Israel UFO Mystery: Is it Fake?

Just in case you missed it, on Dec. 16th CNN reported the Israeli Air Force shot down an unidentified flying object above a nuclear plant in the desert. ‘The object appeared in a designated no-fly zone. The Israeli Defense force says it has not found the debris yet to determine what it is, but the military says it followed procedure when the object was spotted’. Missing from the CNN report any mention of the name of the nuclear facility, the top secret Dimona nuclear facility in the southern Negev desert. Or the report from the BBC, the unidentified object may have been an unmanned balloon. We did some checking on unmanned balloons and found a report of an unmanned balloon ‘going down in flames’ near Plum Island, an incident which occurred 11/27. Plum Island, the federal government’s animal disease research lab under the aegis of Homeland Security.

The CNN report lasted seventeen seconds. Here’s the video posted on Youtube.

Over at the BBC, the report the Israeli military shot down an ‘unmanned balloon’ over the top-secret Dimona nuclear facility.


Israel says one of its fighter planes has shot down what appeared to be an unmanned balloon which had flown over a top-secret nuclear facility. A military spokeswoman said an investigation had been launched into the incident. Israel has designated airspace above the Dimona site in the southern Negev desert a no-fly zone.

Over at the official IDF website, a more detailed report which doesn’t include any reference to a‘balloon’: An Israel Air Force fighter jet shotdown a suspicious object flying near the southern Red Sea on Thursday (Dec. 16), after it was determined that the object poseda threat to buildings in the area including the nearby Dimona (southern Israel) plant. Army Radio stated in a later report that only after the IAF’s southern air-control unit determined the flying object was in a closed airspace, was unmanned and had no reason to be hovering where it was the IAF shot it down. At this time the object is being studied at the Air Force, the incident and possibility that intelligence was being gathered on the Dimona plant being investigated by the IDF. As a result of the incident, flight paths to Eilat have been restricted. It was reported that some commercial flights were held back and pilots already in the air were instructed to fly at lower altitudes than usual.

The whole news was one of the popular stories all over the web. Various intellectuals speculated that the object could be a UFO. However there was no debris obtained from the site and it make the story very plausible for paranormal researchers(as UFOs are full of mysticism and forbidden science) . In earlier article “Top Five Mythical Hypothesis about Alien Life”, I described how paranormal researchers distort the explanation by using misleading terminology. However, this whole story(regarding ufo) seems to be fake as

1. There is no debris obtained from the incident site. Some reported that debris was sent to lab for testing. (References are dubious so we can’t count them in)
2. The IDF has speculated that the UFO “could have been a party balloon.” According to CNN, there were also unconfirmed reports that theobject was motor-driven. It is reporting on incidents such as this in just this manner that prompts the conspiracy theorists and UFO enthusiasts and researchers toward imaginative speculation and accusation, then crying “cover-up” when further information is withheld or not forthcoming (regardless of the reason). And there appears to be no need, except perhaps to add alittle more excitement to the story, because sources much closer to the event provided a much less ambiguous picture of what occurred and what the object actually was.

So, even concocting that IDF shot down a balloon, doesn’t sound solid. If it was balloon its debris should be there on site. But report are negative in this sense. What we can conclude is that it might be a fake news nothing more than a crap!!

[sources: IDF and DBKP]


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