Short Article: Rare Earth Hypothesis is Invalid!!

Till date we haven’t made contact with any extraterrestrial civilization. Many of us suggest that rare earth hypothesis could be a prevailing concept. In planetary astronomy and astrobiology, the Rare Earth hypothesis argues that the emergence of complex multi cellular life(metazoa) on Earth required an improbable combination of astrophysical and geological events and circumstances.

The Rare Earth hypothesis argues that the emergence of complex life requires a host of fortuitous circumstances. A number of such circumstances are set out below under the following headings: galactic habitable zone, a central star and planetary system having the requisite character, the circumstellar habitable zone, the size of the planet, the advantage of a large satellite, conditions needed to assure the planet has a of a large satellite, conditions needed to assure the planet has a magnetosphere and plate tectonics, the chemistry of the lithosphere,atmosphere, and oceans, the role of “evolutionary pumps” such as massive glaciation and rare bolide impacts, and whatever led to the still mysterious Cambrian explosion of animal phyla. The emergence of intelligent life may have required yet other rare events.
In order for a small rocky planet to support complex life, Ward and Brownlee argue, the values of variables must fall within narrow ranges.

The rare earth hypothesis is absurd beyond my imagination, a predicament for any sentient and cognitive brain which can analyze and conjure up something that is really non trivial. The recent discovery of earthlike planet GJ 581 g(Gliese 581 g) which is orbiting orbiting around a red dwarf in a ‘goldlike habitable zone’ ;makes their arguments invalid. This planet is just at 20 light years from our planet. Now consider that this is the only earthlike planet in a galactic sphere of radius of 20 light year. That means I’m assuming that there is only one planet in galactic volume of 33,510.32164 cubic light years. Though it’s very very pessimistic approach since there could be many more planets which hasn’t been detected yet and I’m precluding the possibility of life forms based on different biochemisty other than carbon water. In our galaxy which is 100,000 light years across and 1000 light years thick, possibility of being habitable zone, would more likely be in the ‘galactic band’ of 15,000-90,000 light years. The probablistic calculations suggest that there should be at least 738,281,250 habitable planets alone in our own galaxy. Bewildered! A very pessimistic approach! Let’s make it even more pessimistic by considering that some gas giants may also lie in habitable zone or simply they lack water or even atmosphere–deduce the number to five million. What is rare earth here? Their damn speculation?

Concording the abstinent argument is ultimate think tank exercise. Since, we’ve no authorized extraterrestrial contact, does that mean we should be biased towards a theory that supports the “Churchism” of 1600 centuries? Certainly not! For example: if you handicapped can’t explore the Savannah, does that mean tigers are non existent? This hypothesis leads to similar consensus, disguising and perversed hypothesis. The further arguments are pertinent to the probable evolution of human brain. I would just make some comment as this is short article.

The consensus among such biologists that the evolutionary path from primitive Cambrian chordates, e.g. Pikaia to Homo sapiens, was a highly improbable event. Other improbable features of humans include:
*.Being the only extant bipedall and (non-avian)vertebrate. Combined with an unusual eye–hand coordination, this permits dextrous manipulations of the physical environment with the hands;
*.A vocal apparatus far more expressive than that of any other mammal, enabling speech. Speech makes it possible for humans to interact cooperatively, to share knowledge, and to acquire a culture;
*.The capability of formulating abstractions to a degree permitting the invention of mathematics, and the discovery of science and technology. Only recently did humans acquire anything like their current scientific and technological sophistication.

See, why these all are flawed assumption woven by their complex organic mind? Awesome bipedal human eye hand coordination! WTF, you are refraining from a proper biology and logic! Recent researches showed that Dolphins are at least as intelligent as apes. They can count and perform some basic mathematical calculations in units. Why to restrain yourself just to vocal apparatus? Whale’s Humpback song could be a sort of communication. They could organize males during breeding seasons and help each other, a diligent markup of social animal(James et al. 2006). What’s more awesome coordination as being a social animal could be observed in Hyenas. That’s why it is totally illogical to accept rare earth hypothesis. I’ll get back to this article with details.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

10 Responses to Short Article: Rare Earth Hypothesis is Invalid!!

  1. Tim says:

    Excellent article! What about Biocentrism?

  2. unitedcats says:

    The discovery one one (count em) Earth like planet is the same as discovering zero Earth like planets in any statistical sense. The sample size is simply too small. Secondly, characterizing Gliese 581 as “Earth-like” is wildly premature at this point.. It’s certainly potentially Earth-like, and it’s an exciting discovery, but it’s too early to write off the rare-Earth hypothesis yet., not to mention the Fermi paradox.

  3. Mark Louis says:

    For evolution of Earthly life on other planets water is must. Life could thrive if water could be trapped in underground canyons and oxygen could be dissolved. With proper configuration of underground canyons, it might be a good habitat for microbes.

  4. bruceleeeowe says:

    Biocentrism is an excellent theory who don’t want to understand the ‘real reality’ of universe. For me, it is not inappropriate.

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  7. Martin J Sallberg says:

    The whole claim that complex life should anyhow be less adaptable to environmental stress than simple life is just dead wrong. As shown in “Key step in evolution replicated by scientists”, yeast became multicellular when centrifuged for some 60 days. They did, in other words, respond to environmental stress by becoming more complex. Something they would patently not have done if adaptability correlated negatively with complexity. See “Self-organization” on purescience.wikia.

    For the evolution of intelligence, it is worth noting that evidence for miraculous recoveries after brain damage can no longer be dismissed as anecdotical since metastudies have linked them to tolerant social environments (Kurt Fischer, Christina Hinton et al.). There are even cases of full mental recovery with no cerebral cortex, meaning that the evolution of intelligence can be explained by similar factors. The tolerant environments were most likely caused by cooperation in the face of natural disasters. Tools probably played a role both by allowing more experimentation which improved falsification which is the key to science, and by extending the possibilities to share knowledge. Since knowledge can be shared without diminishing, that helped de-Machiavellizing interaction, boosting tolerance.

    Sorry I have to say that if humpback whale song was a true language why is it not used all year round and by both sexes? But on the other hand, there is evidence that very few phonemes is enough for complex language (as shown by Polynesian languages) so vocal tract is NOT a bottleneck for civilization at all.

  8. Please feel free to visit Pure science Wiki! The link is

  9. ItsNotAConspiracy says:

    If there are really so many aliens out there, they would have colonized earth by now. If we continue on our current course of development, we will soon be visiting other stars. Aliens would have done the same, and the “odds are” that there are lots of aliens older than use, so they would have found us long before we found them.

    So where are they? And don’t tell me, “they are hiding from us” because that is a contrived explanation to prop up a very big hole logic hole. If you think that the rare earth hypothesis is a deluded effort claiming that humans are “special” well… we should think we are special. Regardless of how many intelligent species are out there, you are a member of only one of them. If we don’t believe in ourselves, who will?

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