Why to Expect Alien Contact?

I’ve tackled a lot of speculations about alien life but most of speculations were from our terrestrial aspects. Fermi asked a question ‘where are they?’ though IMO, it was not a wise question. I also have counter argument for his question. If I were there I would have asked him why not give me a FTL craft?(actually it was asked by a WeirdSciences commenter, Morien). Most folks like to present the solution by arguing and questioning over our inferior technological developments. I have also presented this aspect in my earlier article ‘Poor Hawking You Are Wrong?’ and perhaps this is why it is still popular among new readers. Later I found that it was not a scientific aspect but a logical one. Here are some argument based on absolute science and logical too. You know I don’t accept anything beyond the explanation of logic and science.

What if there are intelligent civilizations in Titan or Europa? Assuming that they have developed technological civilization(not necessarily like ours) and want to explore for extratitanian life forms and they have started their SETI(Search for ExtraTitanian Intelligence) programme. What is the likelyhood of directing their signals towards Terran? Titan has a very low temperature and relatively higher pressure than Earth. The life forms which may be possible, could be based on methan or ammonia(If they are based on methane it is still carbon based life and if based on ammonia it is nitrogen based life form). There is no case of being silicon based life forms there. Usually silicon could make long single or double chain compounds, and also three dimensional lattice and two dimensional sheet structured compounds. Silicates have extreme stability due to the donation of extra electrons from O(oxygen) atoms into vacant 3d orbitals. Come back, why I’ve discarded the possibility of silicon based life on Titan since its temperature is far less than it would need to start reactions and to make complex compounds of silicons. Yes, it may significantly flourish into hot vents of venus. Some parts of mercury may also nurture silicon based life forms. Most of our universe appears to be a hostile place for life to exist with no planetary bodies except Earth harboring life as we know it. However, similar notions were previously thought of Earth’s extreme environments such as acidic hot springs, deepsea vents or solar salterns, which were believed to be too “extreme” to nurture life. Yet numerous studies over the last decades have shown that these extreme environments actually harbor an incredible diversity of bacteria and archea. Now come to real point! What do you expect from your alien brother who is living in titan or venus? In this speculation put other exotic life(electromagnetic and plasma based life forms) forms aside. Do you expect that should they land before your home? Shake hands and say “hello, I’m from Titan”? No way! They would never land here and even if they have planned to land their spaceship here, they would never like to meet us. You know, they have to come here in crew which would be surrounded by liquid nitrogen otherwise these cool and benign(?) being would be vaporized instantly. Instantly, yep, instantly! Remember the case of columbia shuttle in February, 2003. So sad!

Imagine with me and let’s go to planet venus which may harbour silicon based life forms. In some cases it may also harbour Boron based life forms. Boron have some interesting chemical and physical properties which make it a possible candidate to constitute exotic life forms under some condition. Though, this time it is not going to make complex compound by going through the formation of covalent bonding but it may be hydrogen bonding. It is also capable of forming long chain compounds with hydrogen at normal pressure and temperature conditions. The nido boranes are extremely stable(boranes are compound of hydrogen and boron). So I can’t discard its role to develope sentient exotic alien beings. Would they ever want to land here to shake hands? Same arguments are applicable. Never! How many surface missions we have sent to mercury or venus to search for life not to record weather data? Never! Same preamble is applicable to exotic aliens. Fermi paradox resolved?(no, because I want to speculate more and more)


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

12 Responses to Why to Expect Alien Contact?

  1. Tom Wilkinson says:

    Amazing analysis! The idea of borane based life is alien for me. Thank you.

  2. There’s a recurring theme of baloon-like floating lifeforms in the hotter than hell acid clouds of Venus in the science fiction paperbacks. Ditto for the gasous outer layer of Jupiter. And the tabloids keep reprinting the theme that there are PBLs, Plasma-Based lifeforms from the Ionosphere of the Earth’s upper atmosphere that account for a lot of UFO sightings. But even if we could find and contact such truly alien lifeforms, it’s uncertain that anything like new empirical science data or amazing theological insights will come of it, due to the abyss of differences between our lifeform design and theirs. Yes, ‘Star Trek’ was very entertaining, but that was mainly about humanoids who largely look like us interacting with Earthlings; the real deal might be very different.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Hi Robert,
      PBLs don’t seem to exist in such cold places like venus and where is a dense atmosphere. From, chemistry point of view, it is likely that they would form complex compounds and won’t be stable enough to develop sentientness. It is false front of alien life forms which talks about floating aliens in dense atmosphere since at high altitude temperature and pressure would be low and probably hospitable. Recently we have found various multi cellular creatures in deep sea abyss where there is no sunlight(creatures have solution to this, bioluminousness) and pressure which would even crush the steel shell. So, if there is life form it could easily flourish in surface vents. No need to develop kilometers of their bodies.

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  5. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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