Ancient Astronauts

by William L. Saylorfrom WorldMysteries Website

–  Ancient Astronaut Theories
–  Bep Kororoti and The Ancient Astronauts
The Ancient Astronauts (AA) Theory Revisited
–  The Gods Meet Men in Prehistory
–  The Gods as Architects
–  The Technology of The Gods

–  Ancient Astronauts in Fergana?
–  The Chu Pu Tei Expeditions 1937-1938

–  Chariots of The Gods? – Unsolved Mysteries of The Past – by Erich von Daniken

–  The Gold of The Gods – Explosives New Evidences About The Origin of Man… – by Erich von Daniken

–  Ancient Aliens
–  Entheogenic Shamanism Ancient Astronauts History
–  Los Recuerdos del Futuro – Teoría de Los Antiguos Astronautas

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