Short Article: Top Five Mythical Hypothesis about Alien Life

Extraterrestrial life is extremely debated, ever since Homo Sapiens Sapiens started to tackle about it. In the era of Geordono Bruno, even thinking about it, was open invitation to Guillotine. Now there are many open minds who are speculating these life forms based on Drake equation and complex chemistry. However, there are some myths about extraterrestrial life and aliens.
1. Every Alien Being Should Have Humanoid Look: This is most popular consensus among sentient beings that any intelligent alien should have erect humanoid shape otherwise he can’t develop civilization. Dr. Dale Russel has speculated so called Reptilian beings evolved from a theropod named troodon. Most amazingly his reptilian being was erect and humanoid shaped. Some argued that there was no such civilization of intelligent beings since we haven’t found any evidences like stone tools etc. They used small stone tools to kill t-rex, supersaurus and Sauroschus(12 to 15m long and weighed >10tons, supercroc)? It was very easy to kill such small(?) predators with stone tools. So if there was civilization, where are the stone tools? Hey, you are wrong! Humanoid body plan is best for tetrapods not all creatures. While troodon was already a bipedal predator, you need not to make him erect humanoid.

2. Rare Earth Hypothesis: Rare Earth Hypothesis argues that life origingated here on Earth due to randomness and specific position of Earth in universe which are not possible anywhere in universe. When you got a FTL spaceship? You have explored the every corner universe?

3. Interdimensional Alien Beings: Perhaps, I’ve already talked about it. This term is mostly used in Paranormal blogs. A paranormal term to explain paranormal phenomenon. Net resultant=paranormal paranormal=2paranormal. Interesting result! Isn’t it? Anything could be interdimensional if it is capable of maintaining its existence in multiple dimensions. Sometimes UFOlogists like to explain phenomenon by introducing an interdimensional being dramatically. I’ll try to explain this in short why it is illogical(since this is a short article)? Consider that you are being transfered in the hyperspace(5D space time) , would you adapt the extra space dimension? No, you can’t because equations doesn’t allow you to change your body configuration. Sure you can travel interdimensionally but that doesn’t make you 5D human entity. And one thing, you can’t travel in a space-time reality which is below you means if you are a 3 space dimensional entity, you can’t go through 3D space-time(2space 1time). Well, a 2D space dimensional entity could travel easily into our and higher space since it would still occupy 2space dimension to remain its existence. Now, I think it would make some aspects clear to UFOlogists. Next time, I’ll write a detailed article about it with equations. See my earlier article ‘what would a flatlander really see?’ to understand this better.

4. Aliens are very advanced: Science fiction writers have ever depicted the presence of advanced otherworldly civilization. Well, it doesn’t mean that everytime when I talk about them, I’m talking about a 10cubic meter conscious pile of alien neurons which has discovered the theory of everything.

5. Quantum Gods of Creationists: Creationists are highly mentally unstable. Just three hundred years ago, it talked about earthcentrism and Noah’s flood etc. Just ten years ago, the bible depicted the presence of dinosaurs and now presence of extraterrestrial being anywhere else in the universe. Very unstable!


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

15 Responses to Short Article: Top Five Mythical Hypothesis about Alien Life

  1. Well, it’s possible that the majority of extraterrestrials who evolved on Earth-like planets will all be bipeds with two legs, two arms, one head, and two eyes, not human certainly, but definately humanoid in form. I recall an essay about robotics years ago that said that robots will always be made into this humanoid form, because it is a perfect product of natural selection for the most optimal, energy efficient, fastest, and most object manipulation effective model. By the way, the reason why our arms are not longer, which would be convient to scratch your back, etc., is because they are the optimal length for balance when running fast, longer arms would centrifugue so much they would pull you off-balance, so all humans on Earth with two long arms got displaced by people with regular length arms who could race faster. So, by natural selection, they would end up looking mostly humanoid, because if they had added features, like a third eye, the third eye would prove to provide too much confusing optical data, so an evolutionary model with it would be made extinct by most sensory efficient stereroscopic models. And virtually all large life-froms on land on Earth only have four limbs, apparently an inevitable natural selection output for such land-dwelling large beings, so ETs with four arms are very unlikely as well. Also, the main reason I can’t believe in all of these giant head grey aliens Roswell UFO aliens dipicted in the tabloids, is, how can they be born if their heads are so dispropotionately LARGE? If they are born the regular way, the females of this race must be giants twice as big as the males, just so her hips could be wide enough to birth babies with such oversized heads! Likewise, you’re not going to see new human mutants with super-sized heads and presumedly geater super-I.Q.s because they could only be born prematurely and by Caesarian section. The UFO people claim that the aliens get around this deadend of evolution by growing all ET babies in giant test tubes, or some even more ridiculous ultra-tech method, but there’s no way they could have evolved to look like that in the first place.

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    Good and detailed comment! Just see body plan of the insects, spiders and grasshopars for 15minutes and tell me whether it is still bad. Scorpion has 8eyes yet it is not optically hallucinated. Humanoid body plan is required to detect and keep its enemy away, it is generally assumed. Well, why to depend only on our optical sensory? Snake is a example of excellent temperature detector. It can sense the temperature change of 0.001C. So it is not hard to assume that extraterrestrial could significantly have evolved ultraviolet sensory(replacement of bat’s ultra sound). I think it would make some sense. Thanks for your very nice comment.

  3. nelson says:

    nice article!

  4. dad2059 says:

    Hrmm..Mr. Schrieb still has a long way to convince me of the universality of the humanoid form, but he did have a good argument.

    I have to agree with you however Bruce, it’s just as possible to have a snake-like being who has heat sensors as a humanoid type that has two eyes.

  5. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi dad2059,
    or anything else like magnetic field cell(not necessarily be organic) sensors. But Mr. Schreib has a point that humanoid shape could be best for earth like planets(not all planets). It could be possible! Isn’t it?

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  7. Wow this is a great resource.. I’m enjoying it.. good article

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  9. I have occasionally toyed with the following idea for a diagram, which might have a place in, say, a lecture on alien life.

    Concentric circles – as in a target. Inner circle labelled “Naiive science fiction model” (representing aliens that look a lot like humans and, in many cases, speak English). Next circle out labelled “Carbon and water” (representing, obviously, aliens with carbon+water based chemistry.) Next circle out labelled “Alternative chemistries” (for silicon-based life and so forth). Outermost circle labelled “Alternatives TO chemistry” (for all the really exotic ideas that people come up with from time to time).

  10. bruceleeeowe says:

    Wow…it’s so cool. Certainly, it would be a very interesting representation and easy to mess up. I’ll use it my upcoming articles.

  11. wtrmute says:

    What we actually need for sapient beings isn’t necessarily a humanoid shape, but we most definitely need a set of free manipulators (at least one, but if a being has lateral symmetry then an even number). Remember, the evolutionary point of sentience is tool-using. Otherwise it’s hard to justify spending all those calories in maintaining a large brain — the creatures will get out-competed by others with less brain and more muscle.

    This is something that actually really bugs me about the glut of “starfish aliens” we get in recent years: they make no evolutionary sense if you remove their magitech.

    Also, please never mind the creationists. It’s highly unlikely that one will ever read this blog, so you’re just pointlessly taking pot-shots at them…

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      I’m agree to you. Actually there could be variations depending upon how alien aliens are. For example, star trek’s Horta is an excellent example of intelligent alien life form. There may be millions of variation. Even carbon has millions of possible ways to start life. All extremophiles are carbon based, clearly revealing the possibilities of alien life with carbon. I think there are many creationist who love to lurk here on a regular basis. Scientific creationists.!!

  12. donald wilkins says:

    Giordano Bruno was burnt at the stake, Dr. Guillotine’s invention was not available in 1600. Also Bruno was executed for his pantheist beliefs. The Catholic Church already postulated life on other worlds which in the speculation of Church philosophers did not require Christ’s intervention as they had not Fallen.

    Your point about Fermi is confusing. Fermi wondered why aliens had not visited Earth. The comment about FTL drive does not refute his point. Even with sublight spacecraft aliens should have arrived centuries ago. Speculation about their absence has been interesting, amusing sometimes and hair-raising often.

    Those who speculate about a Universe with rare Earths don’t need FTL anymore than those who hypothesize Earths are found every parasec or so. Explore the latest theories on Earth formation – by the way no one has figured out Jupiter yet. Thetis, the world that collided with early Earth to form the current Earth-Moon system had to be just the right size, with just the right vector otherwise Earth might resemble Venus or Mars. A thousand ( and by that I mean many) events had to go right or intelligent life may have never started or been erased.

    There may be other Earths out there but I suspect they are few and far between. I hope the Universe is as lively and hopping as a Poul Anderson tale but the evidence which is not conclusive seems to point in the opposite direction.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      I know that. Well, it is not a good arguement that aliens should be already here centuries ago. Ok..if they have arrived centuries ago, what is likeliness of leaving traces here so that you can find them. This is one of the most vague argument. You can’t say for sure that they should be already here on Earth. Seriously, it depends upon their very detecting techniques. Rare Earth supporters must have a FTL craft to finally conclude that Earth is rare. And for Fermi Paradox you should read my whole ponderings into extraterrestrial life. Every case is examined scientifically and logically.

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