Why Believe in UFOs?

Why is support for the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (that UFOs are craft piloted by aliens) so widespread today? Part of the explanation must be the renewed interest in the subject of life on other planets. Ufologist B. L. Trench listed nearly 20 worldwide UFO investigative organizations, his favorite — Contact — had branch offices in 27 countries in 1971. And the television-viewing public eats it up. When the series “The Invaders”, was brought out about a decade ago, the American Broadcasting Company sold the show to fifteen foreign networks as well.

But there is much more to the phenomenon than the current fascination with xenological topics. Man has always had religion, it is said, both to preserve moral values and to impart a measure of predictability and uniformity to the environment. In a world where morality seems as fluid as the winds and where total annihilation may be only 15 minutes away, traditional religions have been unable to supply the answers to many hard questions. It is this uneasiness about the future that has given rise to what Ronald Story appropriately labels the “new mythology”.

The ancient-astronautists spawned by Erich von Daniken’s writings, and the contactee cults such as the Aetherius Society, The Two,and Gabriel Green’s Amalgamated Flying Saucer Clubs of America are extreme examples of a belief pattern suffusing our entire culture. Many people have begun to view extraterrestrial visitors not merely as friendly, but as technological angels who will guide us successfully through the uncertain years ahead. Just as the biblical angels were were the mythical beings proper to theage of early Christianity, UFOs and their benevolent alien occupants are the mythical beings proper to the Space Age. The famous psychiatrist Dr. Carl Gustav Jung did not find it at all surprising that scientific instead of religious imagery would be used by many to assimilate the accelerated pace of modern civilization. Flying saucers serve as a partial substitute for God.

A related idea is the Status Inconsistency Theory of UFO sightings proposed by Donald I. Warren, a University of Michigan sociologist. In this theory the belief in flying saucers is linked to the degree to which a person feels alienated from society. Persons who perceive their social status (as measured by, say, income) as different from their abilities or true worth (e.g., education, ethnicity) have been found to be more likely to report UFOs than those who do not have this internal conflict. Such inconsistency forces the individual to withdraw from society to a certain extent, and the resulting void is often filled by a belief in extraterrestrial benefactors. Another modern dilemma is the virtually universal distrust of governments and politicians, and a nostalgic yearning for the great leaders of the past. There is much evidence that the known propensity of the authorities to classify and conceal has done little to reassure the public that no pertinent information on flying saucers is being withheld from them. For example, a poll taken in 1971 by the engineering periodical Industrial Research showed that 76% of the respondents believed the government was hiding some of the UFO facts. Since paranoia is self-reinforcing, the conviction that aliens are commuting to Earth has not been dampened by official proclamations to the contrary.

Finally there is the problem of boredom in daily life. With more leisure time on our hands than ever before, we seek amusement and fun. Certainly the discovery ofbeings from another world would be both an amusing and exciting distraction from routine. As Story points out tongue-in-cheek: “Who knows? They might even let us ride in one of their spaceships!”

Carl Sagan believes that flying saucers are a kind of psychological projective test — a”cosmic Rorschach” — by which humans project their hopes, frailties and self-perceptions onto alien beings. As he says, “the idea of extraterrestrial visitation resonates with the spirit of the times in which we live.”
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[Ref: Xenology: An Introduction to the Scientific Study of Extraterrestrial Life, Intelligence, and Civilization by Robert A. Freitas]


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An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

One Response to Why Believe in UFOs?

  1. We’re on the same path – I like your writing. I’ve written a couple of articles about the E.T.’s with information you might enjoy:
    How UFO’s Fly By robert Mackay December, 2010
    Here is the Basic Principle as discovered by the famous Physicist Nikola Tesla around a hundred years ago, and demonstrated in 1979 by Physicist John Hutchison: Turn a number of crystals in the direction of objects in the experiment, and run an electric current through the crystals. The current greatly excites the crystal chemistry causing an exponentially greater release of energy than the normally emitted energy from electrons whizzing about the nuclei of the atoms making up the crystals.
    Nearly all matter emits energy in every single direction. Because of the way crystals are created by nature, there is a “Crystalline Lattice” structure, sort of like a fence with rows of wood slats uniformly facing in one direction. The result is a strong stream of energy focused in one single direction towards the objects to be levitated. The focused energy from the Crystals causes the energy within the target objects to focus their energy in the same direction, and with the same organized uniformity. This strong force repels the gravity. Objects rise.
    Now let’s take this concept a little further. If we can displace gravity enough to raise objects, we therefore can adjust the position of our energized crystals, and increase the electric current to propel objects into flight. The effect will be similar to magnets repelling each other.
    The energy doing the actual work is mostly from the existing gravity, and from within the crystals. The electric current is tiny by comparison. What is being tapped into is called “ZERO POINT ENERGY” – it is energies that occur throughout the cosmos that we can draw on.
    We do not need to invest into coal, oil, atomic, or other expensive inefficient sources of power: We have more than we need everywhere around us that can be exploited so cheaply that it can be made available at close to no cost for all of us.
    I have personally seen UFO’s when I was at sea, going from one horizon to another in 3 seconds with no sonic boom, making right angle turns, and sudden stops. We have visitors that have figured out how to travel within an “Energy Bubble” that is a Hole In the Gravitational Field, that makes them unaffected by The Laws of Physics outside the Bubble that we are so used to.
    The work with electrified crystals is the first step. It is probable that our Visitors have graduated to other more efficient substances such as Monatomic Gold, and Super Elements that we have not yet been able to keep in a stable state.
    Within Energy Bubbles, travel faster than the Speed of Light will become a reality for us. The new challenges will be HOW TO NAVIGATE when what we see are stars where they were years ago, and HOW TO COMMUNICATE instantly from locations many light years away.
    I have some ways to do these things, but that’s for my next article.

    NAVIGATION TO STARS By Robert Mackay December, 2010
    It takes the Sun about 1,000 years to travel one light-year. The nearest Star Systems to us that seem to have a possibility of having life would be the Pleiades group, about 68 light years away. When we look at the Pleiades Stars, we are seeing where they were 68 years light years ago, so where do we aim the ship? We can make a rough guess, but that’s not acceptable.
    It seems to me, that huge objects like Stars should have uneven distributions of concentrated areas of mass that would paint a SIGNATURE within the gravitational field we would see, through our extremely powerful and sophisticated Laser Gravity Analyzers we will invent. No two Stars will have the same exact profile of the detailed shape and composition of the gravitational field, and therefore we will be able to arrive where the Star will be when we get there.
    I see a great misunderstanding of the Nature of Gravity from many of our Astro-Physicists.The prevailing theory is that Gravity is a Wave, and subject to the speed limit of the speed of light. But not one of these geniuses has yet been able to identify the photons or particlesof this Gravity Wave! -Because there isn’t one. How can a force headed towards you pull you toward the direction it is coming from at the same time? Gravity is not an energy: GRAVITY is an IMBALANCE that causes the shrinking of Space.
    From what I see, Space is constantly being replaced by the Big Bang which is still going on. The only explanation I have found explaining Gravity in any kind of common sense or intelligent way, was from one John A. Gowan, now retired from Cornell University. His Article, “The Intrinsic Motion of Time and Space” appeared in a 2006 issue of Scientific American.
    Gowan has pieced together the Time-Space Continuum, and solved the puzzle. He explainsthat TIME IS ENTROPY. Entropy is the process that once something has been created, it starts to fall apart, and eventually does, including atoms. They run out of gas. The bigger the object, the faster the entropy, and the greater the Gravity so as to pull in more Space which is full of microscopic dust needed to replace the disappearing atoms that eventually expire with no energy left. There is no heat or light expended – just nothingness. Yes, matter can be destroyed! Gravity is nothing more than the shrinking of Space.
    Einstein made his share of mistakes like all of us. He believed in the “Steady State Theory”that Stars and Constellations were in fixed positions and not moving. He believed that if the Sun suddenly disappeared, the Earth would not shoot suddenly out of orbit, because of Curved space around the Sun. Wrong again. If the Sun disappeared, so would the curved space. Gravity acts immediately. Einstein believed that nothing can exceed the speed of light. We have Extraterrestrial Visitors that would disagree.
    If one of our spaceships is near a certain Star, it can communicate instantly by tampering,at a certain distance from the Star, with a very tiny portion of the gravity field at predetermined coordinates that our Super Sensitive Computer Enhanced Laser Sensors could read as the message is being written.

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