1. Red says:

    You totally miss it when you don’t consider the great flood of Noah. More than likely these skeletons and artifacts were laid down during the world wide cataclysm. I often hear scientists talk of a “vast inland sea”.
    Very true. There was a vast inland sea called the Flood of Noah and it buried a whole lot of things all within the same relatively short time frame. It is very sad indeed that most scientists won’t admit to that very obvious biblical fact: there really was a world wide catastrophic flood. The great water repositories of the deep exploded, the thin watery, heavenly firmament was destroyed, the continents drifted and tilted the very pole of the earth. Climate change occurred quickly. It’s where the flash frozen mammoths in Siberia
    came from. Something buried the dinosauers rapidly. No other explanations will fit how that happened. The Bible says God sent the Flood. The fool believes in stupid man made theories and ridiculous assumptions. It couldn’t be more obvious. The catastrophic Flood of Noah caused a planetary cataclysm which explains the fossil record.

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