Clifford Stone: Alien Races and Descriptions

–  Alien Races
–  Alien Races Here On Earth – Alien Evolving into the Human Race?
An Interview with Clifford Stone – The EBE Guidebook
–  Earth Chronicle (Time Charts)
Exclusive Interview with Sergeant Clifford Stoneon assignment at Roswell, New Mexico
–  Hopi Legend of Shambhala and the Sacred Mountain Mount Meru
–  Shambhala and the UFO Connection
–  The Covert World of UFO Crash Retrievals – An Overview of Personnel Management in Majestic-12 Group Projects
Twenty Two Years of Covert Service in Elite UFO Crash Retrieval Teams – Interview with Sergeant Clifford Stone

Additional Information
Alien Races, The Gypsies
–  Clifford Stone, 57 ET Civilizations and ETs Walking Among Us
–  In Search of Shambhala
Living in the Light, ‘Believe in the Magic
Sacred Mountains – Mount Meru
The Arcturians
–  The Greys
The Hav-Musuvs – Legend of the Paiute Indians

–  UFOs Are Real – Extraterrestrial Encounters Documented by the U.S. Government – by Clifford Stone

–  Disclosure Project – Sgt. Clifford Stone U.S. Army
–  ET Interpreter – An Interview with Sgt. Clifford Stone
–  Interprete de Extraterrestres – Sgto. Clifford Stone – Un Video Entrevista con Clifford Stone

Related Reports
–  Different Typologies of Extraterrestrials – Main File
–  Disclosure – Main File
–  Philip Corso and The Roswell Incident – Main File

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