descend and walks amongst humanity. We will practically be able to see and sense other celestial beings when we progress in maturity.

  6. Mark Louis says:

    Nick: you have suggested another good possibility. Are not we mature enough today to meet aliens? Is there any criteria?

  7. Nicholas Gan says:

    Any human being who matures spiritually will travel to the higher and more complex worlds when they leave this one. Spiritual maturity is the determinant of our future destination. In a macro view if humanity cultivates spiritual maturity their material existence will be transformed. Instead of selfish existence humanity will learn cooperative existence, love and respect one another as oppose to hating one another. This spiritual and material transformation is the sign for God to send his angels (Celestial Beings) down to lead humanity into greater glory. Light and Life.

    Another scenario is when humanity ignores spiritual development and live selfishly. God will send angels to chastise and punish humanity. The second coming of the Lord will be with glory and power (chastisement).

    Hopefully humanity will choose wisely how to live their lives. God is like a Father He loves or punish according to our condition.

    • Morien says:

      I’m agree with you. God will send angels when humanity either fall or rise above the curent level. I think then utopia would be established.

  8. Mark Louis says:

    The universe is big enough ,so I don’t find it hard to imagine alien civilizations throughout the universe. I assume some of them had already passed the criteria you suggested. Had they met god yet? What is god according to you? Is God the administrator of an advanced civilization? I find it easy to assume but a baffling question is still for you, How will God know that we have passed the criteria since I think light speed limit applies to God too?

  9. Nicholas Gan says:

    Exactly the universe is so huge, even the sight of it through the telescopes amazes us. How can human beings be the only creatures in such a such a huge universe? According to the Urantia Papers (which in my opinion is the most accurate description of our creator ), our purpose as God’s creation is to discover HIM through spiritual growth. The ones who obey this commandment (Will of God) are the ones who will succeed in finding and knowing God. The whole universe is structured in accordance with this hierarchy (spiritual growth). We have to transcend many worlds ascending upwards or inwards through this hierarchy of spiritual growth until finally we stand in the presence of the Almighty God. According to the UP, God knows our conditions because He has angels watching over us in and out. This angels communicate through the spiritual energy or gravity which is not limited by time and space. Light is a form of energy which is limited by time and space. I hope this explanation helps.

  10. Mark Louis says:

    Communication through spiritual energy is quite fascinating. I think if aliens or angles are watching us then why can’t we detect them? Like to hear from you soon, my friend.

  11. Nicholas Gan says:

    Yes there are a lot of things that humanity cannot understand and human science cannot explain. According to the Urantia Papers, we are not created with the senses to detect angels. Even if we were transported to the Super Universe Havona (Paradise) we would not be able to see or sense God. As we progress towards higher worlds we would actually acquire higher senses to interact with higher and more complex worlds. If we want to find God, the best way is to lead a good life according to the scriptures because a good life is a steeping stone forward towards a better life in the future.

  12. Nicholas Gan says:

    Another point of view is that we cannot see Angels but Angels have the ability to show themselves and make contact with human beings. In the scriptures there are many cases where Angels do make contact with humans to guide or chastise. I believe the Urantia Papers is an amazing example of Celestial revelation (guidance) to humanity.

  13. Mark Louis says:

    Yes there are a lot of things that humanity cannot understand and human science cannot explain.
    I have to agree with you. Can you site Urantia papers?
    like this one

  14. Mark Louis says:

    IMO, you are a good philosopher though. As long as I can guess you love philosophy. As for angles I’ve read(somewhere on WeirdSciences) that every creature has its own peculiar frequency. If this frequency matches to ours then we can realize them else not. Angels and ghosts have ability to change this interdimensional frequencies.

  15. Nicholas Gan says:

    I don’t think humanity can ever completely understand the universe and creation. The accumulation of knowledge is useless once we leave this world. Instead of just acquiring knowledge humanity must also acquire wisdom. In my opinion knowledge is lost once we die but wisdom transcends even death. Wisdom allows us to differentiate between good and evil. Knowledge can be used for both. A world without wisdom will destroy itself. The Urantia Papers can be downloaded on the internet.

  16. Mark Louis says:

    I’m agree with you on that, Nick! Wisdom is must for the survival of any civilization either it is extraterrestrial or terrestrial.

  17. unitedcats says:

    The Urantia papers? Yeah, the aliens have a message for us … 700 pages about the life of Jesus. Call me a sceptic, but I think a pretty good case can be made that the Urantia papers were the product of a human mind, not an alien’s.

    Have you read “Macroscope” Bruce? By Piers Anthony, one of his books for grown ups. Touches on the idea you mention, when technology gets to the point where one can study other worlds without leaving home, what would be the point of travelling between the stars? It’s one of the more credible explanations for the Fermi Paradox.

    Cool blog, in the immortal words of Arnold, “I’ll be back.”

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Sure, this is one more credible solution to Fermi’s paradox but still there are questions which could be put up against this theory. for example, why one would like to confine itself within artificial universe. If I’m not wrong they should own intense desire of knowing anything which would make them precisely advanced. So if they have developed such level of advanced science then it is expected that they would like to explore universe and beyond continuously.

  18. bruceleeeowe says:

    I haven’t read either of the papers. But I would like to read macroscope. Here is a friend of mine dad2059 who advocates such theory like electric universe and simulation theory of nick Bostraum. Generally I don’t like to reply to comments which are means to imply any kind of religious matter. Thanks for your kind words, Doug.

  19. hawking'sfanandastrologyfan13 says:

    im not sure who to agree with on this argruement.maybe there is extensive chains of aliens species out there that are nomads looking to conquer.yet, there can be possibility that maybe a certain specie of aliens’ home planet could’ve been destroyed and that species is in desperate need of a home willing to give peace and harmony between mankind and aliens.but i cant say hawkings is dumb or stupid. he is very smart indeed and it is a shame that he has ALS for such a intelligent person.only his mind and eyes work.nothing else.so that’s my opinion.leave a reply if u agree or disagree.thanks.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      I haven’t said that Hawking is stupid. His fear may be proven true even it is more unlikely than we can think. We are still not sure for what kind of aliens we may encounter.

  20. hawking'sfanandastrologyfan13 says:

    I apoligize my my grammar on my latest comment.I wrote my opinion, the website name,and what my name would be on a sheet of paper and gave it to my younger 16-year old cousin because he was the only one around.Obviously, he likes to text.I wasn’t able to post my own comment because I went to an astronomy convention to listen to a lecture about how the universe was formed and how it will likely end. I wanted more knowledge about the universe.Once again I apoligize.

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  23. James says:

    I highly recomend atomic rockets: Aliens article for those who entertain any illusions about tolerant aliens. I’ll give you a short list:

    The great silence (i.e., absence of SETI signals from alien civilizations) is perhaps the strongest indicator of all that high relativistic velocities are attainable and that everybody out there knows it.

    The sobering truth is that relativistic civilizations are a potential nightmare to anyone living within range of them. The problem is that objects traveling at an appreciable fraction of light speed are never where you see them when you see them (i.e., light-speed lag). Relativistic rockets, if their owners turn out to be less than benevolent, are both totally unstoppable and totally destructive. A starship weighing in at 1,500 tons (approximately the weight of a fully fueled space shuttle sitting on the launchpad) impacting an earthlike planet at “only” 30 percent of lightspeed will release 1.5 million megatons of energy — an explosive force equivalent to 150 times today’s global nuclear arsenal… (ed note: this means the freaking thing has about nine hundred mega-Ricks of damage!)

    I’m not going to talk about ideas. I’m going to talk about reality. It will probably not be good for us ever to build and fire up an antimatter engine. According to Powell, given the proper detecting devices, a Valkyrie engine burn could be seen out to a radius of several light-years and may draw us into a game we’d rather not play, a game in which, if we appear to be even the vaguest threat to another civilization and if the resources are available to eliminate us, then it is logical to do so.

    The game plan is, in its simplest terms, the relativistic inverse to the golden rule: “Do unto the other fellow as he would do unto you and do it first.”…

    When we put our heads together and tried to list everything we could say with certainty about other civilizations, without having actually met them, all that we knew boiled down to three simple laws of alien behavior:

    If an alien species has to choose between them and us, they won’t choose us. It is difficult to imagine a contrary case; species don’t survive by being self-sacrificing.

    No species makes it to the top by being passive. The species in charge of any given planet will be highly intelligent, alert, aggressive, and ruthless when necessary.


  24. Ravenstar says:

    When I first read Stephen Hawking’s perspective on this I was shocked. Mostly because it seems to me that for any civilization to endure long enough to be able to travel the stars they would have to conquer the desire for warfare and destruction… or they would kill themselves off before achieving the kind of advancement space travel requires. At least human development thus far has demonstrated that this is a distinct possibility.

    The only other possibility, and I am aware of my biases that may cloud any hypothesis, is that the ‘elite’ of any alien civilization has effectively dumbed down their population to the point of slaves, even ‘smart animals’, and the ‘elite’ are searching for resources – this idea has it’s own problems. This seems improbable though. On earth, those who have advanced comprehensive skills, are usually either scientists, creatives or spiritual masters, it follows that this may be a template for universal ability at comprehension and evolution. The bias is, of course, that alien life can be extrapolated on human development, It may be something totally incomprehensible to us. (By the way, Dragon’s Egg is one of my favorite science fiction stories.)

    There’s a lot of speculation on the motives of any alien race and their reasons for visiting this small planet at the edge of an ordinary galaxy and I’ve noticed a certain polarity here. There’s those who see them as a hostile invading force or those who view them as a saviors. This duality is a trademark of a lot of human thinking.. black or white thinking. I suggest that if there are aliens and they have developed to the point where they have solved the problem of space travel that they may be more detached than we can comprehend.. effectively neutral, maybe curious… but I doubt hostile..unless we are so messed up that they feel the need to elimate us before we become powerful enough to be a problem for other civilization – this too is a possibility, a galactic police force, however, as was stated any civilization that is that far advanced is probably quite capable of fulfilling their own needs and to think that we have something that they need, or we are interesting and important enough on a galactic or even universal scale, and would be willing to extend themselves to interact with us, is a bit arrogant. Again mankind has managed to place himself in an exalted spot in the universe.. I wonder if this toddler-like self-importance is amusing to them. Or if they even notice at all.

    I find it curious that awareness and contemplation of alien life and it’s possible visiting of earth is becoming so huge in the media. I find it highly strange that the Vatican and other large institutions are making public statements about alien life. I find it interesting that many of our forms of media (films, tv and such) are about aliens, good and bad, and as an art historian, I’ve noticed that art (movies, literature, et al.) are usually indicators of a shift in consciousness in society… sometimes even prophetically, as if the creatives get some weird hint of things to come from the collective unconscious, At least symbolically if not accurately in detail, before it becomes a reality that science can measure.

    That a scientist as brilliant as Dr. Hawking can make a statement that is so fearful and illogical, considering the evidence, is odd – that it coincides with other odd statements from institutions such as the Vatican and others.. is highly suspicious. Yes I may be paranoid, but the truth isn’t in the details, but in the trends – hidden between the lines.

    These are interesting times.

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