‘Ancient Astronauts’ Saga: Is it Plausible?

Probably all of you have enjoyed reading with ‘Chariots of The Gods’ by Erich Von Daniken. Recently he sent me a review copy of his newly published book ‘Twilight of The Gods’. In this book he goes on with his ancient astronauts and speculated that extraterrestrials would return in the year 2012. Well, I’ll publish a full review of that book in next weekend. Now, it’s time to lurk into the plausibility of ancient astronauts again. Daniken has professed evidences of ancient astronauts in the form of the old Sumerian scripture. Well, I’m not having any kind of expertise in deciphering the old language and indeed, it’s not out of my space time department. So, I’m not asserting it as a vague argument that he is completely in the dark and making us prat. So, in this series of arguments/analysis , I’ll assume that such thingy existed at all. Well, arguments are:

1. Hey Mr. Darwin! Your theory of convergant evolution is wrong! They are ‘ancient astronauts’ who made us intelligent, not your evolution.

2. Listen folks, they came here to mine gold!

3. They prostituted our women, thousands of years ago and starchild is the proof of it.

Well, no doubt, ancient astronauts theory is very fascinating but now it’s not matter of charmingness of this theory but it’s matter of it’s plausibility. We can’t accept any theory excusing that it’s fascinating. If it were possible I would have said that dinosaurs are still alive. It is even more fascinating to see a 120tonnes SuperSaurus. Isn’t it? Just claiming anything won’t make any sense unless you are doing it with compelling evidences. He acclaimed that they are the ancient astronauts who came here thousands of years ago and seeded the knowledge of culture and technology. If it’s true then what about Darwin’s convergant evolution? Since it directly implies that civilization hadn’t come into existence if gods chose not to come here. Simply, this theory is in the direct contradiction to evolution.

Now let your cerebrum think. He said that ancient astronauts came here to mine gold, from a planet called Nibiru. You got it! WTF? No! Haven’t you noticed that his ancient astronauts came here to mine yellow gold, from a planet which is distanced only some billion miles away. While they could easily mine yellow gold from QBOs(Quiper Belt Objects), yet they chosen not to mine it from such rear small planetary bodies including dwarf planets. You know why because they were very lusty. They wanted our women for sex.
He further claimed that ancient astronauts prostituted our women. The most vague conundrum which I’ve ever found. Alien hybrids were ever been problematic for me since they don’t fit with my logic based on a probablistic speculation. I wonder how a completely alien astronaut could come here and prostitute a completely alien woman! This purport to be influenced by sci fi movies like ‘species'(another illogical sci fi movie). While even interspecies sex is not safe for Earthlings, how could a intelligent alien being even think about that? This is not to say that it is totally illogical. As for starchild mystery, it may result by some random genetic mutation or improper or aberrant embryo formation, need not to say it anything like alien human hybrid. We have good examples of random genetic errors or dispatchments which may appear to be alien like two headed twins etc. After illustrating and arguing over ancient astronauts theory’s plausibility finally it can be concluded that this theory has no important means at all, at least providing the considerations to Daniken’s scenario.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

8 Responses to ‘Ancient Astronauts’ Saga: Is it Plausible?

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  2. cna training says:

    What a great resource!

  3. Well, that acients Mayan clay tablet that lists their calendar with it ending on 2012, a factoid which spawned that big screen movie about the world ending on 2012, the actual reason WHY it ended on 2012 is because they simply ran out of room on the tablet! Their mythologyy emphasizes continuity, not doomsday, by the way, but that’s Hollywood for you.

  4. dad2059 says:

    While I don’t cotton to the idea of humanoid aliens visiting us thousands of years ago, I do think it’s plausible that a race of beings more ancient than us have inhabited the Earth hidden for millions of years and since they share common ancestors with us, are capable of genetically mixing with us with a little help.

    True aliens from another solar system would be genetically incompatible with us, different chemical make-up and all.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      I do tend to agree with you! And that ancient race might have been resulted from parallel encephallization. Daniken should have some knowledge of astrobiology and convergant evolution before putting such theory up. A planet Nibiru, which is according to him tenth planet, must be colder than neptune and even magnetic field or axial rotory motion of planet, is not going to increase the temperature of planet anyway. So even prostituting earthly women be more like prostituting a 500C prosthetic women. Is it still plausible?

  5. dad2059 says:

    …prostituting a 500C prosthetic women…

    ?What? Prostituting prosthetic women? LOL 😀

  6. bruceleeeowe says:

    500C is the temperature of woman from Nibiru(ian) point of view since they must have habituated living in a extremely cold biosphere. Lol!

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