SETI: A Possible Case for Contact

While the conditions are astronomically against extraterrestrial contact, it doesn’t even seem impossible to contact extraterrestrials and may even clone them, utilizing the current knowledge of genetic engineering and astrobiology. Admitted, extraterrestrial advanced civilizations are far flunged but they are not so far flunged that we can’t contact them by any means of technology. What if we are going to send our DNA string, which are encapsulated in a capsule? Since DNA strings are microscopically small so all string could be encapsulated in a capsule as small as a grain. We then make millions or even billions of such capsule. We load all such capsules in a rocket’s payload bay and launch it at speed enough to go into deep space. Say, after 20years or so; this speedy rocket will reach out of our solar system’s edge. Once out there, imagine the payload bay intentionally bursting, disbursing billions of DNA capsules into deep space. Each will travel at rocket’s speed to different directions. Now, we can’t expell out the possibility of being at least thousands of these spores on a planet which is harboring pretty much advanced civilization, technologically comparable to us. If it were just a capsule with DNA strings within it, there would be dependence on some society of the planet to have fairly advanced science and technology. They would have to first find the tiny capsule, and then recognize what it actually was.

They would then have to have DNA knowledge and technology (similar to our own) where they would duplicate the DNA strings and implant those strings to enable them to grow living beings from them. The result of THIS would be HUMAN being on that planet not just on that one planet, but hundreds or even thousands of different planets! The “earthlings” that would then live would then be necessarily in the company of technological people. This would enable the earthling to be able to learn a lifetime of experience from the residents of that planet. But what good would this new knowledge be? Before the DNA strings were placed in the capsules, some some changes would be made to an “intron” area of one of those strings. Introns seem to be unnecessary portions of the DNA strings, which might be earlier versions of genes. Changing an intron would apparently have no effect on the eventual creature. The changes made in the intron would be extremely obvious to those researchers that processed the DNA. It might have illogically long sequences of identical links, followed by some coded information somehow describing the Earth’s location. Since the researchers would find this information during the fertilization of an egg, they would have plenty of time to analyze and understand it by the time the earthling was grown. At that time, they would certainly agree to aim a communication laser beam toward Earth with all the information the earthling wanted to pass along back to original society on Earth. Thusly, establishing a contact with Homo Sapiens Sapiens.

In this comment, my friend dad2059( known publicaly as) of dad2059’s Webzine of Science Fiction, Fact and Esoterica vigourasly pointed out that why to imply such tough stuff at all? He then suggested that it might even be possible to replicate the alien creature if somehow we have received the every single encoded information of extraterrestrial DNA.

A corollary to your theory Bruce would be that if by chance we intercept a radio transmission via SETI radio telescopes and the transmitting civilization sends detailed information on their genetic code and the genetic codes of their planet’s biosphere. We might be able to replicate them using the information. No physical DNA needs to be recovered, only information decoded.

Well, considering the very optimism of extraterrestrial organic being out there, it could very well be possible. No doubt, if extraterrestrial humans are out there and beaming their genetic code to Earth, there is more optimistic case for extraterrestrial contact. Assuming that extraterrestrials were created in a same manner from a primordial ooze then followed by convergent evolution, I admit they do need DNA of some sort, to replicate themselves. What if their DNA is made of some exotic organic/inorganic compound that couldn’t be found/created on Earth’s much colder/hotter environment? If this might be the case, perhaps we would never have contact even we have received the genetic information of extraterrestrials. Yet, it leave a new possible way of ruminating the case for contact and wait until aliens itself come and say,” Hello brother! How are you!”


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

9 Responses to SETI: A Possible Case for Contact

  1. dad2059 says:

    What if their DNA is made of some exotic organic/inorganic compound that couldn’t be found/created on Earth’s much colder/hotter environment?

    I would say that the information be stored until such a time for when we could recreate the specific alien environment.

    Of course we would have to keep it quarantined….8)

    • Nelson says:

      I would say that the information be stored until such a time for when we could recreate the specific alien environment.
      Of course we would have to keep it quarantined ….

      hey, you are depreciating our current technology..! We can recreate alien environment of any kind, by the means of current technology!

  2. Well, technically, having ETs clone human beings from a DNA capsule send into deep space would not constitute a valid first contact. The space probe with the DNA capsule should have some kind of super condensed computer memory to also send out the culture and historical information of being Human. A cloned human being in an alien world would not successfully convey what being Human IS to such aliens if he’s berift of the tons of culture that makes up your psyche. By the way, this concept was explored in the SF/Horror movie “Species”, but in that example, the DNA capsule was NOT that of an Alien species, but rather, a ‘WarMute’ genengineered entity comprised of diverse species, designed to be a killing machine that would have to mate with a local species to acquire the immune system for Earthy germs to then impart that to its offspring to destroy all humans on Earth. This unexplored plotline of that movie was that the aliens intended to conquer Earth with a fake DNA capsule like that, since ultra-tech weapons like atomic bombs, etc., would render the world inhabitable, so a kind of BioWeapon like this was send ahead of their advancing fleet, which would have a method of exterminating the hyper-aggressive ‘WarMutes’ through a weakness in their genetic code, so they could simply move in. Such hyper-aggressive predators make lousy scientists, so such an alien species would never have developed interstellar communication or interstellar transportation, so what they send in the radio signal was a super con game to trick the Humans or other sentient species into creating their own Waterloo so they could later acquire the prime real estate of a planet with a livable biosphere, the actual aliens were NOT that ‘species’ at all.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      I hope nanotechnology may help us! However this won’t be blithering at all. If location of Earth could be encoded in introns then it is very reasonable to encode the information about culture and history too. Species…huh… I dislike(not have at all) it! This is a kinda of bad science movies. Concept is not bad but eliciting the concept is bad. Such type of warfare we may expect from highly advanced civilizations. Nice and worthy comment once again!

  3. Mark Louis says:

    IMO, we should direct our signals to every planet out there and intermittently. If intelligent technological species are out there, they would more likely decode it and send their reply back to Earth.

  4. bruceleeeowe says:

    Indeed, we could recreate alien environments but what about DNA material? We are not upto the technology where we could chemically synthesize harmones and enzymes. How are you claiming that we would be capable of recreating the alien DNA material(complex compounds)? Certainly this is as odd as finding alien life itself, yet this won’t be pessimistic inasmuch as at the least we would have the genetic information. Nelson, same arguments applies to you. Be pragmatist!

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