Human Cloning, Surrogate Mother and Why Is It wrong?


Human cloning has always been connected with immortality, better capabilities and health. Well, cloning is a good idea for such sciences. Just take a cell from any client, add them to oval and then transplant into a surrogate mother. After sometime you will get a clone of client. And remember That’s all is going without sex. Of course there no sex just going through somewhat akin to blood testing process. I’ve think several times on this topic and scientists also say that this is the only way to be immortal. However, some also argued it as alternative to sexual reproduction. And this is the point that makes it blasphemous. Human cloning sentiments has always taken detour blasphemy and it is. And if it is legalized,our entire social skeleton would be collapsed. When we are dealing with the moral and legal aspects of human cloning, there seems to be nearly worldwide consensus that reproductive cloning is incompatible with human dignity and should be prohibited by law. There are many profounded argument regarding this. First there would be on meaning of terms like mother, father, brother. It would only like a biomachine world. Second it would lead to species devolution. Feelings to someone would be lost because there would be no meaning of such terms. Whole social world and relation, family and other terms would be trashed. Sex will then only be a amusement. I think science fiction could better explain this clone world. Clone will be used just as a factory for organs, girls and women just would somewhat akin to the factory of reproducting clones. I don’t go further in detail but if it legalized, it would be a total catastrophy for human dignity and human rights. This scenario seems more similar to a herd of advanced animals with no culture. One can sex everywhere anytime then what will happened. Our social structure will only be in strata. That’s why I’m finding this one as blasphemous and seriously it is . Specially in case of reproductive cloning.


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