Advanced Ancients or Something Else? [Part-I]

Have you ever believed in ancient advanced civilizations? Civilizations which somehow had developed fairly advanced technology, when Darwin’s ape were hunting their prey. There is place named Tiwanku, where huge stone slabs lie strewn around like discarded playing cards on the floor. Stone slabs that have been carefully but and transported and yet about which spanish chroniclers said that no man could have moved. Yay, there are stone slabs of diorite with hardness grade of 8 in mho scale, that were worked and but with incredible precision and you’ll hardly believe that stone aged half man half ape species could come up with such an incredible precise work. Well, let me tell you on which basis, I’m arguing.

1. There is a rectangular block with a total length of 9 feet and 5.2 feet wide. All of its six surfaces are subdivided into diverse smaller rectangular and quadratic planes. This block was precisely cut and rubbed(broached) to give smooth surface finish. There are slots into which some kind of object must have fit. The weight of the block is about 18500 pounds.

2. The other three blocks are unbelievable feat of engineering, as some of the blocks fit perfectly into their counterparts. (Lift them up, turn them around, and stand them on their heads. ) All that them remains is the the upper part of the next “cross blocks,” which then slots into the next piece. These are what are usually known in the construction trade as prefabricated elements-think of them as something like Lego blocks. Every groove and every recess were accurately calculated and precisely drawn. On coca or maize leaves? Skins? In the ground? Stones? You can bet your bottom dollar they didn’t just set off haphazardly with their chisels to create the precision work. There’s just no way it would have been possible without precise architectural planning.

Nowadays, work like this would be carried out using milling machines and high precision drills. And these tools would be guided by stainless or high speed steel templates. Let’s not forget that we’re talking about hard diorite here. That means tools that were used must have been harder than the blocks that were to be worked. Let’s add this to fact that they would have needed some kind of levers and cranes to lift the prepared blocks and fit them into each other without any kind of accidents or damage taking place. Now, some closed minded skeptics may argue that some kind of rope and pulley arrangement must had been used to place them accurately. Well, I’ve tried to make it feasible by using a complex pulley arrangement, but it don’t work better when compared against the weight of block 18,500 pounds.
Granted, they used some kind of rope and pulley mechanism still it would need advanced knowledge of principle stresses, pulley rope deferential equations and most importantly, knowledge of metallurgy to make exact pulley and rope arrange inasmuch everything can’t be done just using constrained stone rods and tools. Closing your eyes or just looking the other way doesn’t but the mustard here. The gray green diorite block, with its immaculate smooth finish and its utterly precise, perpendicularily milled groove, is enough to pull the pants down on this stone age fairy tale on its own. Won’t it be too much shit to persecute such incredible precise work? So what about those stone blocks? Who made such an incredible craftart thousands of years ago, a pre incan civilization? Cro -magnans or Neanderthals? It is said that the Aymara, the pre incan tribe is responsible for such awe masterpiece. It seems almost vague and non existent since:

1. They were stone age people. They could never have transported these heavyweight blocks almost 40 miles. It would acquire technological development of some sort at the least. Selecting appropriate stone slab, cutting it to make it adequate for transportation and uplifting before being transported is not easy and for a stone age engineer, almost impossible! Now, some may pose a inane argument and may suggest they would have used ropes( as most of silly suggestions are presented for pyramids) to transport almost 40 miles. Rope? Of which material? Carbon fiber or carbon nanotubes or they use wormholes to shorten the distance?

2. The technology used there is way beyond anything that Stone Age man is known to have had his disposal as suggested above.

3. The overall planning and the specifics are based on geometric measurements. High level architectural skills had been used there. No layman could be able to do this.

4. The builders would have needed to have known the exact stability or brittleness.

Do you still think that it was ever possible for Stone Age hunter?


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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