Short Article: What Is Science?

When our brain is baffled by some questions like who are we, what is our purpose and how and why of nature’s working, it is science which comes before us like a cop to solve our problems and trying to answer questions with a logical perspective. Science and philosophy seems to be exploring same thing but in a rather different approach. It won’t be vague to say that today science seems to be only exploring the question of how? For example, one magnet attract another magnet and it is fact based on observational data. Now if any student asked question why magnet attracted each other, the most probable answer which a teacher would like to have is, because north pole of magnet attracts south pole of magnet. It may seem that teacher has answered the question of why, no, exactly not, he actually answered the pseudo question of how(how magnet attracted each other?). Now if that sentient student is going to question further, why north pole attracts south pole and repels north pole, most probably either he be ridiculed or to regarded as stupid. Why? Since he has asked a wise question? The above teacher student example by bruceleeeowe enlightens some questions which are really very serious. The same thing can be applied to scientists. When anyone put the question of why before them, what they answer is the pseudo question of how. Isn’t it killing of science?
Today I’ll publish a full detailed research article about lake monster and will explore whether they are illusion in full length.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

6 Responses to Short Article: What Is Science?

  1. Well, you got to keep in mind that all science is a bigger chinese box. That is, like the chineses boxes that fit inside of each other, whenever you establish a full set of Axioms or rules, a perfect system, it grows a higher parameter all around it, and you got another bigger box or larger super system to map and analyse. In that sense, science truly is the infinite quest!

  2. Mark Louis says:

    In fact universe is infinite. Infinite universe full of infinite questions and thus infinite questions to be answered by science.
    Well, I haven’t seen your chinese boxes but I’m agree with you on that.

  3. Nelson says:

    Apparentaly both questions are correlated in a such a way if we quest for one, exploring other becomes necessary. When I googled the term ‘why magnetic south pole attracts magnetic north pole?’ , I found nothing relevant to that even at some well known sites like wikipedia.

  4. Meisen says:

    Science is not a infinite quest. It is a cyclic exploration of mutually dependent space time.

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  6. Collins provides a satisfying solution for the dilemma that haunts everyone who believes in God and respects science. Science Nature

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