Universe looks alike Brain: Is Brain Another Universe?

Today I stumbled an amazing image. It was all about the simulation of universe’s structure and its similarity to brain cell.

Considering if it is true, since I haven’t find any other reference to it, it elicits a new speculation of intelligent universe. Once, I imagined the possibility of exotic intelligent life on a electron sized planet but it was too mind boggling. Anyhow, if life exists on a electron(electron is planet for them), how would we ever come to know? Can we detect it? As long as I can speculate, my opinion is that certainly not! While you can barely determine the exact parameters of quantum world, how would you detect such life forms even if they are advanced enough say type IV civilization on Kardashev scale? Astroengineering? In a similar way, isn’t possible that we might be living within a cell of an intelligent creature? What if “universe” is just like a single cell of that intelligent creature and our Earth and solar system are just like electrons and protons.

Isn’t it possible that fabricated universe is augmented replica of our brain? Of course, It could be. It seems to me that it’s enough WeirdSciences for today. In next article, I’ll try to answer above questions with scientific perspective. If you have anything to say, comments are welcome.


About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

6 Responses to Universe looks alike Brain: Is Brain Another Universe?

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  2. Puddins says:

    This is quite something! ..if one did look at the universe as a brain perhaps this shows the best method of information transfer in a system. another idea that consolidates the idea of an electric universe!!

  3. Sunil kumar Yadav says:

    I had post this topic in my Mobile blog before someday ago.I Think all Universe connect as neurons and they depaned behaviour of Dark Energy and any Super Gravitomagnetic field

  4. Mark Louis says:

    Don’t know what to say. This promotes the idea that universe is within me and I’m within universe.

  5. Sumit Verma says:

    simple answer of this is given long back and say since creation of this SHRUSHTI(UNIVERSE)….in vedas …..”AHAM BRAMHASMI”….

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