Advanced Ancient or Something Else? [Part-II]

Continued from Part-I…
Erich Von Daniken further claims that the sheer number of architectural elements would have a writing system or something equivalent. It’s simply not possible to do something like this from memory, and it would have been beyond the planning capacity of Stone Age geniuses.
Fully agreed!! As my previous comments about those monolythic, well designed structures suggest that it was simply not possible for ancient ape engineers. Daniken’s comment about the use of copper and lead tools purport to be equally as drastical. Soft metals like Lead(which can be used as pencil too) won’t be able to machine the heavy stone block and none is going to engage himself into such peevish deed. What a stir!! You want more hard rock facts!!

When a Stone Age people decide to erect a large building they somehow manage to drag, jockey, or tow the blocks to their chosen location and pile them upon top of each other using whatever methods are on hand. To make sure walls don’t collapse, they used pins and mortises-a kind of key and lock-that need to chiseled or hollowed out. They use the kind of engineering arts witnessed in Puma Punku. Are you getting the picture yet?

Is it still quibbling your brain? These arguments just couldn’t be product fuzzy stringy woven organic brain. He further continues..

There is yet another mystery that can easily checked by anyone at anytime-by laymen as well as experts: As early as 1968, I had noticed strange anomalies on my pocket compass. Sometime the changed direction completely withing two block. I demonstrated this strange phenomenon to several groups of passing tourists. In the meantime, my colleague Hartwig Hausdorf has made more precise measurements. In one the stone blocks in Puma Punku there are five depressions-one over the other. Hausdorf passed a compass of these holes and registered a magnetic deviation from hole to hole. It goes like this: the first hole had a deviation of 5 degrees, the second hole had a deviation of 10 degrees, the third hole had a deviation of 20 degrees, the forth hole had a deviation of 40 degrees, and the fifth hole had a deviation of 80 degrees! He repeated the experiment several times in front of astonished witness.

I wonder his claims are so open still there is none to check them out and resolve the issue. Why hasn’t National Geographic or the Discovery Channel produce groundbreaking documentaries about it? Is there some sort of conspiracy going on? Or has this sensational discovery gone up in a puff of smoke? Or they simply don’t want to do that for the sake of their closed minded skepticism. It is noteworthy even after such a vigouras proclaimation who has even heeded at? Oh, they haven’t enough funds or time to go there and reveal the explanations either positive or negative?

[Ref: Twilight of The Gods by Erich Von Daniken]


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