About me

Hello, I’m here to share my ideas with you and to know your opinion, so be honest and leave your view without worry. Currently I’m an engineering and physics student. I’m highly inspired with Albert Einstein and great saint Swami Vivekananda. I write on everything from subjects of my researches to interesting scientific ideas. I have started researching on these theories 6 years ago from now. I’m also aware about our mother nature. I’m always against to pollution and global warning. I’m studying and researching hyper space dimension theories like superstring theory and M theory. Currently I’m researching on these theories to extract some new ideas and I have also tried to find some new special type of conclusions from EINSTEIN’s special theory of relativity like ‘rate of change of time’. I’m also advancing a new theory of Discrete Dimensions. Send me your suggestions by going to contact page. You can mail me for your kind suggestions and problems.

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