Reasons to Why ‘SETI’ Efforts are Pathetic?

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Perhaps, we would never have extraterrestrial contact publicaly because of our leader’s like Seth Shostak and Paul Davies, pathetic attempts and mostly prattish, to search for alien life. If you have ever visited SETI homepage , probably you have seen that old aged speculation of habitable planets based on a flawed Drake equation. You catch it ‘flawed equation’? My argument may be abhorrent to you but as long as if my speculations are correct, my this argument also stand for correct. Well, Drake equation has no meaning at all, if you are going to consider the researches by Dr. Schulze Makuch. He has done credible researches on the biochemistry of life forms based on elements other than carbon-water combo. So, what’s the significance of directing our signals to habitable zone? SETI leaders not even bothered to define the ‘habitable zone’ for ‘alien life’, or they are much influenced by Star Wars’ humanoid aliens? According to them, ‘SETI’ stands for ‘Search for ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence’ ,what’s the criterion for being intelligent here? Here are some arguments against SETI:

1. SETI is directing signals to certain planets within ‘habitality zone’. Well, what’s the ‘habitality zone’ here?

2. SETI is directing radio signals in a limited bandwidth? Well, why to choose radio signals only?

3. SETI is waiting for reply from aliens still while receiving reply is far precarious.

4. SETI don’t know whether real aliens will ever receive our signals.

Now, we start from defining habitality zone. If SETI is really searching for alien life forms then it needs to consider alien life forms based on other elements than carbon water or exotic organic creatures. Seti shouldn’t ignore the law of convergent evolution devised by Mr. Darwin. No matter, how harsh planet’s environment is, life would manage to flourish. This is where SETI fails to explain habitable zone. In fact, we don’t need to search for habitable zone near m dwarfs or k type of star unless we are searching for extraterrestrial Homo Sapiens Sapiens who love to speak in english.
Now come to the second argument. SETI is beaming signals only in a limited bandwidth means total failure or say chances are one in one million for contact. It is fairly reasonable to accept that aliens may have been using other bandwidth for communications. They won’t even like to decode our signals, thusly no case for contact other than alien civilization is communicating in the same way as we do. Even it may be possible that alien civilization do practise communications through lasers or masers, since a laser could carry more signals than a radio wave could, and if this is the case, our signals would never get their attention and no contact will ever occur. Total wastage of money and time!
Again, Seti’s receiver antenna are directed towards so called misinterpreted virsion of ‘habitality zone’. So, even if there are ‘real aliens’ somewhere beyond our habitality zone, we would never receive theire message due to narrow mindset of our Seti seniors. Never!! Now, there could be extraterrestrials in habitable zone, who are trying to contact but sending signals in a different bandwidth we used to, but our tuned receiver would never receive their ‘hello’. Need not to say that it is total wastage of money and most importantly of time.
The all of above cases also applicable to alien civilizations habitating out there. I described the some of the cases of Seti’s fruitless effort. I will write a more analytical article about seti failure in near future. And in the last, it was 400th article published at WeirdSciences. Thanks for your support!


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

3 Responses to Reasons to Why ‘SETI’ Efforts are Pathetic?

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Congrats, Bruce!! Excellent points!

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  3. DK says:

    Other than the serious need for a spell check you make some very good points.

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