This Is How Aliens Will Contact Us

When we are going to talk about alien life, we have to presume some assumptions. Circumstantial evidence indicates alien civilisations are very few and far flung in the universe. I have pointed out that the easiest way to explore the universe is send out self-replicating space probes . Within a cosmologically short period of co-moving time (ie millions of years) we could colonise the Milky Way and the rest of the Local Group. The arrival of such a probe at a star system would preclude and supersede local biological evolution. Since life on Earth has evolved over billions of years then we can’t expect (statistically speaking) to find civilisations within our local group. Where are the aliens, asked Fermi. Many megaparsecs away!! 
An elaboration of this argument gives grounds for believing that the nearest aliens are currently over a 100 million light years distant. In the co-moving frame, without wormholes, we won’t make contact with them for over 100 million years. Which makes their existence an object of theoretical speculation that can’t be resolved for millions of years. 

With relativistic probes and on-board wormholes, though, we can reach alien colonised regions within decades of empire-time, no matter (almost) how far away they are. No probe can penetrate into a region of alien colonised space. Each civilisation defines its own empire-time that is in conflict with the empire-time of the other. A probe from Earth flying into a alien zone not only crosses alien space, but also crosses alien empire-time zones. As it approaches the alien home world it passes into the alien empire-time future. CPC forbids such travel by destroying lone wormholes that attempt to interpenetrate each others empires. Only a full scale invasion with masses of wormholes could ever succeed. Such an invading fleet would have to overwhelm the native wormholes (destroy them) and impose their own empire time on the stranded natives. Given the rates of economic growth we expect the advantage would almost always lie with the defenders. As the invading fleet cut deeper and deeper into the alien heartlands it find itself opposed by later and later alien time zones, more advanced technology and greater forces of numbers. Economic might, then as now, ensures protection. Brute force invasion would be suicide for the invaders and their whole empire: once defeated the invader’s whole wormhole connected empire would be open to subversion from ‘aliens from tomorrow’. 

A much more likely scenario would be: Contact is signalled by our leading wormhole probes failing in the overlap of our sphere of influence with the alien empire’s sphere. Finding each other’s probe colony ships would be non-trivial. It might be easier to find the colonists than the original exploration vessels. To push the analogy with a particle zipping through a cloud chamber, search for the droplets, rather than the elusive particle. The easiest way of doing this is, at the point where the relativistic wormholes are destroyed, is to send out sub-light non-relativistic survey probes to establish diplomatic relations. If both sides explore each other with non- relativistic probes (relative to the co-moving frame) then their empire times will realign themselves, over the locale of the ‘neutral zone’, permitting diplomatic contact and, assuming no wars, eventual exchanges of wormholes. The spheres of colonisation are then available to each other and the two empire times merge. 

Other expansion scenarios are possible. A well coordinated, centrally controlled species might halt expansion at the boundary of their home galaxy (say) for a few subjective million years, building up numbers, armaments etc. When their technology seemed to have plateaued they resume their expansion relying on technology and numbers to overwhelm aliens. Such a strategy is technology dependent. If it turns out that wormholes can be booby-trapped to explode on tampering or hostile attack such a strategy would fail.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

10 Responses to This Is How Aliens Will Contact Us

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Or we may find archeological evidences of long gone civilization. Remnants of anti gravity crafts floating in an alien atmosphere as I saw in District 9 movie. How if we are encountered to Christopher like alien guy. He was so nice and intelligent.

  2. dad2059 says:

    George Dvorsky of Sentient Developments would agree with mechanical nano-probes (bracewell probes), but he would disagree with advanced aliens being biological;

    Food for thought. Would advanced aliens even bother contacting other civilizations when living in their own virtual universe is better?

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Some of his arguments seems to be vague. He continuously pointed out that if aliens wanted to do so they have done it already by now. When you are going to talk about alien life and their nature you should consider probablystic nature of them rather just making vague arguments. What if advanced civilizations have just noticed us? And if you have noticed I’ve described some more plausible cases for why hawking is wrong
      This is the curiousity which makes you intelligent let you become developed so I think every advanced civilization would like to explore universe continuously rather confining themselves in a virtual universe.

  3. bruceleeeowe says:

    It’s quite possible that we’ll find such evidences in future and it may be scattered through over the mars. Christopher was benign and friendly and if you can remember his son was even more intelligent.

  4. Morien says:

    What about archeological evidences if our sun get bursted into a supernova? Will you try to find archeological evidences in vapourized planet?

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Sorry, Morien! I can’t help you out to find archeological evidences in super hot vapourized planet. Yet remnants of advanced civilizations simply depend on their own level of technical development. For example we left more traces of our advanced civilization than a 10000B.C. cavemen would. We may found their devastated colony or other remnant but I suspect we would ever find Dyson sphere as Paul Gilster of advocates.

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  7. Blue Ice says:

    Wow this was a really quality post.

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