US Department of agriculture analysts indicate us one simple solution to keep the immune system healthy

By Celia Barnes

Did you know the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) funded scientists demonstrated that Organic mushrooms play an essential function in keeping the body’s defense mechanisms healthy?

In a recent report published in July 2010 from, leading correspondent Rosalie Marion Bliss reported how the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) experts have conducted an animal-model and cell-culture study showing that white button mushrooms improved the activity of vital cells in the body’s immune system.

Agaricus bisporus (known variously as the common mushroom, button mushroom or white mushroom) is an edible basidiomycete mushroom indigenous to grasslands in European countries and The United States. Agaricus bisporus is cultivated in more than seventy countries and is one of the most commonly and widely eaten mushrooms globally.

In the USA, white button mushrooms represent 90 % of the entire mushrooms eaten.

The study was conducted at the Jean Mayer Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging (HNRCA) at Tufts School by center director Dr. Simin Meydani.

The outcomes propose that white button mushrooms may increase immune function by increasing the production of antiviral and other proteins that are released by cells while seeking to defend and repair tissue.

The study’s cell-culture phase established that white button mushrooms enhanced the maturity of immune system cells called “dendritic cells,” from bone marrow.

Dendritic cells can make T cells that are important white blood cells that can identify and eventually deactivate or destroy antigens on invading microbes.

When immune system cells are exposed to disease-causing pathoenic agents, like bacteria, our body begins to increase the number and function of immune system cells, according to Dr. Meydani.

[Ref: United States Department of Agriculture]

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