Short Article: How Much UFOlogy Fit With Science?

If you are a little interested in UFOs and Extraterrestrials, then perhaps, you have looked around some popular blogs and sites like UFOMystic run by Nick Redfern, Greg Bishop and some other co-bloggers. But here is a question how reliable and logical, is our Ufology from scientific perspective? Paranormal and ufo investigators use to define such phenomenon(here I’m assuming Ufo as a paranormal phenomenon) with words like hyperspace or interdimensional entities and wormhole propulsion and some other theoretically correct scientific words. But should they? For example, if you have witnessed ghost, it would generally be explained as some sort of interdimensional being or possibly a plasma being, no matter what it is. Below is a video said to be of bizarre alien species. Watch it!

The video states that the alien being could be from higher dimensions. Well, I would like tell UFOlogists that a hyperdimensional entity would never be perceptible to us. Here are some bad words used by paranormal investigators and ufologists:
1.Interdimensional being: well, concept of multiuniverse was presented as solution to Schroedinger’s hypothetical cat paradox. Later devised by Kaluja-Klein and he gave a theoretical possibility of tiny wrapped dimensions. Nothing much than that. Such thing hasn’t been observed(practically evident) yet, it is one of the most favourite term of ufologists.
2. Antigravity: anti gravity is an umbrella term to describe method of propulsion of UFOs. Purely theoretical. Hasn’t been tested yet.
3. Wormhole: wormholes are used to comprehend the origin of Ufos. No evidences and illusively existent in universe.
4. Future Beings: It also comes as one of the explanation of ufos. It’s suggested that time traveller from future, are visiting us. Time travel has been allowed in theory and is very contradictionery.
5. Plasma Entities: Plasma physicist David Bohm observed some nice and sophisticated patterns in plasma. He found that a cluster of particles was behaving as well organized cell. This experiment proposed that plasma life forms could be very well possible. Although no plasma being has been captured. We haven’t even technology to capture plasma.
Now it is clear that ufologists are trying to explain such ufo phenomenon with the theory which hasn’t been observed and tested yet. Theory says, doesn’t mean it should be existent. I can name you hundred terms used by ufologists, which are either non existent or like to live in theory. I think ufologists should try to mess up with some new plausible explanation or leave it alone on its own fate. We have no theory of everything so don’t try to use such terms since they are surely illusive until we have experimental evidences.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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  1. This was fairly hard to stumbleupon there was a lot of shitty entries on this I am excited I finally found a entry worthy of being under this search. Good stuff bookmarking cause I have a slight feeling another post on your site will answer other questions I have faster then looking yahoo.

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