Short Post: Electromagnetic Life forms

If you are going in a interstellar mission in search of alien life, you should consider some basic prospects of life viz 1. how would they look like? ,2. what kind of metabolism they are using? 3. what kind of the waste they could generate like sulfur based life form will evolve SO2 gas? So what if you are in a alien planet and can’t find evidences of alien life except a large magnetic field variation on the planet? No waste! If this is the case, it may be an indication of electromagnetic life forms. Electromagnetic life forms would differ much to plasma based life forms. They could travel at the velocity of c. But how these life forms could evolve and what of metabolism they will be based upon? How much this life form will differ from carbon water based materialistic creatures? I don’t know, on what mechanism they will be based, yet as long as I can speculate, these life form would most likely be based upon some sort of photonic interaction. Photon is electromagnetic and behaves as the particle as well due to its dual nature. So, it may be possible that under extreme condition, it come to make life forms like other materials. Possibility is less, but it doesn’t run into hypothesis that such life forms could not exist. Why not let’s search for them?


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

7 Responses to Short Post: Electromagnetic Life forms

  1. Nelson says:

    My idea is that such life form will contact itself. We can’t communicate with them using current technology. Such life forms seems me unlikely to exist. I can’t refute them since rebuttal is prohibited here especially in case of alien life.

  2. Mark Louis says:

    I’m agree with you, Nelson! Where may such a life evolve?

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  4. This is certainly an interesting theory. You mostly see silicon and fluorine brought up as an alternative life base to carbon, but these elements still reside in the carbon group of the periodic table. Plasma and Electromagnetic life form bases are very interesting even if a little unlikely. Very good article.

  5. Beep says:

    1. Faeries, who in their native form look like balls of light.
    2. They metabolize electromagnetic fluctuation of the sort caused by flowing blood. Thus the human tradition of blood sacrifice.
    3. They waste they generate is fridge magnets.

  6. Beep says:

    cf. J.M. Greer, _Monsters_, 2001.

    Except in line with modern magical theory he thinks the “level” of existence the fey inhabit is the ethereal. However, given the impact of iron and water on the ethereal, it looks like what he calls the ethereal is actually somehow or to some extent electromagnetic in nature.


    Since you are interested in aliens, you should check out Greer’s comparison of the similarities between modern experiences of aliens and traditional faerie lore. The two appear to be fundamentally similar human experiences, whether for reasons of human psychology or for reason of contact with other life-forms.

    Modern string theorists postulate that there are multiple dimensions existing alongside ours in timespace, so another perspective is that there are lifeforms in these other dimensions, and some of them have figured out how to cross the dimensions and contact us.

    Woo woo we can combine the two, and say that in some of these other dimensions, the evolution of life took an electromagnetic direction, and that these life forms have advanced sufficiently in their practical physics to cross dimensional boundaries in order to play pranks on us.

    Fun, huh?

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