Voyager Unknown Signal Mystery: Did Voyager Find Aliens?

Voyager 2 is  one of the most valuable missions which were ever to be sent. This was directed to study Jupiter and Saturn in 1977.The Voyager 2 space probe has made the most productive unmanned space voyage so far, visiting all four of the Outer Planets and their systems of moons and rings, including the first two visits to previously unexplored Uranus and Neptune. Voyager 2 had two sensitive vidicon cameras and an assortment of other scientific instruments to make measurements in the ultraviolet, infrared, and radio wavelengths, as well as ones to measure subatomic particles in outer space, including cosmic rays. Nasa sent voyager 2 containing a gold record (CD) welcoming potential aliens to earth. The disk contained a welcome message in 55 languages, noises of nature (waves, birds) and some clasical music (mozart), and most interestingly sounds of dolphins and whales. The spacecraft travelled to the edge of our solar system sending back signals which take around 13 hours to reach earth. On the 22nd April 2010, these signals became distorted and then ceased all together. Experts at Nasa are tying there best to come up with a fix and still cant figure out why the signals suddenly stopped as it was expected to carry on for a long time yet.

Are aliens responsible for distortion in signals or they are trying to contact us?

The change in the data return pattern has prevented mission managers from decoding science data.The first changes in the return of data packets from Voyager 2, which is near the edge of our solar system, appeared on April 22. Mission team members have been working to troubleshoot and resume the regular flow of science data. Because of a planned roll maneuver and moratorium on sending commands, engineers got their first chance to send commands to the spacecraft on April 30. It takes nearly 13 hours for signals to reach the spacecraft and nearly 13 hours for signals to come down to NASA’s Deep Space Network on Earth.[ref:NASA]

 As NASA report has clearly depicted that signals are distorted like someone has reprogrammed it. Now the spacecraft is sending back what sounds like an answer: signals in an unknown data format! The best scientific minds have so far not been able to decipher the strange information – is it a secret message?Alien expert Hartwig Hausdorf said:”It seems almost as if someone had reprogrammed or hijacked the probe – thus perhaps we do not yet know the whole truth.

I don’t refute the possibility that some alien species which are wandering in outer solar system has reprogrammed it and quite possibly they want to establish contact with us. Most clever minds[damn , I’m not among them right now but believe one day I’ll] are trying to decode that unknown signals. Voyager probe also carried the recorded sounds of whales and dolphins. May be possible some unkown creture from Jovian World has deciphered it and sending signals back to Earth. Get updated with WeirdSciences.

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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

31 Responses to Voyager Unknown Signal Mystery: Did Voyager Find Aliens?

  1. Morien says:

    I think they are not aliens anyways. If it is alien who is trying to contact us then why not consider to send signals in our own language which can be decoded by us? I think this is only technical problem.

  2. Mark Louis says:

    I am agree with you,Morien! If they have deciphered our message, why not bother to reply in our language even if they are willing to contact? Nonsense ufologists, it’s only technical problem!

  3. dad2059 says:

    Ah, but it could be interference from the ribbon at the edge of the solar system;

    Bombardment by this particle stream could have caused a malfunction.

  4. bruceleeeowe says:

    I find it hard that aliens have kidnapped voyager as Hartwig claimed. Can’t ufologists think something plausible? May be possible ribbon has caused malfunctioning. Seems quite plausible.

  5. KALLIS says:

    i also think the same thing , the intense magnetic fields or some waves or as u’ll say ribbons must have caused the malfunction.
    if aliens do exists then why they only visit USA or EUROPE . no other country has even claimed seeing ufo . this is all bullshit. this is just to attract attention of people . MEDIA . they r doing this all. MEDIA is making these news .
    havent ull seen the james bond movie . tommorow never dies. SAME.
    IF THERE ARE ALIENS , FIND THEM ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • vault13 says:

      Are you kidding me? More UFO sightings occur in Mexico and South America than anywhere else. I am in Australia and I have seen 2 in my 32 years, by that rationale I could see 2 more!

  6. Morien says:

    You are wrong KALLIS! Sightings of ufos have been claimed almost in every country including China ,Russia, India and other asian and african countries. But most of the time I find media has increased fallacy about ufos. Gimme a warp drive and I’ll give you et.

  7. empire says:

    why not deciphered our language mark louis??? may be there not made to b the intelligent species. or to study our intelligence to deciphered thier language and lable us on their intelligence spectrum

  8. empire says:

    tooo many movies

  9. empire says:


  10. empire says:

    can we as a species deciphere a language, in alien form? take a technology, hack, and minipulate messages back to a source? if so….maybe the language spoken in all earth languages where translated and copied in an alien language to see what our intelect may b to deciphere?

  11. krish says:

    it’s foolish to decide something so early!there could have been a malfunction on board due to different conditions prevailing on either side of the probe’s location which could have altered the programmes.

  12. Mark Louis says:

    Exactly that’s what dad2059 said. Are you going to suggest another reason for that, krish?
    empire: but why would they want to do so?

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  14. Dizzy Daisy says:

    It is possible that if this is due to interference by intelligent life forms, they were unable to decipher welcome messages we left, but able to recognize it as an attempt at communication. They may also have the technology to reprogram the signal in an attempt to send back a message. Some seem to be implying that if unknown life forms were intelligent they would have sent it back in our own language. I think this is flawed, if someone leaves a message for me on my cell phone in a language I have never heard, I may not be able to understand what the caller is saying but would still be able to recognize it as a message and send them a reply msg in an attempt to communicate. Just a thought.

    • THOUGHTZ says:

      @ Dizzy Daisy

      I agree..If I answered my phone and someone on the other end said “Chow tsetzin come charneri rey” I wouldn’t try to figure out what they said and then respond…I would say in my own language” HUH? I don’t understand..I only speak English”

      On another note…maybe we are giving the “Aliens” too much credit and comparing them to aliens in our movies….maybe these guys are just as advanced as us or only a little more or less. Maybe they recieved it and don’t know what they received and are doing their best to resend a message. Maybe alien message boards are discussing our whale sounds and laughing at the idea that its actual intelligent being.

  15. Shaw says:

    If aliens get that golden disc, how could they even play it? I mean, if someone today in 2010 finds a vinyl record, he wouldn’t be able to play it. (Unless he was a DJ or something)
    Why would aliens reprogram Voyager 2 ? They could just fly here and talk to us if they have a space ship.

  16. Mark Louis says:

    @Dizzy: You seem to be right. But if they have already read the message, they should try to contact in our language. But I find you right. Well said.

  17. Mark Louis says:

    @Shaw: I think there is a gramophone too. So your question is no longer question. 😉
    Light speed limit Shaw! Would you like to go to your darling’s home everytime while you can make a call to her by phone?

  18. cj says:

    Cosmic radiation probably screwed the RAM.

  19. John berean says:

    I read all the messages and when I got to the bottom, I felt as though the main message that was being said is ” Anything else but aliens is the answer “. As though you know for sure it not. How could you ? It’s not even possible. Not to say it couldn’t be a clich or something like that causing the circumstances. But, I do think most of you need to broaden your minds alittle and realize the possibility does exist that we’ve been contacted. That somebody has found Voyager finally and is sending a message back. Which would be the thing to do. Open your minds. Don’t close them. We learn that way.

  20. Freeflow64 says:

    “The truth is out there!” 🙂

  21. Dave says:

    Well, I hate to pop your cosmic bubble, but NASA found the cause of the problem…

    …and no, it was NOT space aliens! LOL

    Problem was traced to flipped bit in memory, a stray cosmic ray perhaps? See –

    NASA IDs Voyager 2 spacecraft data problem

  22. Pablo says:

    The Voyager uses compression algorithms to pack the data it sends; if any reason like a computer glitch or hardware malfunction after being so long in space, especially in the mostly-unknown outer solar system region, one of the variables used gets randomly altered, then the patters reconstructed as expected would appear garbled. It happens sometimes when you unzip a file on Earth; it can also happen in space without any need for alien intervention.

  23. bruceleeeowe says:

    Right, that’s exactly what happened. And perhaps, the magnetic field ring was responsible for malfunctioning.

  24. craig says:

    lol… lex parsimoniae

  25. Amanda(: says:

    Ok how can we judge something that we can’t provide evidence on?
    We can’t say NO or YES aliens exist yet, we have to know. I believe the government is hiding information on aliens, and that they do exist. Pobably those sounds were from aliens, but NASA and the gov. don’t want regular people like us to know. So yahh I think they’re real. xD

  26. bestyaz says:

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  27. Driver says:

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