Short Article: Hawking’s Weirdness Continued

Listen, Earthlings: Everythings going to be fine. All we have to do is survive another century or two without self-destructing as a species. Then well get off this rock, spread throughout space, and everything will be all right. If this is not your idea of optimism, then you are not Stephen Hawking. We are going to face various mountainous problems including overpopulation, global warming and cataclysmic problems. The biggest problem is, for sure, overpopulation and depleting resources. Imagine our planet after 50years where our planet would have been harboring nearly 11billion humans with very less natural resources. And, if you are accepting data the temperature would be increased by one or two degree cel. by that time. Not only global warming and overpopulations are problems but devasted ecosystem/biosphere also be a non renewable problem. Agreed, Hawking is correct about future crisis. Then, what are ultimate survival tactics? Fleeing into space? No way, we are far from being a starfaring civilization! We can’t engineer a wormhole, warp drive or anything like that. Negative energy is not discovered yet, making our future gloomy. We haven’t reached to the Mars yet, unless you believe in conspiracy theory. Lately, Stephen Hawking warned us about aliens saying that they could be nomads. I don’t know from where he is getting such ideas.

Is space colonization ultimate survival idea? No, it’s not! We are not advanced upto the extent where we could colonize space. Not from only technological point of view but also mentally. Establishing a colony in moon or mars is not so easy(not even impossible). There is another problem with moon or mars colonization and that is, low gravity. Can you change the gravity of these planets or will you establish O’Neill type colonies in martian region? I’ve already said that O’Neill type colonies are not appropriate for harboring 1billion peoples(and most of them will die during establishment of colonization).

Is it better to leave Earth after contaminating it? I don’t think so. We should try to make our planet green once again. It is far easier and better than fleeing of into space. Space is not good place to develop advanced civilization. Again, space colonization is not bad that much but it should be limited only for exploration and study not to develop civilization otherwise we would have to encounter many adverse effects.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

4 Responses to Short Article: Hawking’s Weirdness Continued

  1. Excellent points! Still, what if the whole world coordinated all space exploration, for the purpose of tapping into the unlimited energy of the Sun? That is, it might be possible to set up giantic solar power stations that could beam microwave rays to satellites orbiting th earth, which would in turn beam unlimited, clean, non-pollutting electricity to the Earth to resolve our terrible energy and pollution crisises. This thing is a recurring theme in science fiction paperback novels now, usually with super-tall buidings piercing the sky into space to serve as space elelvators and microwave power receptors. An alternative approach might be to use a type of undersea accelartion cannon to shoot payloads of spend Uranium into orbit, to be retrieved by a mostly automated system that would prevent any ‘James Bond’ scenarios with Terrorists getting hold of it, to exploit the endless solar power to re-charge the uranium to ship back to Earth for countless atomic reactors and mini-reactors to provide infinite juice.

    • Meisen says:

      Well said, Bruce! Your ideas are definitely appreciable. Directing beam is better than any other strategy, to resolve future energy crisis. However, Mr. Robert you should remember that terrorists are very powerful.

  2. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi Robert Schreib,
    that’s one of excellent ideas. Now, if you have noticed, I have published a article about silicon nanowires which would make solar cells very efficient. We’ll be able to manufacture solar cells with the efficiency of 40% at low costs. So, I don’t think it is impossible. However, I suspect, if our civilization would ever be based on Uranium. Overpopulation is still a unresolved problem.

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