More Speculation about Intelligent Self Replicating Exploration Probes

Any advanced extraterrestrial should find it more efficient and economical to use self replicating probes because of benefits of exponentiation. This will secure the largest amount of data about the extrasolar systems by the end of exploration of fixed time. The entire galaxy can be explored on the order of 10^6years with cruising speed of 0.1c, now considered feasible using foreseeable human technology. One of the tremendous advantages of interstellar probes over interstellar beacons in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) is that probes may serve as cosmic “safety deposit boxes” for the cultural treasures of a long-perished civilization. The gold-anodized Voyager records are a primitive attempt to achieve just this sort of cultural immortality.
Starfaring self-replicating machines should be especially capable of maintaining themselves against the disordering effects of long periods of time, hence SRS will be preferentially selected for survival over nonreproducing systems. This fact, together with the aforementioned preference for using SRS for very long-term, large-distance galactic exploration implies that any alien machine we might find in our own solar system (as part of a dedicated SETI effort) still in adequate order will most probably be self replicating system. Oliver  has pointed out that the number of intelligent races that have existed in the pant may be significantly greater than those presently in existence. Specifically, at this time there may exist perhaps only 10% of the alien civilizations that have ever lived in the Galaxy – the remaining 90% having become extinct. If this is true, then 9 of every 10 replicating machines we might find in the Solar System could be emissaries from long-dead cultures.

Now, it seems almost improbable that any nuts and bolts advanced extraterrestrial civilization which has designed and launched such sophisticated probes, was not advanced enough to lass them with artificial intelligence. Any self replicating exploration probe which is designed to explore galaxy, gather data and even colonize the extrasolar planets, would preferentially be artificially intelligent since the ‘prime motive’ of such probes won’t just be constrained to establishing the first contact, it would rather be to conjoin the extraterrestrial culture-gather data then beam it back to creator. A general expectation would be that such probes would be built in such a way as to capable of making decisions of their own-a perfect automation driven by artificial intelligence. Mr. Robert Schreib pointed out in this comment:

I agree with you about the possibility that ETs would have created super sophisitcated space probes, but it’s most likely that the space probes themselves would have an advanced nanotechnology that would give them a group or ‘cloud’ mentality, the probes would be a kind of ‘alien’ ET race onto themselves, and also the ability to do seemingly impossible things like the supposed space ships in UFO sighting do, like merging and separating into one or multiple units.

Well, concording such a phenomenon won’t seem tough enough to swallow. If we do in fact find such machines and are able to interrogate them successfully, we may become privy to the doings of incredibly old alien societies long since perished. These societies may lead to many others, so we may be treated, not just to a marvelous description of the entire biology and history of a single intelligent race, but also to an encyclopedic travelogue describing thousands or millions of other extraterrestrial civilizations known to the creators of the probe we are examining. Probes will likely contain at least an edited version of the sending race’s proverbial “Encyclopedia Galactica,” because this information is essential if the probe is to make the most informed and intelligent autonomous decisions during its explorations. It is not to dismay that such probes could go through evolutionary changes and be more intelligent. A consensus is that replicating probes should be manufactured using nanomaterials e.g. catoms while it seems significantly plausible that such probes could , in fact, be biological based on rather different mechanisms-brain can be programmed and a powerful microprocessor and other cyberweaponry could be installed, a kind of cyberbiotic probes, designed in a essence to be able of surviving interstellar radiation. Vivid changes as per accordance to requirements could be installed to work perfectly and replicate themselves even when there is no cargo halt to get metallic material.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

8 Responses to More Speculation about Intelligent Self Replicating Exploration Probes

  1. Tim says:

    Nice article! I thought using pure biological self replicating units to explore galactic star systems. There are creatures which could transmit microwave signals. Amplifying such signals may work well.

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