Short Article: Time Is Life

Here is an interesting variation about extraterrestrial life though all of the statement are already stated here.

On the grounds that life can neither be denied nor fully predicted, a fur-ther step follows, namely, the declaration of the existence of extraterrestrial life as a principle of Nature. The main advantages of a principle for the existence of extraterrestrial life are:
(i) the solution of paradox-like statements concerning extraterrestriallife (e.g., Fermi’s question),
(ii) the suppression of geo-and anthropocentricideas, and (iii) the creation of a logical basis for future theoretical and exper-imental investigations. In practice the latter means that one does not need 1 to justify any scientific project on extraterrestrial life searches regarding its logical foundations: the principle provides (is) the foundation. The crucial experiment for the origin of life has not to be done; it was already done on Earth. It seems fair to believe that given a set of yet un-known environmental conditions life is bound to flourish.

I don’t know if there is something new in this research paper.

Time is Life: A Principle
The principle is set up along the following two lines of arguments.
(1) Theexistence of life on Earth arms the crucial experiment for the existence of life.
(2) The universe is empirically found to be at least three times as old as life on Earth. The age of the oldest stars in the Milky Way is taken as a lower limit estimate for the age of the universe, and the age of the solar systemas an upper limit estimate for the age of life on Earth. Both time-scalesare observational facts resting on well-established scientific studies. The first one, on the physics of energy production in stars, and the second one, on thelaws of radioactive decay applied to meteorites. The universe is old enough such that life and a local ecology are expected features of any environment. Time is life, that is to say, give it time and life is the irremediable end product.
Did you notice what it said? It said leave any planet for long time and visit it after six or seven billion years, you will find a biodiversity. Well, that can be purported to be true. It fairly fit with our current observation. Extremophiles are good example.

“Where iseverybody?”, asked Fermi, talking about extraterrestrial life. The answer to Fermi’s question is plain and uninteresting. They are where they belong to. Yet they are, states the extraterrestrial life principle. The anthropic principle, which certainly with justice should be dubbed the masterpiece of human arrogance,is thus irrelevant since the human ecology is but one amongst many. Establishing contact with alien popula-tions is not a prerogative of intelligent life but of a given cultural and social characteristic of intelligent life (e.g., mercantilism, in the case of mankind,as a driving force for contact between distinct societies onEarth in the XV and XVI century).
Well, it’s not nutshell to assume that extraterrestrial contact significantly depend upon their social structure. As I pointed out that contact is serendipitous, it may be possible that there are civilizations flourishing in ‘Cosmic Eden’ -where every planet is harboring life. Need not to say that ‘Cosmic Edenians’ would never like to search for life on other planet since there are living in life abundant planet zone. Seriously, this offers a pretty good solution to Fermi’s question.
[Ref: Time is Life by D. S. L. Soares]


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