Ain’t It Possible?

Universe is mysterious and precarious enough that our organic brain can’t comprehend and decipher it ultimately! WeirdSciences will be back on track and will retain its original format from August first. What is life? What is reality? Why universe(s) exist? I won’t like to delve much into this but would present some critical thinking.

What our optical sensory observe and perceive, is that real or mere illusion created by brain? Of course, our sensory receive electromagnetic data and processed by our brain, after processing data it tells us conclusion. You know, you can’t even tell the dimensions of any cube, if you are seeing it for the first or second time. Simply, mind is unable to process that information. Our brain is a kind of biogital machine which stores the data and use it for future data processing. It may alter the previous information codex if new codex is obtained retaining original one. Hence to get the perception of reality, it is necessary that same information and codex should be passed to the brain. For example, if a encoded information like of cube is being transferred to brain, it will process it and what we perceive as a reality is cube. This is not the game! The ultimate thrill would be passing the encoded information codex of any fear (or say lake monster) to be processed by brain. Perhaps this is what, we can term as ‘dream’. ‘Dream’ possibly arise from fluctuations in codex stored in brain and this can explain the phenomenon of distorted dreams. Precognition is another baffling phenomenon and perhaps unexplained and misunderstood. As I said brain process everything and update codex retaining every codex yet to be inputted, it is possible that brain may process some random codex and what it will get as conclusion, is ultimately precognition. In a simpler language, say there is a codex A, codex B, codex C, codex D and codex E. All are discrete codex. A is older codex, B is updated codex(in future every time, perhaps, this codex will be used but retaining the old codex A) , C and D are other two codex and E is precognition codex which is viable and accessible only through the processing of A ,C and D. Now in dream, it is possible that brain can randomly choose these three codex(in reality there may be thousands of codex to be processed to get the result) which will tell our future. No, not exactly future but likely impact of consequential programs. Perhaps, this is dream.

Have you ever judged yourself on a Playstation? I think most of you have tried it, at least for once. Haven’t you seen mario as stationery graphics and rest of space time around him moving? When you push ‘left’, space time moves to right and so on. So, what I’m pointing here is that we could be simulation of hyperspace entity who is playing a game and we are characters nothing else. Now a question, so how they have programmed billions of characters? Wise question though I’ve simple answer for it. Virus replicate themselves and make thousands of copies. You need to put some program instruction and rest of the billion would be result of these preliminary programs. Same thing we do in C programming with arrays. I hope this may offer some explanation.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Ain’t It Possible?

  1. Mike M. says:

    Excellent approach! People generally lack this type of sense. I’m reading this blog for a very long time but loved analytical articles. Keep it up.

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