UFO Not Fake But Unexplained..?

Today I received an email from a reader in which he had claimed to capture a UFO photograph. He told me that it was a real photo taken from his mobile. It seems me very real. No fake! But how we can explain this?  A piece of cloud or moon!! Well, it remained unexplained  for me till the writing of this article. This could be a real UFO. Ohh.. if you have explanation, any, post them in your comments.

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About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

9 Responses to UFO Not Fake But Unexplained..?

  1. unitedcats says:

    My guess is that it was taken through a window and there was a light bulb on in the room. Alas too little detail to really make anything out of it, but interesting nonetheless. — Doug

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Thanks for your comment. Well, he told me that he had taken this photograph from an open area(roof) at 1:20p.m. He told that if hadn’t noticed it until he uploaded to his computer(mobile screen is too small than of a computer). After seeing that anomaly he sent it to me. Now any explanation?

  2. Well, a recurrent theme in the tabloids like the Sun, is that many UFOs are actually PBLs, (Plasma Based Lifeforms) that evolved in the Earth’s ionosphere in the upper atmosphere where the sun’s UltraViolet Rays creates an ionized Ozone layer, which is turn protects the Earth’s surface and its inhabitants from excess UV radiation. The PBLs are a kind of living ball lightning, and apparently can appear anywhere in the world and fly around and be mistaken for an extraterrestrial UFO. Since it’s a mass of almost pure energy, it can defy the laws of inertia and zip around at unbelievable speeds like an ultra-advanced science artifact or space ship might be able to.

  3. Mark Louis says:

    Well, it is very real photograph, I’ve ever seen to be presented as evidence of UFO. I can’t offer any explanation. However, this could be PBL as Robert said.

  4. pyrodin says:

    Could be the piece of clear plastic that sometimes covers cellphone camera lens. Take more photos and try to recreate the effect.


    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hi Pyrodin,
      In other photos sent by him, the UFO like thingy was absent, that’s why I haven’t published them. If there could be similarity in other photographs, I can guess it could be water drop or so. Most interestingly, photos were captured using same camera.

  5. Tom Wilkinson says:

    Umm…PBLs? They won’t be visible to camera lens specially in sunlight.

  6. Meisen says:

    I’m from Russia. Here are some credible witnesses who have reported UFO sighting in early ninetees. Their photographs were said to be faked and photoshopped. But this one is very real. Really, skeptics do need to explain this.
    Tom: haven’t you seen infrared light being captured by camera which is commonaly invisible to us? It could be a object that is emitting radiation in infrared spectrum band.

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