Alien Abductions: Another Idiocy

Alien abducted Homo Sapience!! I asked myself when I heard this news,”why?” Do you know what the answer is? Probably you have no answer to this question. Well, I’ll like to review the whole thing and try to answer the questions lying behind alien abductions. Sci-Fi movies like “Close Encounter of Third Kind” has promoted such stuffs. For why I don’t know, yet may be for good story.

The abduction phenomenon is an umbrella term used to describe a number of hypotheses, claims or assertions stating that non-human creatures kidnap individuals, sometimes called abductees, usually for medical testing or for sexual reproduction procedures. Many such encounters are described as terrifying or humiliating, but others describe them as transformative or even pleasant. Reports of the abduction phenomenon have been made from around the world, but have perhaps seen most mainstream attention in the United States. Most abduction cases show these patterns:

  • Capture (Abductees taken from room/area and find themselves in the “ship”)Examination (Probes inserted in different areas, etc.)
  • Communicate (“Aliens” speak with abductees)
  • Tour (Not always described but some abductees claim to be shown the ship)
  • Missing Time or Loss of Time (Many abductees suffer from periods of time removed from their memory, often coming back to them later)
  • Return (Returned, sometimes with environmental changes)
  • Aftermath (Sickness, new phobias, ridicule, etc.)

Such alleged abductions are often closely connected to UFO reports, and are sometimes supposedly conducted by so-called Greys: Short, grey-skinned humanoids with large, pear-shaped heads and enormous, dark eyes.

The general questions which can be put up against alien abduction are:

  • Why most of the abductees are from New Mexico and U.S.?
  • Abductees say aliens have deleted their memory so they can’t recall what happened there. Why?
  • Abductees are generally mentally unstable. Why?
  • Alien Abductions  has family history. Why?

Why most of the abductees are from New Mexico and U.S.? So, If aliens are doing some secret experiments with Homo Sapiens or even willing to do, why not conduct experiments in versatile way? I mean, why not study humans from the corners of Earth and do study the genetic structures and conduct experiments on Negroes, Asians, Malayans and many other races? The most absurd arguments, which is often put into  support of alien abductions by UFOlogists, is that aliens are abducting people like fishermen because they want to conduct some genetic experiments which may be beneficial to them in some exotic way. Well, can anyone explain the question of  How?

Abductees say aliens have deleted their memory so they can’t recall what happened there. Why? It is the one of the most frequent answer for supporting the alien abductions. When some abductees are asked to explain the things, about aliens or their mothership and experiments that were carried out on them, the most frequent answer of them is, aliens deleted the details of abductions from my memory. I ask why? Because they don’t want let you know about their presence! Then how you have recalled  that you were abducted?

Abductees are generally mentally unstable. Why? While abductees are being asked to tell the details of abductions, they behave in strange manners in same way as a mentally ill peoples do. Some abduction phenomenon have included hallucination, temporary schizophrenia, and parasomnia – near-sleep mental states (hypnogogic states and sleep paralysis). Sleep paralysis in particular is often accompanied by hallucinations and peculiar sensation of malevolent or neutral presence of “something,” though usually people experiencing it do not interpret that “something” as aliens. Occasionally the abduction phenomenon is also theorized to be a confused memory of past events (such as sexual abuse). It is possible that some alleged abductees may be mentally unstable or under the influence of recreational drugs, though, as noted above in one sampling of abductees studied by Mack, only a very small minority are anything other than “ordinary” people without obvious mental illness.Many events reported during purported abductions often have parallels in anthropology, folklore and religion – especially frequently correlate with certain imagery persistent in shamanic experiences (e.g., surgery-like procedures, foreign objects implanted in the body) and faerie contact stories, for instance. John Edward Mack, for one, suggested that modern abduction accounts should be considered as part of this larger history of visionary encounters.

Alien Abductions  has family history. Why? Extraterrestrial abductions are often reported in the same family, or bloodline, generation after generation as if part of a biogenetic experiment where human DNA is being altered fro an end result, perhaps a more evolved human. This point seems valid to some extent but it contradicts the point first again.

Conclusion: After reviewing most of the characteristics of alien abductions and going through the various speculation, it can be concluded that there is no case for alien abduction after all. If aliens have exotic and miraculous propulsion technologies which could allow them to travel at superluminal speed, why would they need human assistance after all? I think there are some cases which are left alone right now, but be sure to check, I’ll also review them but not right now and believe me, all cases are against alien abductions.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

11 Responses to Alien Abductions: Another Idiocy

  1. nycjeff says:

    “Why most of the abductees are from New Mexico and U.S.?”

    Source please? 🙂

  2. nina says:

    I agree, humans have very little to offer to advanced species – unless it’s us being lunch. We’re soft and lacking feathers, scales or a tough hide after all.

    I would imagine that any species that has the tech capable of interstellar travel, has better things to do than pick up primitives and anally probe them.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Great post! You should definitely follow up to this topic…

  6. Matureo says:

    Thanks for the thought you’ve put into this. I didn’t actually realise that most stories of abductions centre around Mexico. Have you watched the series by Gary Bates? He has done in depth research through interviews with abductees and in many other people who have had UFO/Alien “experiences”. He presents a really good balanced approach to the whole thing. He speaks occasionally about the Bible as a Christian but this does not seem to get in the way of an objective evaluation of the whole phenomena of UFO’s and Aliens. He makes the observation at one point that people from all walks of life, education, etc. seem to have had these experiences. Anyway, you can check it out at

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