Why Ghosts Can’t be Photographed?

Are ghosts really existent or just mere proliferation of purturbed human brain? I’m not among who really witnessed ghosts and survived neither do want to be eye witness, but as long as I can depict something is out there which can’t be explained by natural phenomenon, a supernatural or ultranatural phenomenon beyond our sensory perception. What is that unexplained? Are they real or just a notion derived from ancient tendencies towards animism, the practice of anthropomorphizing non human objects. According to a wisegeek article:

It was also likely formulated as an effort to come to terms with death, and to commune with one’s ancestors. Once ghost legends were initially imagined up,confirmation bias- the inclination to see what we want to see – took over, and perpetuated the phenomenon in human culture.

When considered without wishful thinking, the idea of ghosts is filled with logical holes. For instance, why are reports of ghosts less numerous in cities that have been inhabited for many thousands of years, such as many in the Near East, than in those established relatively recently, such as less than 150 years ago? We would expect the opposite to be the case. Why, despite the existence of millions of video cameras for at least a couple decades, has no one ever captured a convincing video of poltergeist activity? Why is the evidence of ghosts is purely anecdotal?
[Image Details: A black and white infrared picture taken at Hull House in downtown Chicago, Illinois by Dale Kaczmarek in November of 1980. This is enlarged blowup of the interior staircase of this most haunted house in Chicago. There was nothing visible to the naked eye when the photograph was taken but what appears are four distinct shadowy monk-like figures standing on the bottom four or five steps. The one directly in the middle appears to be dressed in monk’s habit with his two hands together in prayer. There are two other figures to the left of the center monk and one to the right superimposed on the banister which apparently has no head!]
The case for evidence of ghost becomes even more absurd when guys come with their preposterous and often fake photographs and present before us proclaiming real ghost photographs as if ghosts marked their presence just to be photographed, to get popularized among media booms- and says,” listen, I’ve real photographs of ghost who tried to kill me!” Well, if ghost actually wanted to murder you, why hasn’t he? Ghosts are naturally equipped with exorbitant supernatural powers, more powerful than a nuke like hydrogen bomb.

Ghosts Can’t be Photographed!!

In my previous article(see, ‘Does Complexity Mean Life?’), I’ve speculated the possibility of soul of some sort which drives us, a power plant of body, a sort of mitochondria which supplies and allocate metabolic and brainy maneuvers. Most of our paranormal investigators(I actually appreciate their adorable courage to actually investigate such supernatural, superpowerful beings which are capable of any doings) term them as condensed electromagnetic beings or plasma entities.

Now, detour around some technical considerations. Most of our cameras are capable of imaging infrared emission and emissaries. Want to see yourself, just go to simple electronics shop and ask him for infrared LED(Light Emitting Diode) and won’t cost much than one or two cents. Connect it properly to a 5volt battery and try to capture it by your camera(Infrared is invisible normally but you can see a bright intense light in your camera screen not fuzzy, gloomy light as most of ghost photographs do seem. Actually its a fun). So, indeed ghosts can be photographed if and only if they are some sort of condensed energy being lying in infrared and nearby range. The crucial assumption which come from ghosts being infrared energy being, is that haunted places should lurk with some heat, warmness inasmuch as infrared mainly carries heat energy. Investigators tells no such thing to be observed. Though, in some cases there was some heat observed but that was due either leakage of superfluous carbon di oxide or meathane not by infrared source anyway. It is astonishing how can one make such a delusive and almost derisional conclusion without being pragmatical.

People can put,fake ghosts in their pictures. By using a flashlight, a cigarette, a flash pack, and a camera, a person can create the effect of a mysterious light. Turn on the flashlight and walk toward the camera. When you are four to five feet from the camera, turn off the flashlight and light a cigarette. Have a friend set off a flash using the flash pack. Snap the shutter of the camera closed. This will result in a picture with mysterious lights in the background. Most of the photographs can be explained as natural phenomenon still paranormal minds believe in such photographs. Because believing in ghosts is a fun thing to do to some extent, many will continue to believe for quite some time, despite the shakiness of the evidence. A 2005 Gallup poll found that 32% of American adults believe in ghosts. However, the exponentiation of cheap video cameras seen in recent years, coupled with image analysis software, will keep piling the burden of proof on believers in ghosts, until eventually, all credibility in the notion of ghosts will evaporate like a specter in the fog.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

8 Responses to Why Ghosts Can’t be Photographed?

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  2. Well, one theory is that ghosts somehow interact directly with your mind or spirit from some adjacent demension they occupy, to create the perception of them in your head without being visible to cameras. However, they might be detectible by electronic sensors that can pick up electromagnetic disturbances. A recurring criticism of the very popular “Ghost Hunters” and “Ghost Hunters International” TV show on the SyFy Channel is that their electronic sensors for EMFs and audio sesnors for sounds are dialed up too high, so that their equipment is picking up electric static and conversations from two blocks away, and they think they are hearing ghosts talking. Also, there is the phenomena of ‘Hellmouths’ and ‘Lifesprings’, which are areas all over the globe where the Earth’s electromagnetic field fluxes upward, and all sorts of supernatural phenomena are said to occur there, with bad, evil stuff happening in the “Hellmouth’ zones and miracles of healing and spiritual epiphanies occuring in the ‘Lifespring’ zones, which is a phenomena we might never understand completely. On one occassion the SyFy Channel “Ghost Hunters” investigated ghosts in Russian castle build over a well that fit the description of a ‘Hellmouth’, and in that case at least, they might have been investigating real phenomena instead of static or parlor tricks due to that.

  3. bruceleeeowe says:

    I think ghosts are highly intelligent dark energy species which somehow permeate the whole universe. I’m not much convinced with ghost hunter as they often play alluring tricks just to prove that ghosts doesn’t exist. An interesting implication would come to play if ghost can be a future propulsion technology. I happen to agree with your first sentence. Ghosts could more probably be, some kind of energy permeating our brain to mark their presence.

  4. Mark Louis says:

    Ghosts are naturally equipped with exorbitant superpowers, more powerful than nukes like hydrogen bomb.
    If it is so then it is possible to capture them. They can do anything they want.

  5. EH says:

    No need to buy an infrared LED – just take a picture or video of the front of a remote control in use. On video you can see the coded pattern of flashes

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  7. Rudraksh says:

    All the ghost stories i hear show ghosts as dead humans….but why just humans. There are billions of living individuals dying and humans are just a tiny fractions of it. Also are ghosts of all living beings similar ? If not i would love to see or hear about bacterial ghosts. And if yes then ghosts from all species should participate equally making the world a far more haunted place.
    And do ghosts have memory do they behave similar to pre dead times. ( i wonder what havocs do ghosts of hippos would cause).
    But if any day i encounter a ghost i wont be scared but delighted. That one moment would be beyond conventional science’s thought and would satiate my thoughts and knowledge..

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