Short Article:Galactic Collisions and Aliens’ Survival

Our civilization of type 0.6 on Kardashev scale, would probably be unable to survive against that disaster. Not only ours but also the civilization with technological development of type III can’t survive against that disaster. Yeah I’m talking about great galactic collision s which will happen in typically three steps:

1. When two galaxy cross cuts the gravitational field of each other, the outer planet and solar systems would collide and create energy comparable to trillions tons of TNT exploded altogether. It would create vast interstellar hurricanes and tidal waves of meteors and asteroid apprehending area of several parsecs. 2. In second step to destruction, inner solar system would start to collide but this time you will see vast interstellar dust tidal waves covering the whole galaxy(actually these investellar storm will devast the volume of several megaparsecs). Leaving almost no way to escape the civilization there unless it equipped with technology to distort space time and/or create wormholes. Cosmic strings may help that civilization to escape but third step of disaster is still left alone which won’t let them escape whatever technology they may own( Here I’m taking about type III or type IV civilization). 3. This is the most violent part of galactic disasters. A black hole exists at the centre of almost every galaxy. Recent research papers have confirmed this. Go through the space/astrophysics section of this site for further reading. Now black holes will collide with each other. What would happen if singularity collides to singularity? Well, it alone need a full thousands of words article to speculate. Since it is short article, so I’ll consider some effects in short form. This type of collision would distort space time completely. May be possible after collision they will be mingled together and form a bigger singularity or even may create a wormhole before collision which would transport the whole galactic debris to another universe or may be in this universe, somewhere else. If black holes are ring singularity, it would be better for civilization to go through them and ensure survival.

Now it is obvious to depict that there are still some chance which exhibit to ensure survival of that civilization. If civilization is of type V and above, it won’t be bigger threat to them. They could have already faced that crisis and till now they would have already developed the counter technologies to survive against such galactic crisis. [Note: Detailed article will be publishe to this month. This is just a manuscript.]


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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