How Much Aliens Fit With UFOs?

BY J. R. Mooneyham

Is there after all no possible way to support UFO phenomena as being something unnatural and exotic in regards to its sources? Is there no reasonable explanation for how advanced aircraft or spacecraft not built by conventional human resources might be buzzing about the planet, possibly perpetrating some bizzare form of mischief only their own crews might understand?

Yes, I must admit there’s a few possibilities. Some of which many laypeople might regard as even more outlandish than star farers from across the galaxy. However, many sober scientists might surprise many readers of this piece with their own opinions as to exactly which possibilities are more plausible than others.

Let’s begin with the most bizzare and possibly unsettling potentialities– those with the least scientific probability of the bunch, but still well within the same realm as real alien visitors from another star.

Time travelers. Or interdimensional travelers. Travelers who move between different universes or realities, possibly both with or without advanced craft or vessels of some sort.

Such exotic technologies and beings are increasingly theoretically possible, plus have the benefit that they might much more easily find/reach us than extraterrestrials could any time soon– since they might all be merely from alternate Earths, and shifting realities as it were, rather than physically searching or moving across thousands of lightyears of spacetime.

I believe at least a few UFO researchers have been increasingly bringing this point up in recent years, to their credit.

But we can increase UFO plausibility still more than this. More likely than time or interdimensional travelers is the possibility of either human or other sentient beings with technologies perhaps only a few centuries (or even just decades) ahead of early 21st century human technology, which keep on buzzing us mainly because they have nowhere else to go– still being trapped like us in Sol system, due to possessing no suitable warp drives yet. If modern human in origin, they might consist of a group originally begun by a secret society of wealthy europeans or asians decades (or even centuries) ago, determined to create and maintain a separate and distinct elitist position over the rest of the planet for as long as possible. Yes, I’m describing a multi-generational grand conspiracy theme such as conspiracy theorists salivate over.

And yes, there’s plenty of precedent for secret societies of elitists with dreams of world domination– as well as numerous members of such societies being wealthy in their own right.

So why would such a group enjoying superior technologies to the rest of humankind maintain long term secrecy as to their identities, location, and capabilities? It’s simple. They would be relatively small in numbers, and their true advantages over the rest of us likely somewhat fragile and few in number as well. If their existance became proven, the whole world (or at least USAmerica) would greatly accelerate research and development efforts to match or surpass the elitists’ own technologies ASAP– and so the elitists would lose their technological edge quite quickly. Being few in number and possessing only a precious few advantages over everyone else in technology, the elitists couldn’t afford for the location(s) of their base(s) of operations to become known, or their individual identities revealed, as overwhelming forces from USAmerica and/or other powers would descend upon them to rob them of their edge– via intense electronic and satellite surveillance, if nothing else. The elitists’ advantages might work well enough to fend off isolated and random incursions or assaults, but be inadequate for defending against all out attacks based on accurate knowledge of locations and identities.

Such a scheme (if it existed) might now be failing or falling apart, due to humanity becoming more efficient in and accepting in general of innovation, so that we’re now all ‘catching up’ to them rapidly.

Such an imminent loss in superior position might pose a crisis for such a group of elitists. It would seem their only alternatives would be to gradually make their own technologies available commercially in order to realize profits from same, or invest heavily in boosting their technological advantages whatever way they could (this last goal would seem to be a hopeless one, when faced with the competition of the whole rest of the planet).

Another alternative might include at least advancing their own technologies sufficiently to gain an early foothold undersea or upon other exotic real estate such as the Moon, Mars, or asteroids and comets, in order to reap a headstart over humanity as a whole once widescale space mining and construction become feasible enterprises. Such a plan could allow the elitists to leap ahead of the rest of humanity in space-based profits, and form a legacy of immense wealth which would be difficult for anyone else to ever match or surpass in the future. Such vast resources might assure the elitists’ place of dominance over future political and economic decisions into perpetuity…

Of course, we’re also talking the need for a critical mass population and technological base to support such a group– and do it over the long term– with a level of secrecy rivaling that claimed for more exotic UFO scenarios (but with the advantages of not requiring nearly as many centuries of pains-taking maintenance or the cooperation of such an immense body of people, as the standard UFO conspiracy model seems to). Given all the facts and claims to date, this explanation would remain more plausible than true extraterrestrials, time travelers, or interdimensionals.

In this scenario perhaps the most economical and efficient form would be a two or more level hierarchy in terms of access and knowledge, with perhaps only a few dozens to a few hundred elite enjoying full knowledge of the scheme and enjoying the complete fruits of the labors, with several thousand others of incomplete knowledge and access performing the bulk of the technical work, and lastly, perhaps tens of thousands of more people with no knowledge whatsover of the overall plan, openly but indirectly working on less technical elements of the project.

[image credit: Alex Ries]

Such a hierarchy as described above matches pretty well the gist of operations of many multinational corporations on Earth, from the 18th century through the 21st. Thus, any single company pursuing truly exotic long term goals for itself in secret would have enjoyed the cover of hundreds of other similarly working entities on the planet. In theory, publically owned companies might be more vulnerable to suffering discovery of such plans by outsiders, than private ones– but in practice it seems large business interests enjoy a multitude of ways in which to shield their secrets or else postpone indefinitely their exposure, no matter what form of ownership under which they operate.

Thus, in this scenario, you could actually be a small investor in a large corporation you think only builds widgets sold in discount stores, but which in fact maintains flying saucers too, for someone.

Perhaps more likely still (when all the numbers were crunched) would be an entire ancient civilization from Earth itself, whose planetary existence was erased long ago by natural or artificial means, but managed to put significant, self-sustaining elements of itself into space (or well hid them somewhere on Earth). They might lack interstellar propulsion, and so be stuck in Sol system– or even stuck primarily on and about Earth itself– but still enjoy some technologies decades or centuries ahead of early 21st century humanity.

There’s plenty of hard evidence for the erasure of much ancient human history. The ‘curtain of mystery’ is sufficiently large to hide an incredible range of endeavors, lost technologies, and lost civilizations. Heck, virtually all the previous island, coastal, and riverbank situated works of humanity were permanently inundated by 325 feet of water between 15,000 BC and 4,000 BC or so, as the ice age glaciers melted. Virtually no exploration of such submerged sites has yet been done, as of mid-2000 AD. So even the best experts must admit they have little idea what might be found there.

As the glacial weight diminished on the lands, lots of volcanoes and earthquakes were unleashed– especially in North America and Europe– of magnitude 8 or bigger(!). So whatever wasn’t sent to the bottom of the ocean, seas, lakes, or rivers was burned, melted, or shattered instead. And don’t forget human salvage efforts, which also would have destroyed many ancient buildings and relics as their raw materials were repurposed by later, perhaps simpler generations, to make wholly different and less interesting items. The 1970s fad of low budget films depicting a humanity forced to begin rebuilding their technology from scratch again after some type of disaster (such as nuclear war) wasn’t based entirely upon pure fantasy. Human civilization has indeed suffered setbacks in the past, and likely will do so again. There may yet be discovered evidence of a more spectacular such setback in the ancient past than we today suspect. But those historic and prehistoric setbacks we already know of or suspect are pretty imposing in their own right.

For 10,000+ years humanity was forced to restart world civilization over and over again, possibly losing tremendous amounts of knowledge and technology in the face of an ever growing scale of disasters (this may even happen to us again, in the future).

What if an earlier human civilization arose, leapt into space to escape the Earthly upheavals of their time (or found some better refuge on Earth itself), and all previous signs of their presence on our planet were afterwards erased and forgotten? But remaining trapped on Earth (or at least within Sol system), they occasionally were observed or encountered by the rest of humanity for various reasons since? I can think of quite a few ways to neatly fit this theory to all sorts of existing UFO conspiracy ideas, as well as documented encounters, and strange accounts from ancient history.

Perhaps the only real problem with this idea in terms of standard UFO lore is the usual somewhat in-human appearance of the UFO crews in numerous eye witness accounts of encounters.

But even this could be resolved with one small tweak to the concept.

Such an early civilization wouldn’t necessarily have to be exactly human.

Earth could have evolved a wholly different intelligent species before humanity.

Keep in mind humanity itself was just one of several competing humanoid species over much of the past several million years. So before we vanquished the others, there would have been two or three different variations on smart humanoids inhabiting Earth at the same time. Maybe more.

Multiple lines of competing sentient or near-sentient lifeforms, existing simultaneously, on the same planet. It’s a fact.

And if we go back a bit further, into the ape lines which preceded those variants, we find still more diversity. Perhaps splintering into dozens or more competing species of relatively large brained primates, all vying to come out on top. Some of these primates actually walked erect long before humanity’s own ancestors.

What if humanity’s predecessors weren’t the first primates or similar beasts to walk erect, speak, and make tools? We already know some of these things are true.

What if such non-human primates evolved and developed a civilization upon a land mass highly isolated from all the rest of the world’s continents, thereby minimizing the chance that much evidence of their presence would accumulate elsewhere to be discovered later by mankind? That is, their prehistoric homeland was well separated from all the continents populated today by humanity, via vast expanses of ocean water?

Then, what if their home continent catastrophically sank long before humanity evolved, taking with it practically all traces of their existence?

What if all this happened 10 million years or longer before the emergence of humanity? There’s plenty of time in the evolutionary record for it.

Well, sorry to upset your worldview here, but there’s a surprising amount of information available to support just such a possibility– as far out as it may sound.

Firstly, note that once a civilization reaches a certain level of technology, there’s lots of reasons to go into space and few for remaining on Earth (or any other planet, for that matter). Many of these reasons can be found in previous pages of this Contact article, as well as the long list of risks associated with being trapped upon a single planet like Earth, described in this chronology of the Earth’s past, and the new threats we are discovering almost every year now, as may be found in the timeline prologue 1990 AD-2000 AD.

If the required technology platform can be achieved without exploiting the entire Earth first (which seems very possible for a civilization with a limited population and a non-democratic social hierarchy), such people would also leave the planet itself for the most part little affected with signs of their development. And ten million years of wear and tear would further aid the concealment of their original development and presence. Sink their primary lands of residence a couple kilometers under the sea–preferably in a remote and inhospitable location like somewhere off the coast of Antarctica, to discourage much investigation later on– and you get a practically perfect scenario so far as plausibility is concerned.

But the land-based foundation for such a race to evolve and then live as a full-fledged technological civilization couldn’t consist of a mere island, or even a group of islands. No, this job would call for a continent– at least a small one. The scenario would become even more plausible (for reasons offered elsewhere on this web site) if the small continent was placed within relatively close proximity to another, much larger continent, which itself was also well isolated from the rest of the world, and during the latest million years of human dominance of the planet also remained for the most part a hidden and inhospitable land in its own right. To maintain the lost civilization’s secret it would be ideal if this larger continent too had submerged under the sea along with the smaller mass. But if submergence wasn’t in the cards, the next best thing would be for the bulk of the larger continent to be hidden under a kilometer or so of ice, in order to protect its mysteries from mankind for as long as possible.

Two continents fitting the description above actually exist. The sunken continent is today known as the undersea Kerguelen Plateau, while the larger ice-covered continent is Antarctica. Could the above scenario be significantly more likely than star farers from across the galaxy? Most definitely.

Is It Possible Alien Beacon?

SETI has been looking for radio signals from ETI for over 50 years with no results yet.

Many have argued the SETI search paradigm is wrong for various reasons and that they should broaden their operations somewhat. Looking for interstellar optical beacons is one of them.

Below is a photo of a possible beacon in the open cluster NGC7789, taken 18 months apart. Well, you decide:

The above is an animation of two images of open cluster NGC7789 (in the constellation Cassiopeia), taken around 18 months apart, from the New Forest Observatory, Hampshire, U.K. The star sitting just below the open cluster has changed in magnitude during this period from about magnitude 7 (brightest) to approximately magnitude 14 (dimmest). This impressive variable star (WY Cas) sure appears like it’s trying to get our attention.  According to Roger Pickard of the British Astronomical Society, W Y Cass does indeed vary by something like 7 magnitudes over a period of about 18 months! So, no aliens this time, but instead rather an incredibly interesting object all the same.


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

9 Responses to How Much Aliens Fit With UFOs?

  1. unitedcats says:

    Well, saying that these things are more likely than aliens isn’t saying much. Humans misidentifying natural phenomena (possibly still unknown natural phenomena) due to suggestibility and typical human psychological quirks is more likely than any of the above as an explanation for UFO phenomena. And I find it hard to imagine how a previous technological civilization could evolve without leaving pretty obvious clues in the way of pollution (not to mention radioactive pollution) layers in ice cores and sediment deposits world wide, even if they were relatively limited in their primary geographical location. Still, interesting speculation, and it’s a shame the Pyramid wing-nuts and such have made such a laughing stock of these kinds of ideas, discouraging real scientists from investigating them properly. Anything is possible, and there are scientific/archaeological discoveries that could have been made decades or even centuries sooner but weren’t because they were thought to be impossible … so no one looked.

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    I don’t think that all witnesses who have observed ufo phenomenon, are just haunted by hallucinations or they have misidentified the natural phenomenon. The concept of ancient advanced civilization may seem unlikely to mainstream but believe me it is not unlikely that much. Considering the 4 billion years since life evolved on Earth, why to assume just one encephalization? There may have occured parallel encephalization or more than once. If human could develop just in the matter of millions of years, why not other intelligence in 10million years? Why to assume that all civilization would like to undergo unsustainable development and contaminate atmospheres with halocarbons. And consider the scenario, if our civilization is doomed now, what would alien explorers find here as a traces of advanced civilization? perhaps nothing. May be possible this has happened already.

  3. unitedcats says:

    Didn’t say it wasn’t possible, I am as unimpressed by arch-skeptical thinking as I am by true believers. Both parties tend to discourage rational discussion and investigation of the issues. Thanks, you have inspired me, I will write a post on the topic of lost hi-tech civilizations myself in the very near future.

  4. bruceleeeowe says:

    Thanks, for you kind words! I can bet there is none who can replicate pyramid of Giza and especially using methods suggested by stupid archeologist. Shouldn’t I put a challenge as Randi challenged paranormal? Hmmm…some witnesses claimed they were abducted by aliens. Another freaky claim! I’m looking forward for your post.

  5. Pingback: Atlantis Revisited, Could There be a Lost Technological Civilization on Earth? « Doug’s Darkworld

  6. Mark Louis says:

    What about troodons which have larger brains and intelligence similar to Apes? May be possible cetacians have developed some rather strange technology. I think you should put this challenge on the right hand side of WSHP.

  7. bruceleeeowe says:

    Troodons were sufficiently intelligent and I think some have developed a rather different reptilian civilization providing the consideration of time of millions of years. Yeah….I’ll.

  8. Nelson says:

    Excellent article! Hidden continents! I’ve read somewhere that there are tunnels under the pyramid base which may lead us to some unknown hidden civilization. Though I don’t think so but it could be very plausible.

  9. Collins says:

    If you will crawl over the web, you will also find that these tunnels are some way to another universe.

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