Mayan Prophecy is True: Signature of Nibiru Detected!

December 21, 2012! This is the remarkable date when our planet will be doomed due to collision with a Jupiter sized planet, so called Nibiru. The Nibiru collision is a supposed disastrous encounter between the Earth and a large planetary object (either a collision or a near-miss) which certain groups believe will take place in the early 21st century. Believers in this doomsday event usually refer to this object as Planet X or Nibiru. The idea that a planet-sized object could possibly collide with or pass by Earth in the near future is not supported by any scientific evidences and has been roundly renounced as pseudoscience by astronomers. The idea was first proposed in 1995 by Nancy Lieder, founder of the website ZetaTalk. Lieder describes herself as a contactee with the ability to receive messages from extra-terrestrials from the Zeta Reticuli star system through an implant in her brain. She states that she was chosen to warn mankind that the object would sweep through the inner Solar System in May 2003 (though that date was later abandoned) causing Earth to undergo pole shift that would eventually wipe out most of the species on Earth. You may or may not be able to perceive any kind of pole shift nonetheless, you can observe date shift in doomsday. Perhaps space time itself want to let us develop technology to a level at which we can survive. Aliens’ computers are too slow and not reliable yet, that can’t even calculate the exact date and time of collision. They want to eradicate us which’s why they made it invisible using some kind of fictious Cloaking Device.

There is a big fuss about such alleged prophecy and dismal part of it is that some scholars are also involved in disseminating such information. I’m going to impugn the Mayan prophecy and so called evidence. If you have glanced over the doomsday websites, probably you have already noticed that they often cite some Nasa news to empower their absurdly acclaimed prophecies. Did you hear about discovery of strange magnetic field near the outer edge of our solar system? Didn’t yet? Well, that strange and strong magnetic field is compelling evidence of Nibiru Prophecy. It is premised in prophecy that it would cause a sort of mental shift too. Some astronomers professed photographs of Nibiru claiming that it is hiding behind the sun. I don’t know why they are making such an peevish argument. That’s geometrically not possible. And talking of photographs, Images of Nibiru near the Sun taken by amateurs are usually oflens flares, false images of the Sun created by reflections within the lens. Many believers in the imminent approach of Planet X/Nibiru accuse NASA of deliberately covering up visual evidence of its existence. Well, concealling the divulgement of Nibiru would save us anyway? I don’t know if NASA would be privileged due to concealment of such an information.

Many internet sites continue to proclaim that Lieder’s object is enroute to Earth, often citing its arrival date as December, 2012. This date has gathered many apocalyptic associations, as it is the end of the current cycle (baktun) in the long countin the Mayan calendar. Several writers have published books connecting the collision with 2012. Hazlewood has since changed his views on Planet X, and now says that there are intelligent alien forces acting to protect us as a species, and that we are set to ascend to a higher level of consciousness in 2012. It’s not sure whether we’ll ascend to a higher level of consciousness but it’s cocksure that deadducks would earn significant amount of money by then securing their future by fixing a flight plan to a nearby habitable planet Mars or newly discovered Gliese 581 g, leaving us alone to be fried and eventually doomed.

Even after such a discerned disownment there are folks who make quips based on their averted pseudoscientific statements mostly baseless. They prefer to agglutinate with such wildly illogical aftermath of apocalypse causing people to kill and suicide inasmuch as they have their own religious propaganda that don’t care for humanity rather built for heavenly creatures which would bless them with eternity. Right! Please stop disseminating your wry(s) for the sake of humanity and come with me to make this planet “a scientific utopia!”


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

17 Responses to Mayan Prophecy is True: Signature of Nibiru Detected!

  1. Nelson says:

    Fake! Big lie!

    • \.*./ says:

      It’s not fake , why google earth deleted Nibiru , it’s a bad photoshop!
      Why NAsa have told in 2007 and 1985 that they have found Nibiru the sixt planet off or solour system
      Once in 3500years nibiru past by , that how dino’s where kilt … earth will stop turning and swapt over for 90 degrees ..the tsunami’s, tornado’s and other storms will be verry big from 2008 till 2012 , its a sign!
      the proof is there its now 2010 many tsunamis whre there ?
      Bibel,Nostradameus, maya’s, einstein, Nasa, esa ,goverments — they have predicted and said!!
      why they lookin fast for planets to live on ..last years, they now want colony’s on mars !
      for what be safe!
      believe me its not a lie, im sorry!

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Are you kidding? If not then cite proper sources. There is no such thing like Nibiru. Mayan never predicted doomsday. Dresden codex doesn’t call a doomsday at least for now…

      • \.*./ says:

        I’m not kidding, wel whe will no the truth in 2011 may!
        Than whe can see him without a telescope, send me then a message ๐Ÿ˜‰
        if i tell a lie , why did Nasa said , or solour system has a sixt planet 1983 …2007 an employee of NASA has stated that our galaxy a sixth planet has with the size of Jupiter and in 2012 he will past by earth .
        What happend than is for use a mistery , but i think NAsa esa etc.. they now more , and they don’t will tell till whe human see it ..and that will be in May 2011 . search it for you self ๐Ÿ˜‰

        • bruceleeeowe says:

          believe me nothing is gonna happen. You are haunted by great mythical illusions, that are being disseminated over the years. I respect your belief but I warn you to leave it alone. Tsunami and other disasters were no more caused by so called Nibiru. Also, amateur astronomers who claimed to detect the “sixth planet” are wrong…what they are spreading is just a misinformation. Have a good luck.

  2. Mark Louis says:

    It’s not sure whether we’ll ascend to a higher level of consciousness but it’s cocksure that deadducks would earn significant amount of money by then securing their future by fixing a flight plan to nearby habitable planet Mars or newly discovered planet Gliese 581 g, leaving us to be fried and eventually doomed.

    liked! I like it. What is your “scientific utopia”? Eden full of your sarcasmic breakthrough science? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. bruceleeeowe says:

    It refers to a highest level of science and technology full of ultimate peace and tranquility! Hope I could bring it to reality.

  4. Meisen says:

    It is really sad that cult suicides are so common yet. That’s it because of layman’s fu**ing prophecies. Cult suicide
    girls committed suicide reason prediction of possible LHC doomsday
    cult suicide

  5. Meisen says:

    Hmmmm… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. James Hughes says:

    Sorry, but how could a Republican possibly ascend to a higher level?

  7. Well, The Mayans religion was one of continuity and renewel. The actual reason why people say that the world is going to end in 2012, is because they ran out of room on the clay tablet they were writing the Mayan calendar on.

    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Most of their claims are based on Dresden Codex, which hasn’t been deciphered correctly yet. Daniken argues in his book ‘Twilight of The Gods’ that extraterrestrials would return in 2012. I’ve yet to see what is going to happen in 2012.

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  11. steve says:

    the world is just going through changes as it always has,,,and always will. I believe that most will be killed off on earth,,,and the great experiment with humans will then continue with a new breed of people for the future earth. the aliens are playing the role of the gods,,as they try to create the perfect balance of emotions in us humans. we presently keep failing as result of our greed and many hatreds towards eachother. . someday we all will have higher knowing inside us,,,and that will create world peace and harmony. lets hope its so soon

  12. ISON says:

    Mayans where right! Nibiru-planetx-ISON ! he’s on his way ..Ison will NOT hit earth ..But his tale 30000km long wil hit earth for 15 day’s! you don’t believe it a research !! Goverments are closing they door Yellowstone has 130 Earthquake of 3.0 this week! The comet in Russia and in usa every where …they coming of ISON! There is NO crisis ..why they can pay miljards for weapens food etc.. JUST DO A RESEARCH // Good bye!

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