Alien Abduction Family History

Alien Abductions Family History: Soul Groups

Extraterrestrial abductions are often reported in the same family, or bloodline, generation after generation as if part of a biogenetic experiment where human DNA is being altered fro an end result, perhaps a more evolved human. Reality is about bloodlines and information encoded in our DNA. Much of what we consider past or parallel lives are genetic memories within our bloodline. In some families alien abductions are part of what they are here in physical bodies to experience. It is programmed into their experience.

There are often DNA genetic markers for these members within the soul group. These are referred to as biogenetic implants, in some cases looking like the fibonacci spiral. One may view this as being bio-genetically created, tagged and watched.

5 Responses to Alien Abduction Family History

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  2. I think they are real.
    Have you read the works of John Mack.

    See also the Urantia Book.
    I wrote something on that:

    • dickie says:

      Yes, this has been going on and on and on in my family tree. I’m 53 yrs old and it continues to this day. They spare no one in your family, you are taged in some way, they follow you any where on this planet. You can be any age, but as you age, these visitations become less. They may be alein, or time travelers. I hope someday to find the truth.

  3. John says:

    I have had experiences/memories of being visited by aliens and one day my 3 year old daughter detailed how she was visited by tiny grey men with large eyes. She has experienced nose bleeds. My son has also experienced nose bleeds when he was young.

  4. Karen Reese says:

    I never believed in UFOs until later in life I not only saw a UFO but other witnesses also saw the ship. It was awhile back I was living in Alston MA. My mother and I went for a walk to visit a friend in Newton, MA a 35 min walk from were we were living. When returning home around dusk during our walk home we noticed a high round disc hovering above the rectory of Notre Dame high school. We were standing directly across the street and so other people who were walking also saw the object including the priest, who came out of the directory. Some how we lost time at least 4 hours for when we were looking up at the sky we saw the ship go straight up and come in contact with a Flight Plan leading into Logan Airport Boston. The plan saw the UFO and directly did a 180 turn around and the UFO shot up and disappeared.

    Over the next several month I was so stacked that I could not sleep due to nightmares and my older brother had to sleep in the room with me. I would wake up tariffed and crying. It took months fro me to just feel normal.

    Later in life I would wake up in my apartment ( house) on the floor in different rooms and loss of time. I would see bright lights outside of my bedroom window and I would be paralyzed and could not move. My body would levitate off of the bed and go thru the walls. My roommate also saw the lights.

    I would have unexplained rashes on y body broken out and when went to the doctor he said it looked like radioactive burns, nothing that he had seen before and was unable to treat. I would have sever nausea and vomiting , headaches and could not sleep. I talked to my boyfriend and told him I was sure that I was up ducted and could even draw a picture of the UFO craft and when it happened and he was formally a investigator with the FAA and looked into it and said yes a UFO was reported on that date, but know one will confirm or deny.

    I was still having experiences through out life and I am convinced that women are bring used as a host and they impregnate us. For I was on birth control and some where in between the up ducted became pregnant, but being on the pill it aborted while I was at work, the tissue was conferment in the lab that I was pregnant ( and still on the pill).

    I was also having sever sinus headaches and infection that were worse over time and also had seasonal allergies. After having 3 infections I went to the Mass Eye and Ear infirmary and had a check up. The doctor said I needed surgery ENT. After undergoing surgery to clean out my sinus cavieti8es the doctor informed me that I had something a piece of metal implanted in my upper facial sinus and could not figure out how it got their and the metal was nothing he every saw before and sent it to be analyzed. After I healed and the metal chip was removed I never had another incident.

    I can saw that I do have a pre connection and know things before they happen and have a feeling of Da JA Vu , that I have been someplace before and know where everything that is located in that space, which I have had when I as very young.

    I highly believe that life is on other planets that God who ever he / she is created other life forms on other planets. Who is to say that God may be the UFO that created life on Earth and accelerated human life and is trying to jump start human life too the next DNA change. Or it could be another life from other planets that are dying out and need our DNA to host new life on other planets. For we are a very nasty egotistical race that feels that they are only people in the Universe. Once I embraced and understood what happened to me the more I understand and the fear when away.

    No different then Mary Mother of Jesses, who said the Angel came to her in a bright light and said you will have a baby. The angel the UFO the bright lights. God only means some one who has greater knowledge then the race they are visiting. The story of Joseph is garbage that the church cooked up. No such thing as a virgin birth unless you went thru IVF.

    I really think that in the future we will all know the truth and who created us for we are all different. That angels are nothing but other advanced races fighting each other and we are the pons in that fight. Writing have said and witnesses in Biblical times stated including the Roman guards that two people were supporting Jesus and a bright light and he was beamed up> as they say beam me up Scotty. Who knows that a advanced race could have teleportation and be able to beam physical matter. I am sure that this technology will happen in the future.

    Who is to say that Moses did not receive radiation burns that turned his hair white, pounding out those tablets would be a lot of work. written in the Bible

    Adams first wife Lilith decided to get beamed up and then Eve was given to Adam. Adam in the Jewish writing is PRORTO Type and there were many ADAMs until ( GOD) got it correctly.

    Why I was choses or other people choses no one knows and by who, some not so nice and others have a great experience.

    Instead up fearing of what we do not understand embrace that we who were chosen for what ever reason were special.

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