Ancient Atlantis or Something Else?

By J. P. Skipper

The report is about an Earth based scenario, a combination of the possibilities inherent in a background Earth story, some possible hypotheses by me, and then some visual evidence to add into the mix. It will be up to you to decide if there is any merit. First we’ll start with the background story.

In more modern times, the story of ancient Atlantis has fascinated generations and some to obsession as a real place. As many of you may know, it is acknowledged that the story of Atlantis was first introduced into public awareness via dialogues by the Greek philosopher Plato around 355–360 BC. As the story goes, Plato’s references regarding Atlantis was allegedly in turn sourced from a 500 hundred years earlier 6th century BC trip by the Athenian lawgiver Solon to Egypt where an Egyptian priest there translated a part of an unknown history of ancient Athens and Atlantis from papyri scrolls of Egyptian hieroglyphs to Greek of a time some 9,000 year earlier to that 6th century period.

According to the translation, it seems that the god/man Poseidon (you know, Zeus, Hera, Apollo etc.) fell in love with a human female named Cleito on the island Atlantis who bore him many sons, the oldest of which was named Atlas. Now it should be noted at this point that the term “Atlantis” in Greek means “island of Atlas” and the term “Atlantic” Ocean was named after Atlas. It seems that in the even more distant past, the “gods” divided up Earth lands among themselves and Poseidon to his liking was assigned the then Atlantis lands west off of the Pillars of Hercules which the latter we know today as the Strait of Gibraltar separating the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

So, despite the many other location prospects presented by others as more likely sites, the ancient story clearly places the location of the Atlantean culture in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere west of the Strait of Gibraltar. Many have a problem with this because it is the scientific consensus opinion that this location is geologically impossible. Further, since science now days considers itself rational and enlightened, the story starting off with the “god” Poseidon likely causes many not to take it serious and regard it as little more than fabricated myth.

However, this ignores the ancient Sumarian and Indian culture record as also referring to such “gods” in human form including conducting great wars with each other. The consensus also makes the assumption that such records are not history but merely fabricated myths and legends to explain events they didn’t understand by ancient people less sophisticated and knowledgeable than ourselves. In my opinion, such views reveal more about our flaws and arrogance than ancient ones.

In any case, the story goes on to describe Atlantis as an island or a great number of islands occupying a very large area of specific measurement so that it might also be considered as large as a continent. Therefore do note that it isn’t described so much as a “continent” as we think of single land mass but a collection of land masses with the island Atlantis as its center of power.

The Atlantean’s are described as a naval power that also possessed flying machines. It seems that landmass Atlantis itself was occupied by Atlas and was an island with mountains. One of these mountains where Cleito apparently resided was carved by Poseidon into a great palace with concentric rings of land, walls, and canals extending out from its center and complete with other canal systems. It seems that the eastern most and other reaches of the Atlantean world were separate kingdoms divided up almost certainly among Atlas’s brothers and so the Atlantean world was a confederation of kingdoms with Atlantis as its power center.

In the time some 9,000 years before the time of Solon and the translation, the Atlantean confederation or some portion of it was apparently aggressively attacking and conquering in western Europe, parts of Africa, and attacking into the Mediterranean where they encountered ancient Athens. Athens standing alone stopped them militarily and thus no doubt the reason for Solon’s Greek interest in the Egyptian translated story. At some point in time not too long after this Atlantean military defeat there is suppose to have been some kind of earthquake upheaval that in one day and night caused the whole of the Atlantean world to sink beneath the Atlantic Ocean causing mud to poor in on top of it creating an impassable and unsearchable muddy shoal and a hazard to navigation.

Remember such records in these ancient times were likely one-off laboriously hand inscribed accounts and not a record that is repeated as we do today via books and electronic devices. So if the one record is destroyed, the account is lost forever. So this is a no doubt condensed Egyptian account/record further condensed by Solon, further condensed by Plato, and further condensed and interpreted by people like me in more recent times so that much information and, more important, a true sense of elapsed time is lost and/or distorted. So there may be a tendency to think about this account happening in shorter lengths of condensed time than may have actually been the case.
For example, we now know something about plate tectonics as well as continental drift and we now know, if we thought about it very much, that this identified location out in the Atlantic west of the Pillars of Hercules would be near an ever expanding seam between tectonic plates and a geologically unstable area due to that fact. This suggests the multiple fracture zones of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. Logically, over the centuries earthquakes and rising sea levels may have alerted many intelligent advanced Atlantean people to their island life peril and especially among the island kingdoms with lower elevations.

This would have likely caused some Atlanteans, especially in the Atlantean eastern reaches, to be concerned about future sudden flooding caused by earthquakes building in intensity over the years and/or centuries and flooding shorelines. That may have caused them to attempt to shift populations further eastward to the mainland of western Europe and Africa getting into conflict with those already there occupying those places.

Also, before I forget to include this, it should be noted at this point that the Egyptian account clearly identifies a continent further west of Atlantis bounding the Atlantic Ocean that sounds an awful lot like the American continents. This in turn clearly suggests at least an Egyptian familiarity in ancient 6th century BC times and/or before with the western boundaries of the Atlantic Ocean and its navigation. That would make sense with a broad area of islands in the mid Atlantic making island hopping or circumventing navigation westward to the Americas much easier.

There is even the information in the account of the sunken shoals of Atlantis impeding navigation in the Atlantic. Even if the Egyptian account is false and a creation by Plato or his predecessors, it still suggests a navigation knowledge of the Atlantic Ocean to its western boundaries by some Mediterranean people in 355-360 BC and/or before Plato’s time and that too is significant.

Also, here’s another consideration. The underwater terrain area immediately east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge area has not only many fracture zones demonstrating geological instability but many mountain ranges as well no doubt created over time by that geological instability. Some of the highest mountains stick out of the water and their tops are islands out in the mid Atlantic. It is also likely that the highest mountains would be those created deeper within the Mid-Atlantic Ridge fracture zone areas.

Now consider that the events described here allegedly happened roughly about 12,000 years back into the past from the present time. Today our science tells us that the last glacial maximum (coldest period) peaked about 20,000 years ago and ended about 10,000 years ago as we entered the current interglacial cycle warming period. That means that 12,000 year ago from our time the Atlantean culture would be facing a warming trend that would have been ongoing and well along for some 8,000 years with melting ice sheets and sea levels rising nearing to the completion of this warming cycle just 2,000 years in their future.

Think about it. Depending on its possible age of existence, the Atlantean culture may have been initially established at some period during the last ice age glacial maximum around 20,000 years ago. During that earlier time, the ice sheets would likely have been at their peaks of mass and the sea level would have been at its lowest. That means that a great deal of the top of those mountain ranges east of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge plate tectonic seam would have likely been sticking considerably out of the water forming a massive area of islands with many of them land interconnected and suitable for habitation.

This has all kinds of negative implications for any civilization based on the mountain range islands in the mid Atlantic during an 8,000 year long to that date interglacial warming/melt trend and its geological changes. As their island centers were threatened by rising water levels and increasingly made more and more vulnerable to the occasional earthquake driven tsunamis and other rogue waves from deeper water over the centuries, there would have logically been a migration from this home area by many while others stayed behind unwilling to leave so typical of human behavior.

This would explain the view of Atlanteans moving east by Egyptian and Greeks as invaders. Did you know that Egyptian earliest history includes accounts of battles fought with unidentified peoples from the west? The Atlanteans on the move, but being a finite number of people without the replenishment reserves of an long term established people and even with more advanced technology, they would gradually have been worn down in conquering ability pushing east into western Europe and Africa until finally exhausted they met their match and perhaps were stopped by the Athenians and a growing culture that later produced the fiercely committed Spartan defenders at Thermopylae. If so, now all that is left of their legacy is perhaps some of their DNA in many of us and some long lasting megalithic structure evidence in Europe and Africa as their smaller numbers were eventually absorbed into the greater human whole of that part of the world.

This is the Earth Atlantis story in basic and some of my thoughts on it. You will notice that I do not label this information as so many others do as myth. From my point of view, it is neither myth nor truth but simply a story like that of Troy that may have some basis for fact in it and not to be summarily dismissed. In other words, I suspect there is core truth to be had somewhere in this story.

You can perhaps understand that, when I got Google Earth, one of the first things I did was go looking for any sign of civilization underwater in the Atlantic west off of the Pillars of Hercules where the Atlantean culture at its height is alleged to be located. I expected nothing and especially not in light of the fact that so much of the satellite imaging has been obfuscated. However, I did find what clearly appears to be some evidence of artificial construction underwater west southwest well out from the Strait of Gibraltar.

I was going to report on it before now but got distracted into planetary evidence and kept putting it off until now. I also delayed because I wanted to further inspect what appears to be some underwater canal systems joining certain islands still sticking out of the water in the general area. However, recently I received an email bringing this site back to my attention from a Clinical Psychologist Dr. Christof Lehmann wanting to know what I thought of the same underwater formations? I’m glad he did. Now let’s look at some Google imaging showing the location of the site and the site itself.

The above 1st image is a context view showing the Atlantic Ocean, the position of the unstable Mid-Atlantic Ridge tectonic plate fracture zone and the rough mountainous underwater terrain produced by it. Likewise, the red arrow demonstrates the underwater evidence site to the left relative to the Strait of Gibraltar or Pillars of Hercules to the right at the mouth of the Mediterranean. As you can see, the placement of the site is in general consistent with the ancient story of the placement of the Atlantean empire.

The above 2nd image from Google Earth provides a closer but still context view showing a little more detail of the evidence that surrounds the site. Note that the site in question appears to be underwater on the east edge of the rough mountainous Mid Atlantic Ridge terrain and on the west edge of a more level plain. However, one needs to be cautious. This may or may not be accurate as a portion of the smoother plain appearance may also be the result of smudge treatments applied to the local area. In fact, if one takes into consideration image tampering treatments, what we can see of the underwater ruins may merely be only part of a greater whole hidden by smudge treatments.

The above 3rd and 4th images provide different types of views of the underwater ruins site. As you can see these many geometric right angle and linear lines are almost certainly represent artificially created ruins of some kind. However, note that there are apparently no concentric round rings as the story describes that are suppose to be on the main island of Atlantis. Further, while there are other long linear lines east of this site that could be old ancient canals connecting islands, there is no more evidence of ruins this definitive in the immediate surroundings.

Does this tell us that this isn’t Atlantis? Not hardly. The ruin outlines you see above are also how this site would look if smudge image tampering were a factor. Same with the extensive smooth plain to the east of this site. You can take nothing for granted in this regard as to what role image tampering may play by hiding evidence.

So does this tell us that this is Atlantis? Again the answer is no. However, what it does tell us is that what we have here is artificial ruin outlines underwater on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean where none should exist and that alone is very significant. Scientists tell us that this is impossible but here you have the visual evidence. Unless some advanced aliens built something here underwater that has been covered over by smudge treatments and still printing through them, we’re almost certainly looking at ancient human civilization construction evidence that had to have been created by ancients over time and unquestionably out of water. That means that this site existed at one time in the past out of water and on dry land.

That in turn logically means that this civilization evidence may have existed active at some time during the last glacial cold period as much as 20,000 years ago when the ice sheets were at their maximum and the water level here was much lower than now exposing these lands to air and sunlight. That in turn makes the story of some ancient civilization like the Atlantean culture in the Atlantic Ocean off of the Pillars of Hercules more feasible.

For example, the destruction of Atlantis, if the overnight time frame is legitimate and not a result of condensing the time line in the Egyptian reporting the event, may have been the result of a combination of things building up over centuries. Rising water during the interglacial warming trend would be the chief suspect but would not alone sufficiently explain the overnight disaster scenario. On the other hand, warming trend rising water levels would have made islands more vulnerable to inundation at the same time that increasing downward weight pressure of the rising water on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge geologically unstable area could have created a subterranean collapse of the plate dropping down a bit and/or a significant earthquake displacing and pushing water in a great wave over the already vulnerable island culture depositing swirling stirred up bottom sediment (mud) over the area.

The above evidence site may or may not be part of an Atlantean empire. However, it was a part of something out here in this now underwater terrain and there is no telling what extensive civilization evidence may be hidden in this area under smudge treatments. If there is anyone out there around the world with access to commercial satellite imaging of this underwater general area that may not have been subjected to tampering treatments, please get it to me for examination and we’ll see if there is anything more to be seen here!

Now that the above evidence leans so much in favor of artificial civilization evidence being possible underwater in this general area of the Atlantic Ocean, is there is further evidence of the civilization kind on this side of the Atlantic? As it turns out, there actually is north of this area and off the west coast of Ireland and the visual evidence is as follows.

The above 5th image is the wide angle context view of that evidence both out on the coastal shallower water shelf represented by the lighter blue color and down in a deeper canyon system represented by the darker blue color. Note that this evidence is not really like the ruins of buildings because the imprint of it is finer and closer textured but still with the sharp 90º right angle boundary geometry and long straight linear lines so typical of man’s constructions.

In the above 6th image, note the lower section pointed out between the two arrows. This looks suspiciously like writing of some unknown kind, at least to me. IF this is writing, perhaps some better forensic imaging experts in conjunction with some linguist experts probably in ancient text could get better details and interpret this?

To that end, the above 7th image provides a closer view of this possible writing. It also provides a good view of how precise the southern straight line boundary of this grid like site makes a perfect sharp 90º turn upward north forming the west boundary edge of the entire site. As you can see, the corner is just too right angle perfect to be the result of some natural occurrence and has been almost certainly implemented by artificial means. As with the previous evidence, the presence of smudge and/or a mud covering on the site tells us that these are not imaging artifacts but something actually present on the bottom.

The above 8th image view is of the top or north and west boundary of the site off of Ireland. As you can see, this area of the site is more compromised by blur. That is caused I suspect mostly by obscuring smudge treatments but acknowledge that it could be mud as well. However, even so, note there are many objects (containers ?) of the same size and in a side-by-side east/west orientation repeating in a long uniformly even line here mostly but not completely obscured and as pointed out by the red arrows.

It obviously suggests artificiality rather than something of natural origin. What any explorer worth his salt wouldn’t give to go down and inspect that long line of same size objects seen in the above 8th image!

What this site is exactly I cannot say. Could it be a giant horizontal read message board with all the main smaller text obscured and only the grossly large bottom line of text printing through the obscuring mud and/or smudge? What ever it is, the main thing is that it appears to be of artificial origin and it is underwater in the Atlantic off the west coast of Ireland. It is entirely possible that this site also dates back into glacial maximum times when the water levels here were at their lowest level exposing this area to the air and sunlight enabling this construction.

The problem with that consideration is that 20,000 years ago during the peak glacial cold cycle, the ice sheets extending down from the Artic north of this point would likely have covered this site making it very difficult for human habitation. Also, the lowered sea levels would have exposed what is now the British Isles including Ireland and the English Channel making this area a landmass extension of the European continent.

If this now underwater site would not be conducive to human habitation back then during the glacial cold cycle, could this site be some kind of giant heated grid type sign system then on exposed land melting ice away from around it and framing a giant message meant only to be seen from above? Perhaps a giant boundary marker defining territory?

In other words, discoveries raising questions like this point to a time in this planet’s history when things were happening that we in our ignorance in this time have little to no knowledge of today except for a few privy to truthful satellite imaging. With that in mind and consistent with human behavior, there may be a tendency to speculate that these things were happening before our recordedhistory? If so, let me say a word about that.

More than likely, there was such a recorded history. For example, the ancient libraries that we know were intentionally sacked and burned a number of times in the lands around the Mediterranean may have contained a great deal of this information. So much of the information in them was destroyed just because of the information they contained that someone of the time didn’t want known. So, with the destruction, the information lost to human civilization is incalculable. I might add that sadly much of that library destruction was undertaken in the name of religion and its intolerance for difference.

I am reminded of the ancient peoples in the opposite direction of South and Central America. They recorded a great deal of history on gold likely thinking that the knowledge would never perish on this wonderfully stable metal. They did not of course anticipate that European white men driven by greed and accompanied by zealot guardians of religion would wish to destroy even history, covet the gold, melt it down wholesale (again knowledge destroyed) too fill great ship convoys headed back to Europe to feed even greater greed and the power addicts of that time.

If very much of any of this ancient information had survived intact, it is possible that humanity would have surged centuries ahead increasingly on an individual basis not nearly as dependent on leaders to manipulate us via spin telling us what to think, how to feel, and what to do that always seems to benefit the few but rarely the many that take the action and run the risks. However, that’s just my personal thoughts.

Addendum added 7/19/2010

It has been brought to my attention by a number of people that this possible site in the Atlantic off of the Pillars of Hercules has been discovered and apparently reported on previously by someone else also making a possible Atlantis connection. I don’t know who. At the same time it seems that Google has put forth an official explanation found HERE that the evidence is a artifact of bathymetric data collection sonar process from boats with the lines reflecting the path of the boats. I was not aware either of the prior discovery or the official explanation at the time of my reporting above.

Because of the location of this particular evidence, it is natural to associate this site with Atlantis. The subject of a technologically advanced human civilization prior to our current recorded history is not welcome in science or political consensus circles just as it was not in ancient times with the destruction of the great libraries. In this time it is preferred to promote surprisingly advanced but still suitably and safely primitive cultures like the Minoans in the Mediterranean as the bases for the story of Atlantis.

As for the official Google explanation, if the Google Earth underwater search function revealed a pattern of sites like this as a result of fuzzy sonar readings around the Earth, such an official explanation might hold a little interest for more investigation. However, no matter what they say, the evidence just isn’t there. That means that the official explanation amounts to no more than a claim and it is clear that this site west off the Pillars of Hercules has been specifically targeted for this special explanation.

The bottom line is that, if they can get the deep rough and very intricate Mid-Atlantic Ridge massive area bottom information west adjacent to this site correct without such visual defects, that says it all and the official explanation is not something to take seriously. You must decide what has merit and what does not for yourself. As for me, I stand by my reporting.


Did Aliens Disarm Nuclear Weapons?

At an unusual press conference recently held in Washington, D.C., a UFO author and a half-dozen orso former U.S. military airmen asserted that “The U.S. Air Force is lying about the national security implications of unidentified aerial objects at nuclear bases and we can prove it.” They claim that since 1948, extraterrestrials in spaceships have not only been visiting Earth but hovering over British and American nuclear missile sites and temporarily deactivating the weapons.

UFO author Robert Hastings, who organized the news conference, said, “I believe — these gentlemen believe — that this planet is being visited by beings from another world, who for whatever reason have taken an interest in the nuclear arms race.”Hastings claims that a global conspiracy exists in which all major governments have been covering up evidence of UFOs for decades. Despite claims that the airmen were “breaking their silence,” there was very little new information presented at the press conference; in fact many ofthe UFO reports they cited date back 30 or 40 years, and had appeared in magazine articles, books, and websites. Instead of any new evidence or real proof they offered merely a rehashing of old, discredited reports that didn’t yield any significant evidence when they were originally reported decades ago. These “revelations” in fact raise more questions than they answer. For example, if extraterrestrial intelligences have been watching over humanity and are so concerned about nuclear weapons, why didn’t they prevent the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki at the end of World War II? Preventing those bombs from exploding — instead of demonstrating the atom’s awesome destructive power to the world — could have been a much more effective way to head off a nuclear arms race.

Furthermore, the point of the press conference is muddled in contradictions. On one hand, the stated purpose was to encourage governments of the world to finally publically admit that they are aware of aliens, presumably because they pose a threat to national security. On the other hand, the larger message seems to be not to worry about nuclear proliferation, because our alien space brothers will take care of us and avert any potential nuclear attacks (at least in the US and UK —no word on if the aliens are concerned about Iran’s nukes). If that’s true, then the aliens would not really be a threat to national security since they seemto be playing galactic peacekeepers.The information presented at thepress conference is only the most recent in a long line of similar claims.

UFO folklore and reports— especially from the 1960s and 1970s — often contained supposed messages from our peace-loving and ecologically aware space brothers warning us quarrelsome and destructive earthlings to treat the planet better and seek world peace. That is undoubtedly good advice (regardless of whether its origin is terrestrial or extraterrestrial) though if Hastings and his colleagues are right, the aliens —if they exist — may have everything under control.
[credit: LiveScience]

Video: The Time Traveller, Real Time Machine and True Story of Philadelphia Experiment

Ever got fascinated to time travel? If not, be now! Here is a man who claims that he is a time traveller and he had evidence of time travel. Watch this video:

Well, I don’t find anything credible enough to prove him time traveller.
Now come to the reality. Possibly we would have a quantum time machine in near future. By warping space-time fabric using cris-cross of high intensity laser beams, could make teleportation of a elementary particle into the past, possible. Watch it.

Probably you know about secret Philadelphia experiment conducted in 1943 on a ship named U.S.S. Enridge. It is said that ship was teleported using tesla coils which generated a very high electro-magnetic field and warped space time fabric, a special manifestation of relativity theory unknown yet. See the reality!…?

WeirdSciences News:Indian Secret Antigravity Research Program and Ancient Mysticism

India has always been famed for its ancient intelligence and very advanced culture which was developed when Darwin’s ape were wandering. Now a days Indian defence research scientist and engineer are working for a top secret projects. According to some sources in Pune, well known for defence programs, scientists are tight lipped and say they can’t speak till 2012. What is going to happen in 2012 no one knows but they keep saying before any question is asked “I know nothing”. If you keep your ears on these whispers you will realize India has tested something no one wants to talk about. It is break through in conventional physics and traditional mechanical and aeronautical engineering. Still the question comes back why shoul all stay quiet till 2012? Where did antigravity technology come from? Strange activities are continuously being observed in Indian side of Himalayas. According to sources it was an planned diversion, it came from indigenous researcher that were started just after the nuclear test in Pokharan and based on some Ancient Indian texts. India must research forgotten technologies that were part of Indian History Ramayan and the Mahabharata. When quizzed further Indira Gandhi mentioned that like ancient days we should be able to fly effortlessly. India will most likely announce the discovery as part of peaceful innovation series. But obviously military applications can make conventional missiles and aircrafts. And if whispers are right, India may be changing the world by 2012 forever but why the magic year 2012? Why every thing is kept secret till then?

Norway UFO And Stargate Video Unveiling Conspiracy

UFO conspiracies has continuously been observed by popular media. Strange lights over Norway which were seen on early December. These light were said to be caused by failed russian missile test. However, here is a video claiming that it was opening of stargate. Watch it below


Swine Flu: Is It Another Conspiracy?

Czech newspapers are
questioning if the shocking
discovery of vaccines
contaminated with the deadly
avian flu virus which were
distributed to 18 countries by
the American company Baxter
were part of a conspiracy to
provoke a pandemic.
The claim holds weight because,
according to the very laboratory
protocols that are routine for
vaccine makers, mixing a live
virus biological weapon with
vaccine material by accident is
virtually impossible.
“The company that released
contaminated flu virus material
from a plant in Austria confirmed
Friday that the experimental
product contained live H5N1
avian flu viruses,” reports the
Canadian Press.
Baxter flu vaccines contaminated
with H5N1 – otherwise known as
the human form of avian flu, one
of the most deadly biological
weapons on earth with a 60%
kill rate – were received by labs in
the Czech Republic, Germany, and
Initially, Baxter attempted to
stonewall questions by invoking
“trade secrets” and refused to
reveal how the vaccines were
contaminated with H5N1.
After increased pressure they
then claimed that pure H5N1
batches were sent by accident.
This was seemingly an attempt to
quickly change the story and
hide the fact that the accidental
contamination of a vaccine with
a deadly biological agent like
avian flu is virtually impossible
and the only way it could have
happened was by willful gross
criminal negligence.
According to a compiled
translation from Czech
newspaper stories, the media
over there is asking tough
questions about whether the
contamination was part of a
deliberate attempt to start a
“Was this just a criminal
negligence or it was an attempt
to provoke pandemia using
vaccination against flu to spread
the disease – as happened with
the anti-B hepatitis vaccination
with vaccines containing the HIV
virus in US? – and then cash for
the vaccines against H5N1 which
Baxter develops?
How could on Earth a virus as
H5N1 come to the ordinary flu
vaccines? Don’t they follow even
basic precautions in the
American Pharma companies?”
states the translation.
The fact that Baxter mixed the
deadly H5N1 virus with a mix of
H3N2 seasonal flu viruses is the
smoking gun.
The H5N1 virus on its own has
killed hundreds of people, but it
is less airborne and more
restricted in the ease with which
it can spread. However, when
combined with seasonal flu
viruses, which as everyone
knows are super-airborne and
easily spread, the effect is a
potent, super-airbone, super
deadly biological weapon.
As the Canadian Press article
“While H5N1 doesn’t easily infect
people, H3N2 viruses do. If
someone exposed to a mixture
of the two had been
simultaneously infected with
both strains, he or she could
have served as an incubator for a
hybrid virus able to transmit
easily to and among people.”
There can be little doubt
therefore that this was a
deliberate attempt to weaponize
the H5N1 virus to its most potent
extreme and distribute it via
conventional flu vaccines to the
population who would then
infect others to a devastating
degree as the disease went
The Canadian Press article states,
“That mixing process, called
reassortment, is one of two ways
pandemic viruses are created,”
but then claims that there is no
evidence that this is what Baxter
were doing, despite there being
no clear explanation as to why
Baxter has samples of the live
avian flu virus on its premises in
the first place.
However, to reiterate, the key
aspect of this story is that it is
virtually impossible for live avian
flu virus to find its way into a
vaccine by “accident”.
As health expert Mike Adams
points out,
“The shocking answer is that this
couldn’t have been an accident.
Why? Because Baxter
International adheres to
something called BSL3 (Biosafety
Level 3) – a set of laboratory
safety protocols that prevent the
cross-contamination of
As explained on Wikipedia:
“Laboratory personnel have
specific training in handling
pathogenic and potentially lethal
agents, and are supervised by
competent scientists who are
experienced in working with
these agents. This is considered
a neutral or warm zone.
All procedures involving the
manipulation of infectious
materials are conducted within
biological safety cabinets or
other physical containment
devices, or by personnel wearing
appropriate personal protective
clothing and equipment. The
laboratory has special
engineering and design
Under the BSL3 code of conduct,
it is impossible for live avian flu
viruses to contaminate
production vaccine materials that
are shipped out to vendors
around the world.
This leaves only two possibilities
that explain these events:
1. Possibility #1: Baxter isn’t
following BSL3 safety guidelines
or is so sloppy in following them
that it can make monumental
mistakes that threaten the safety
of the entire human race. And if
that’s the case, then why are we
injecting our children with
vaccines made from Baxter’s
2. Possibility #2: A rogue employee
(or an evil plot from the top
management) is present at
Baxter, whereby live avian flu
viruses were intentionally placed
into the vaccine materials in the
hope that such materials might
be injected into humans and set
off a global bird flu pandemic.
Spreading bird flu would create
an instantaneous surge of
demand for bird flu vaccines. The
profits that vaccine companies
such as Baxter International
could reap out of such a panic
are astronomical.
In addition, as we have
previously reported, those that
have a stake in the Tamiflu
vaccine (Oseltamivir) include top
globalists and Bilderberg
members like:
George Shultz
Lodewijk J.R. de Vink
former Secretary of Defense
Donald Rumsfeld
Authorities in both Europe and
the U.S. have openly detailed
plans for martial law, quarantine
and internment should a bird flu
pandemic occur.
The other motivation, as we have
exhaustively documented on this
website for years, is the fact that
elites throughout history have
openly stated that they want to
see a world population reduction
of around 80 per cent.
Shocking stories like this take the
plausibility of that narrative out
of the realms of conspiracy
theory and into the dangerous
reality of conspiracy fact.
“Baxter is acting a whole lot like
a biological terrorism
organization these days, sending
deadly viral samples around the
world. If you mail an envelope full
of anthrax to your Senator, you
get arrested as a terrorist. So
why is Baxter — which mailed
samples of a far more deadly viral
strain to labs around the world
— getting away with saying,
essentially, ‘Oops’?”, Adams
This is not the first time that
vaccine companies have been
caught distributing vaccines
contaminated with deadly
In 2006 it was revealed that
Bayer Corporation had
discovered that their injection
drug, which was used by
hemophiliacs, was contaminated
with the HIV virus.
Internal documents prove that
after they positively knew that
the drug was contaminated, they
took it off the U.S. market only to
dump it on the European, Asian
and Latin American markets,
knowingly exposing thousands,
most of them children, to the live
HIV virus.
Government officials in France
went to prison for allowing the
drug to be distributed. The
documents show that the FDA
colluded with Bayer to cover-up
the scandal and allowed the
deadly drug to be distributed
No Bayer executives ever faced
arrest or prosecution in the
United States.

Why government is concealing evidence of life on jupiter?[Part-2]

Continued from why goverment is concealing evidence of life on jupiter? [Part-1] The announcement that the Galileo mission discovered organic life on jupiter has been met with a both excitement and skepticism in scientific circles. Jupiter is a giant ball of hydrogen, helium, methane,ammonia and water which is approximately 1400 times larger than Earth. This is exactly the kind of soup that scientist believe existed on ancient earth when organic life originated. Thus It’s not beyond reason to expect Jupiter to support more complex organic compounds like some lines of amino acids, the building blocks of life. Under the clouds of frozen ammonia radiation warns the atmosphere to a balmy 17¤C . It is in this layer that primitive yet highly organized life forms may evolved and it is altitude that the Galileo probe most probably snapped the very first pictures of ET LIFE. We can see pictures of these giant aliens beamed back from Galileo, while it was not publicized that the probe was carrying a camera, why? Still the question of why the information from the Galileo mission has stoppe flowing remains unanswered. Also unanswered is that was there any classified camera in Galileo on board . Officials refused to comment explicitely about whether a camera was on board the Galileo spacecraft. Those who have closely followed the Rosswell incident of 1947 know that the Federal government has a long history of the covering up the existence of ET life. Why US Government is doing so I don.8 know , but there is something mystery. Perhaps the age of silence is coming to an end. (source: partially derived from

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