Extraterrestrial Contact: Answering the Question of How?

Circumstantial evidence indicates that advanced alien civilizations are very few and far flung in the galaxy. In that way,the case for extraterrestrial contact is very precarious and purport to be almost improbable. I wonder if there are other extraterrestrial civilizations unlike to human in physiology and metabolism though I’m not sure, of what kind it seems very utter even to expect contact. Wait..wait…but you have no right to stop all of our SETI programs though they are quite pathetic. We are searching for alien signals by transmitting the radio signals of wavelength range 3-60cm and waiting for reply to the hundreds or even thousands of year. As you know everytime when I review the case of extraterrestrial contact, I always come up with rather different approach.

Here I’m assuming that aliens would certainly be biological not intelligent artificial mechanical bots since it seems me improbable that intelligent bots would ever be emotional and self conscious. I’m not so sure if they would ever like to start a search for extraplanetary intelligence program unless they were programmed by their masters to do so. To grasp with problem of extraterrestrial contact we need an open minded and well researched approach. Considering the other life forms apart from carbon-water chauvinism doesn’t interfere with the possibility of contact inasmuch metabolism and physiology is a kind of power source for creature to run its brain properly akin to the role of engine to obtain or perform some special kinda task, it could be either jet engine or dark matter engine. However, I don’t refute the possibility of their radical brain which might work better even being too small compared to us in a similar way as our palmtops are more powerful than a large miniframe computer. The extraterrestrial contact would occur very dramatically but not be way beyond my speculation. Here are some most speculative ways which could be implemented by aliens to contact us:

1.Fleet of Self Replicating Probes: Since interstellar travel is still a nightmare constrained by light speed limit, so it most likely expected that any civilization of typeII would never like to travel endlessly into vast intergalactic voids, hovering their most powerful detectors over every single bit of millions of planets; just to search for alien life even when they are not even sure whether aliens exist. Since self replicating are best to colonize the whole galaxy due to less efforts involved compared to others. Within a cosmologically short period of co-moving time (ie millions of years) we could colonise the Milky Way and the rest of the Local Group. The arrival of such a probe at a star system would preclude and supersede local biological evolution. Since life on Earth has evolved over billions of years then we can’t expect (statistically speaking) to find civilisations within our local group. Where are the aliens, asked Fermi. Many megaparsecs away!! An elaboration of this argument gives grounds for believing that nearest aliens are currently over a 100 million light years distant. In the co-moving frame, without wormholes, we won’t make contact with them for over 100 million years. Which makes their existence an object of theoretical speculation that can’t be resolved for millions of years. Except that they would expand exponentially which would make extraterrestrial contact even more reasonable.
2.Wormholes:It may seem improbable but might be possible that we see aliens coming out of a random opening in the sky. Wormholes are excellent to swap intergalactic distances but it is necessary to make is sure where we are going in space time. So, every alien civilization which would choose this method of contact, must have been detected our presence earlier unless they stumbled us accidently. I’ve already described how to engineer a wormhole(see ‘Wormhole Engineering’), so I won’t describe it right now. Wormholes have various advantages over warp drive like less likelyhood of accident, so it could be the seconds best strategy for the contact.
3.Radio Signals: Though chances are far less that any alien civilization ever prefer it as a method of contact. Yet extremely low possibility doesn’t mean impossibility. Since we are directing our signals to every planet which may harbor carbon water based life, so it seems fairly likely that descended species would think in a similar way to ours. Thusly, we could expect a reply though it is uncertain whether we would ever receive a reply. Project cyclope may help us.
4.Extremely Intelligent Panspermian Aliens: This is the brand new rumination of mine and perhaps never thought ever before this time. As I have already said brain is much like computer of which computing power depend on which mechanism are you using, it is possible that a microscopic brain could be very smart as compared to our 1600cc brain. So intelligent microbes may choose to make direct contact by coming here.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

8 Responses to Extraterrestrial Contact: Answering the Question of How?

  1. I am not sure if such extremely intelligent panspermian aliens is possible, because we have a lot of examples of germ and protozoia and fungi right here on earth, including a species of interconnected mushroom in the USA Pacific North West area that might be the biggest living entity in the world, but I don’t think I ever read about such germs etc. forming a kind of super organism like the ants do, that could constitute a group or ‘cloud’ intelligence, which we will eventually create with our advanced cellphones and Ipods. Such species have been around for millions of years here on Earth, without any of them evolving an apparent intelligence, although bacteria is TOUGH and amazingly adaptive to extreme conditions, and unless there’s some kind of X factor on other planets, (“BEWARE Of The BLOB!” movie, etc.) I doubt it there are ET germs that are intelligent like we are. Also, there is an apparent ratio in evolutionary nature that seems to dictate that the more intelligent a species is, the less it reproduces. Bacteria, germs, etc. can reproduce faster than anything else, but are essentially mindless, whereas Humans hardly even reproduce at all in comparison to them, but have higher intelligence.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Your doubt is undoubtedly right! Well, our brain works due to various chemical reactions involving electromagnetic forces as per accordance to what we know about. So in a microbe there could be interactions of electrons or even quarks which may significantly produce sentientness or cognition. In our brain these reactions occurs at complex bulky molecular level(since protein molecules are very heavy and bulky). They may also be capable of producing some sort of ‘collective cognition’. I’ll explain it in upcoming articles.

  2. Elvira Legge says:

    That’s the view from human perspective. In reality, everything is completely upside down, the Fact is that numerous ET’s individually or in groups are always at present on Earth. And some of them are not far from us at all. The closest civilization is right here, on Earth, the next will be our long time occupied Moon, then Mars..etc..also,there are none corporeal species exist. All of the ET’s have different technology, some of them can “break” the space and play with time like we with toys, for them space travel in vast distances-is a piece of cake.I know this and no one in the Existence of the Universe will prove me otherwise, I HAVE SEEN THEM, HAVE TALK TO THEM! Believe it in the unbelievable!

  3. bruceleeeowe says:

    Hi Elvira,
    I’m not against your hypothesis. That might be true. To me it is not unlikely. Have you contacted them? If so how?

  4. Elvira Legge says:

    Hello, bruceleeeowe,
    The Beings I know are non-corporeal, no bodies. I’m an owl, one summer night I was on the phone with a friend when I’ve noticed on video monitor rather peculiar light jumping and hovering around the body of my 6 years old child who was asleep. I came to the baby bedroom to check it myself and that’s how the contact begin. They didn’t visit me, they came or arrive to observe my daughter. Apparently, that’s what they do: observe children on the Planet. I have witnessed 3 visits in total: 1 ball, 3 balls and 1 again. They look like bright lights in a size of a feast of an average adult. In some way they resemble the spherical shape of well known orbs except that they smaller and much brighter. The best way to describe them would be a ball of light without a bulb itself. They are capable to communicate through the conciseness and telepathically. Telepathy is giving with vocal thoughts and visual images to your brain; as for conciseness is more complex communication but faster and more efficient – you just know and realize what is what. And that’s how we talk. I know, it’s hard to digest as it was for me at the beginning and I will not mind if ridiculed, that’s absolutely normal human reaction. I hope, I fulfill your questions.

  5. bruceleeeowe says:

    Was this experience repeated? In scientific investigations there is no place for ridiculing others since misconceptions are common. So, I’m not ridiculing you. I would just ask you some questions to you. Give me your email or contact me via contact page. Thank for your compliment.

    • Elvira Legge says:

      bruceleeeowe, Was this experience repeated? – Yes, I still hear them, and if have more questions on this subject welcome to contact me via: myron37@mail.ru, I’ll be glad to talk about it.

  6. Austin Gilliam says:

    We don’t have much depth. : art-bell.info

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