Why Extraterrestrial Contact is ‘NOT’ Blithering?

Currently, we are a developed(?) sentient terrestrial being who has just started exploring this mysterious universe and searching whether there is another extraterrestrial being spawning somewhere in the corner of cosmos. According to some great minds(or so assumed), the contact with extraterrestrial is hopeless. The major complications which are involved in extraterrestrial contact are enormous distanced heavenly bodies coupled with light speed limit. SETI researchers routinely subscribe to view that interstellar travel between galactic habitable zones is exceedingly improbable due to velocity of light limitation with some solutions offered to that. Miguel Alcubierre has proposed a theoretical possibility of hyperluminal speed travel which would acquire space time metric engineering.

To elaborate the metric engineering perspective, we begin with the apparent velocity of light limitation. As a physical concept, this limitation is based on the fact that mass and energy find mathematical expression in a form proportional to 1/√(1-(v/c)²) which implies that an infinite amount of energy would be required to accelerate a mass to near light speed. A hidden assumption in the argument that this constitutes a practical limitation with regard to interstellar travel, however, is that light of speed is absolute. A commenter, Dave pointed out that speed of light is not absolute constant ultimately. I’m agree with him pretty much. The speed of light can be formulated as c=1/√(magnetic permeablity of vaccum*electric permittivity of vaccum).

Let begin with me and consider the modifying space time itself. What if extraterrestrial are going to modify the space time by utilizing their advanced science. If maxwell’s equations are modified by implementing technological means and these two basic factors, on to which light speed depends are lessened to a extent where light speed becomes 10c or so. This approach would eventually allow superluminal travel without the violation of physical laws. Applying and modifying gravity might also work. Casimir effect is most useful in modifying space time. It was observed that when a photon passes through the casimir plates, its speed is increased which is due subsequential reduction in vaccum energy. By applying pesky wormhole tricks and implementation of casimir effect at macroscopic level could make it even easier. Though we may fail to establish any contact with extraterrestrials yet we can’t dismiss the possibility that extraterrestrial might come anywhere, anytime! Living as we do in technological triumphant times, we are inclined to view interstellar travel, as a technical challenge, will no doubt be difficult but feasible, given the right way and resourcefulness.

Our radical assumption is that extraterrestrial civilizations are very far flunged which might not be true at all. We need to redefine what we are searching for: extraterrestrial intelligence or extraterrestrial human being. If our SETI pioneers are searching for second, I’m clarifying here intimacy is not likely either. Just hover your eyes over a square kilometer of jungle then probably you will realize why I’m claiming this. Even on our planet we can see a vivid biodiversity from insects to squids. Forget not, human evolved just because of a splitted gene. Now time travel to 65million years back to the cretaceous period and deflect that big asteroid by sequential hydrogen bomb explosion-something that somehow will save the dinosaurs and jet their evolution to continue. Now go forward in time in the same splitted timeline and you will probably intimate a reptilian civilization, may once portraying the false assumption of extraterrestrial civilization. You know evolution of human was impossible if dinosaurs had survived the catastrophe. Thusly, it can be argued critically that we may not find homonid aliens however.

The third crucial assumption which called into question and redefined, short life time of extraterrestrial eventually precluding the interstellar travel. Interstellar travel involves enormous distances and when coupled with light speed limit, it becomes almost impossible to make a journey withing our life time of not even a century. It may be a intricate problem for us due to our shorter life terms. But this may not be applicable for extraterrestrial life. While assuming any limitation for extraterrestrial life from our point of view, we should rethink at least twice. It is possible that extraterrestrial may have life time of several million years. Recently, 40 million year old bacteria( Bacillus Sphaericus) were found in a stomach of a bee encased in a amber. These bacteria were also found in a state of suspended animation and were re animated in a laboratory. So this can be assumed that fleet of technological civilization may survive for thousands of years at the least. Thus, increasing the probability of extraterrestrial contact.

Now, I think this analysis might provide a key to understanding some basic prospects of extraterrestrial contact which is purported to vague by researchers.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

10 Responses to Why Extraterrestrial Contact is ‘NOT’ Blithering?

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Well said! I can’t believe in extraterrestrials with life time of thousands of years. If Einstein had been alive for 1000years, he would have solved the great mysteries. How these sh*t extraterrestrial would utilize this time? Huh..?

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Well, possibility can’t be ignored. Probably Sci Fi movies had influenced you greatly. Sci fi portrayed weak, small and big headed aliens but the real deal may be quite different.

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  3. Very interesting article, thanks. Keep up the good work.

  4. Martyn says:

    Great article. Cosmos is filled with extraterrestrial life forms. Every planet is harbouring alien life. Once you have Faster than light travel scheme, you will find it.

  5. Meisen says:

    While the extraterrestrial contact is extremely serendipitous, you need to follow drake equation and check whether your assumptions are fitting in it. If not you should leave that possibility somewhere in the corner of cosmos. Universe is very big..!!!

  6. Meisen says:

    Hats off!! You are the best one!

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