Revealed: Is Nibiru Coming?

Perhaps, everyone is curious to know the truth about upcoming doomsday. I’ve heard some had suicided hearing the doomsday news on most popular media. What’s the truth of Nibiru? Well, Nibiru is planet in our outer solar system which completes its a cycle around sun in every 3600 years. Sitchen says that presence of this planet was depicted in some of ancient sumerian texts. He also talks about an alien race known as Annunakis which came here in ancient times and helped human to become sentient and developing technologies to built at least a pyramids. He refers them as god of ancients and termed as ancient astronauts. . I don’t think his theory seems credible. The planet Nibiru, of the size of jupiter will collide to earth during the completion of its cycle which cause disasters, pole shift and finally a catastrophe which will wipe out humans. Well, it seems interesting esoteric story. I know some also seeks its connection with Nostradamus’ prophecies with a keen observing eyes via their leaning weird ideas. I don’t know if any of his prophecy came out to be true. Still, it is most popular belief and over thousands of sites could be seen on internet focusing on doomsday. Nibiru is coming and by 2010, it will be observable by telescopes and by 2012 it would be visible to naked eyes. What a “flawed truth”! I don’t know why all those are doing this? Perhaps, for their own profits including Filmmakers, news channels and other internet media. This is the greatest hoax ever portrayed. Dates of doomsday are continuously shifting. Once this so called doomsday was deemed to be happen somewhat near about 2003 and before in 20th century. But what was the result? Hoax! Saying that Nasa is covering up existence of Nibiru, may be easy for conspiracy theorists but here I ask them how Nasa would be advantaged if they are covering the fact up? Is there any reason? No reason! The doomsday will in fact come in 2012 but in the mind of those stupids!

About bruceleeeowe
An engineering student and independent researcher. I'm researching and studying quantum physics(field theories). Also searching for alien life.

12 Responses to Revealed: Is Nibiru Coming?

  1. Mark Louis says:

    Here is what I think. I’ll be enjoying my party with my buddies on Dec.21, 2012. I’m not stupid! Right!

  2. Bruceleeeowe says:

    Right Mark! Good luck for your party! Nibiru is not coming!

    • mike says:

      Pluto has been pushed out of orbit from a mystery force. I dare not say I know what, but this Niburu thing is possible, although it may also be something to do with solar wind, and the fact that the sun is sitting in the galactic axis at this moment. It’s n and s poles are gone, now it has mulltipoles along equator; so perhaps it is sending a gravity ‘ripple’ of some type out to pluto? hard to say, but I would not rule out the Niburu as being a sort of ‘brown dwarf’ body perhaps that can’t be seen yet.
      As far as prophecy goes, the builders of the great pyramid I think deserve some respect. The hallway of prophecy there shows an end for many in 2012, and soon after. 2019 late to early 2020 sometime is the most likely year of Christ’s return.

      • Homealone777 says:

        My feelings about 2012? yeah; there’s always money to be made when people get scared and stock up on what they think the’ll need to survive it so yes; Somthing will happen in 2012; Someone’s got to make sure of it! Remember the year 2000? You could’nt hardly touch a generator back then! I remember the long lines at the grocery stores, and everybody all tenced up glued to the TV! The GOV and the merchants made a killing back then! So they found this senerio, and here we go agian. Don’t get me wrong; Investing in back-up power is always a good idea, Especially a diesel powered unit because if,”Excuse me”, WHEN a situation arises;You’ll need it to be diesel powered because of all the different fuel’s it’ll run on. Remember Katrina, The recent year’s snow record and now Japan! Not to mention all the other disaster sites. If Nibiru hits us, getting stocked-up won’t make one bit of difference! I don’t know about everyone else,but I trust in Jesus. I don’t worry; He’ll take good care of me. Time won’t end until the Lord Jesus says so…Amen!

  3. dad2059 says:

    Nibiru is a fascinating story and is one of many myths that have made it to modern times, like the Mayan Calendar (2012).

    We in America love end-times stories and apocalyptic prophecies; it’s “woven into our DNA” (this is a quote I found on a popular space website by a commenter).

    Like Y2K this is nothing but a money-making marketing ploy for certain businesses, like the mass media, and whipping up the sheeple is essential for this to happen.


    • bruceleeeowe says:

      Of course, Dad! The scenario is actually what you have said above.
      We in America love end-times stories and apocalyptic prophecies; it’s “woven into our DNA” (this is a quote I found on a popular space website by a commenter).
      I suspect we all are owner of same thoughts!

    • nelina says:

      I read all of Sitchins books and to tell you the truth I was thrilled by what I read but then after sometime I came upon some statements made by prominent Shumerian and ancient history scientists
      who prove that Sitchin’s theory is wrong and besides they highly doubt his diploma in ancient languages and they want him to face an open discussion with them which he stubbernly refuses up til

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  5. Seeker says:

    Couldn’t agree more with you. There have been many claims of doomsday and claimed prophets throughout the ages in which have gone by. Curious and questionable and sometimes young rebellious minds want to question society hence they come obsessed with bizarre theories such as this which keeps them busy and occupied. This is why it gets famous. Not to mention Conspiracy Theorist authors are getting paid and the sales of the books are increasing as the idea spreads like wild fire over the internet. Like any trend, it will fade away due to lack of credible evidence suggesting any truth. Especially when the the date goes by. There have been some ideas that suggest the 2012 ending. NASA would most likely want to cover this up as they are part of a bigger agenda which is responsible for population reduction. Then it goes into so many other arguable topics from here, and I don’t even know if I believe in that either. To be honest, I’m sitting on the fence on this whole thing, I’d say lets wait it out.

  6. tallblondealien says:

    I am afraid that there are too many who are caught up in the 2012 timeline. This year, 2011, is the year that should be focused on; specifically May-June 2011 and late October 2011. I dont see NASA, or any other Govt., agency knowing anything of the future. Timelines of important dates are handed down from the ancients. The Govt. may take advantage of little known info and create their own apocolyptic agenda. That, will become the reality that the ancients predicted.

  7. bs2012 says:

    I dont think anything will happen.didnt in 2000 or 2001 ..I’ll cash in making bets it wont happen if it dpes whos gonna be around to collect ???

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