Extreme Tech: Genetic Engineering And Gene Programmer[Part-I]

As I have promised yesterday, the greatest technology which we could achieve by the end of this century, I’m going to suggest it. As title says , it is related to somewhat you can term as genetic engineering. If  I’m not wrong DNA or genome which is a characteristic carrier ,is one of the most complex things and programmed as well. If you might know every property or characteristics which comes to a creature ,is due to different sequencing of  genomes. For example, if  a genome which is directly responsible for the adoption of wing in a Albatrauss[though there are others too which are to make it adequate] , is doped into you probably you can fly high in the sky and you don’t need a jet pack or monoplane to do so. Ohh.. I’m forgetting.. you don’t even need to carry a heavy fuel tank.

The gene itself manages how to handle the pesky things. If a gene is programmed to grow your body bigger and bigger and let the multiplication of cells go on infinitely with no bounds, you would become immortal Homo Sapiens Sapiens Gianta{actually this gene is responsible for continuous growth of plants}. Have  you ever seen a rhino? It has a 5cm thick skin which protects it. Indeed it is the gene which programmed rhino’s body to develop such kinda thick skin.

Why not consider those tiny creepy crawly creatures? Yea, I’m talking of insects and archenids{spiders and other pods}. I don’t find anything with better capabilities than insects according to their size. I’ve read somewhere in wikipedia that a beetle can manipulate 850times more mass to its own[Rhinoceros beetles are also one of the strongest animals on the planet in relation to their own size. They can also survive Nuclear warfare. They can lift up to 850 times their own weight.[1] :ref].

In a laboratory experiment, Rob Knell from Queen Mary,University of London and Leigh Simmons from the University of Western Australia found that the strongest Onthophagus taurus could pull 1,141 times its own body weight. That’s equivalent to a person lifting close to 180,000 pounds (the same as six full double-decker buses). Isn’t it mind boggling?

Just take a insect and try to scratch its outer shell and you’ll find how hard it is and its claws are even more stronger than its shell. I find their claws more strong than the wires of copper and alluminium of same dimension. It may astound you. I’ve put well known spider’s web which is even more strong than steel, aside here[ carbon nanotube could beat it].

Extreme Tech

Finally we can conclude that it is the gene who programs every creature either it’s insect or extremohile viruses and manages to maximize survival in every sort of environment no matter how harsh that is. The final outcome is that we can produce anything by manipulation of genetic codes which is not even attainable by nanotechnology. So what about a gene programming machine? If we could design a gene programming machine[ I’ll call them “Gene Programmer” and creatures produced by Gene Programmer wii be called as Bioprogram], we could create every sort of  bio robot which may seem non existent for today’s technology. Just mingle the genes of Onthophagus taurus and Supersaurus(about 140feet long and 20m high and 120 tonnes weight]and what will you see, would be a giant even more powerful than a godzilla and as long as I can estimate(just estimation) it comes to have power of 1oo godzillas(worth considering is that it is so small than a godzilla was). Or if you are a good programmer then you could do better job at your own will. It doesn’t seem me to be obsolete and perhaps more recent achievement showed that we can do even better in near future. They can be used to terraform planet or even in space colonization. Look forward for second part in  which you I’ll peer review the implications to Gene Programmer at different levels.

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