Just Some Thoughts!!

Yesterday, I published a post which featured a real UFO(unidentified flying object but not necessarily be a extraterrestrial space craft) photograph. Well, it is still unexplainable. None have offered any clue to that object. You are requested to send in your ideas and thoughts if any.
Today, there are only some thoughts which may be uncommon to most or may not be. I could be wrong may be I’m not. I’m sure we are not alone, there are otherworldly civilization which may have developed intelligence like ours and possibly are technological pacemakers of ours or it may be possible they have already defied us. What if someone had evolved intelligence like ours but chosen not to develop any technology? They want to live with peace and tranquility rather setting up a technological competition with other species. Well, it could very well be possible. There are various creatures which haven’t evolved intelligence while they are here for millenia. Just see insects and ants, I wonder, how they could make a net of complex tunnels and yeah, these tiny creatures are not architect who are trained in a university and practiced over hundreds of drawing sheets. Sometimes when we label them up  just as dumb and stupid, seems quite provocative. And why not, these creatures are intelligent. Really, could be very intelligent. If you have watched NatGeo channel’s show most amazing moments, you would have seen the killer whale behaving unexpectedly. We are not able to understand the behaviour of animals to the extent yet. I think these creatures just want to live in tranquility and do not to compete with other species which is full of violence. Extraterrestrial could follow this path. Very plausible! [wait for full article]


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

5 Responses to Just Some Thoughts!!

  1. Tom Wilkinson says:

    Very interesting…that means intelligence is all over around us.

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    It could be…what we need a better study of ants and insects and archenids.

  3. Shredder says:

    He…he… I would laught at your tiny intelligent creatures. Where are the tiny guns and missiles they developed?

  4. pyrodin says:

    Who’s to say WE are intelligent, we define intelligence as well, US ! Perhaps from an ant or other creature’s point of view, we are very stupid for destroying our natural enviroment and building weapons that can wipe out our entire species. Ants may “war” with each other but they will not wipe out ALL ants world wide nor would any other creature exept humans. We might be the stupidest life form on the planet, it depends on your point of view.


    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hi Pyrodin,
      You are right. I have considered this scenario for extraterrestrial life pragmatically. Defining intelligence is mostly precarious and relative. Quite possibly, it could be the case that ants might aware of our technological developments. Unlimited possibilities and who knows what is correct and absolute truth?

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