Video: Unexplained STS-75 Tether Incident Explained?

NASA’s STS-75 Tether mystery explained! Don’t know what the mystery was? Well, in december 1996 Nasa conducted a experiment that was to determine if tethers could be a reliable source of electrical energy, instead of batteries or generators, for the space station, satellites and other orbital missions. The results appear to show that more energy than anticipated was generated. NASA is now seeking a stronger material to carry this higher electrical load. The cable, made from copper, teflon and carbon fibers had snapped and separated fromthe space vehicle and was slowly drifting away. Examination of the cable shows that it actually melted from over 35,000 watts of electrical energy that was generated by its travel through the Earth’s magnetosphere. But it was what happened after the accident that was significant. As the tether separated and drifted behind the shuttle craft, it elongated. Mission control instructed astronaut Franklin to take a picture of it with the onboard infrared camera. As he focused and zoomed in on the broken tether the image was projected on huge screens in Houston. Engineers couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

If the plate-like objects pass behind the 12 mile long tether, which is itself more than 80 nautical miles from the space vehicle, the estimated size must then be about 2-3 miles in diameter! In the video there is a white line, theextended tether, surrounded by an ever increasing number of fuzzy, circular shapes. Some are small but others were huge. The large ones afforded a better assessment of the shape and revealed a hole in the center and a “notch,” sometimes two, on the peripheral egde. This notch seems to appear in different locations on different shapes, eliminating the possibility of a video lens or camera iris artifact. From Viewzone Magazine:

The shapes seem to pulsate as they move. Some have described the movement as a contraction or winding motion which alternatively unwinds and releases. The hole in the center often can be seen expanding andcontracting slightly. In short, these do not seem to be vehicles or artifacts, but rather living things!


The images above were cpatured in the United Kingdom using an infrared camera. Note the similarity to the NASA images with the central hole and the peripheral “notch.” Critics of the “alien” assessment point out that all of the objects seem to be positioned too perfectly for the camera. If the hole suggests that the objects are flat or plate-like, why do we neversee them edge on? They claim that this must prove that the shapes are, in fact, ice crystals or some other minute debris that is closer to the camera and so out of focus. Certainly this phenomenon is well known and has happened to almost everyoneat some time when taking pictures, especially in the snow orin a dusty room. But the video clearly shows these objects moving at variable speeds, sometimes stopping and changing direction. Critics have yet to explain how space debris could do this. Arguments are enough! From viewzone:

In the past decade we have seen life existing at the depths of our oceans, thriving in unimained pressure and temperatures. We have seen it thriving under miles of the Earth’s crust and under freezing glaciers in Antarctica. It is not impossible to imagine forms of life that can exist in a vacuum, possibly thriving on radiation and other sources of energy that we know little about.

I happen to agree with this statement. Indeed, it could be a sort of life form and you can’t ignore the compelling case of such life forms. Question, question please!? How could they thrive in vacuum and what’s the energy source for exotic biological processes? Well, answer is here! It could be a life form possibly thriving in radiation and it gets energy from intuitive solar wind and cosmic radiation. Its vast size may cull up more and more radiation. Not harsh enough to be discerned!

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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

9 Responses to Video: Unexplained STS-75 Tether Incident Explained?

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  3. Well, a recurring theme in the tabloids and meterology (weather science) is that ball lightning has been observed to act like a sentient thing on occassion, and that phenomena occurs right here on Earth. So perhaps it’s not that far fetched that similiar bioforms based on highly energized plasma far up there in the Earth’s ionosphere or UV ray ionized Ozone layering might be real as well.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Really it is not far fetched. David BOHM noted signs of living being of plasma(collective behaviour) similar in reaction as one can notice in a organic cell. So indeed, possibility of plasma beings can’t be ruled out for sure at once.

      • i have some interesting sets of telescopes and cameras my UV telescope that is in the spectrum of 309 nm that i use with my true UV video camera similar results to the Astro 2 astronomy payload with 3 UV telescopes. … STS-75 Carried TSS-1R tether satellite; satellite tether broke during . An Ultraviolet Plume Instrument on the LACE satellite will observe the Shuttle for …. Endeavour’s landing will be the first Shuttle landing to use the new drag chute. … INTELSAT-VI is currently in an orbit of approximately 299 n.m. by 309 n.m

  4. Mark Louis says:

    Totally awesome! Couldn’t it be a plasma based life forms?

  5. JupiterIsBigDownUnder says:

    What an awesome video.
    Television should be used to show something interesting instead of football, cricket (or baseball depending on your preferred bat), basketball and beer ads.

    I love the little swimming tadpoles <<< I mean rotating debris.
    And I love how calmly they ignored and then discussed the space plankton.

    Ball lightning has also been suggested as possibly hallucination due to magnetic fields created by lightning currents.

    I'm starting to work in a lightning field, so I might find out more.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Well, magnetic distortions doesn’t explains it anyway. As you can see they are showing varying speed. Which won’t be desired from a magnetic field current or so.

  6. Billy Pilgrim says:

    It wasn’t in december and it wasn’t in the magnetosphere.
    Time and space incorrect.

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