New Evidences Suggest-PreHumans Used Stones Tools

There is a series of new evidences from Australian scientist, predating the stone age. If you might know, I support the presence of ancient advanced civilization. We have plenty of compelling evidences. Scientists have discovered the oldest evidence of stone tool use and meat-eating among human ancestors in Ethiopia – shifting the date back 800,000 years, long before anatomically modern human emerged. This is the first evidence that stone tools were used to butcher meat by hominins (humans and human ancestors) during the time of Australopithecus afarensis, the pre-human species of which ‘Lucy’ is the most famous example. lEAD researcher Zeresenay Alemseged from the California Academy of Science in a statement released to the press:

This find will definitely force us to revise our textbooks on human evolution, since it pushes the evidence for tool use and meat eating in our family back by nearly a million years. These developments had a huge impact on the story of humanity.

Previous evidence of stone tool use was dated at approximately 2.5 million years ago, around the time of the later Australopithecine species,Australopithecus africanus. Tool use fundamentally altered the way our early ancestors interacted with nature, allowing them to eat new types of food and exploit new territories. It also led to tool making – a critical step in our evolutionary path that eventually enabled such advanced technologies as airplanes, MRI machines and iPhones. The location and age of the evidence clearly indicates that the A. afarensis species were the tool users, since no other hominin lived in this part of Africa at that time. These fossils provide the first direct evidence that this species used stone tools.

Lucy used tools

[Image Details: These two bones from Dikika, which have been dated to roughly 3.4 million years ago, provide the oldest known evidence of stone tool use among human ancestors. Credit: Dikika Research Project]

While working in the Afar Region of Ethiopia, Alemseged’s ‘Dikika Research Project’ team found fossilised bones bearing unambiguous evidence of stone tool use – cut marks inflicted while carving meat off the bone and percussion marks created while breaking the bones open to extract marrow. The bones date to roughly 3.4 million years ago. Most of the marks have features that indicate without doubt that they were inflicted by stone tools. The range of actions that created the marks includes cutting and scraping for the removal of flesh, and percussion on the femur for breaking it to access marrow.

This indicates that A. afarensis used sharp-edged stones to carve meat from bones, but it is impossible to tell from the marks alone whether they were making their tools or simply finding and using naturally sharp rocks. So far, the research team has not found any flaked stone tools in the area from this time period.

The hominins at this site probably carried their stone tools with them from better raw material sources elsewhere,” said Shannon McPherron from the Dikika Research Project, suggesting that there was a lack of suitable stone tool materials in the area where the butchered bones were found.

The Dikika Research Project, which 10 years ago uncovered astonishingly complete infant A. afarensisfossil remains dubbed ‘Lucy’s baby’, are continuing their exploration of the Afar Region of Africa. One of our goals is to go back and see if we can find these locations, and look for evidence that at this early date they were actually making, not just using, stone tools.

One of the researchers who discovered Homo floresiensis (nicknamed ‘The Hobbit’), Peter Brown from the University of New England, said that the research had “implications, not only for our interpretations of the intellectual and manipulative skills of our small-brained ancestors, but also for the role of scavenging, hunting and meat-eating in the diet of early bipeds.

The evidence provided by the way in which their teeth were worn suggests our Australopithecine ancestors were largely dependent on a vegetative diet, but it now appears that meat consumption may also have been important.

[Credit: Cosmos Magazine]


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  1. Meisen says:

    All I have to say, this is a fascinating article!

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