This is How Fake Stories Are Made?

Do you know how most of the news stories are made? I’m not so sure but your answer would more likely be that authors do great research/discern through research papers, with a keen observing brain. It’s frustrating for me, however that some really credible news sources like are perverted and as for DailyMail, it’s nothing like new. They already have a history of publishing sucking misinformation or deadbeats.

If you ever wish to read this story by Danis Chow of, I warn you to be very careful. They have just published the delusive news from DailyMail with exponentiating mystery and misinformation. In my prior post, I’ve already noted that. IO9 is even worse. See this article:

Officially known as Gliese 581g, we’ve dubbed the first colony on this newly-discovered planet Gloaming, a word that means “twilight.” Because the planet is tidally locked to its star, only one side sees sunlight while the other is in constant darkness. The sunny side would be incredibly hot, while the dark side would befrozen – but astronomers estimate temperatures would be cold but livable at the border between. Colonies would be built in the gloaming, where light and dark meet. The planet is also in orbit around a red dwarf star, whose light would be redder and much cooler than light from our yellow sun. Colonists living in Gloaming would be warmed by a sun that appeared much bigger in the sky than our own.
I just spoke by phone with Steve Vogt, the astrophysicst at UC Santa Cruz who led the team that discovered this planet. Though hewas fine with us calling the planet Gloaming, he said he preferred the name Zarmina (he added that the planet was “too pretty” to be called Gliese 581g). So I’ve decided that our future planetary colony should be called Gloaming, but in deference to his wishes the planet is going to be Zarmina from here on out.

Well, what’s the information you have from this article? Is there any depiction that is unknown to you yet? I doesn’t seems to me at the least. Just follow the steps below and you have a great story for curious readers:

1. Select a impressive title.

2. Introduce your article’s title in 50words. Put some tidbits that makes it interesting and beat around the bush.

This is exactly how most of the fictional stories are made.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

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