Time Warped Field Theory Emerged

In 1986, I was fortunate to be able to make my contribution in space-time study and research with the introduction of what is called today… “time-warped field theory.”

This theory was born out of a new space-time model I developed that accounted for all aspects of relativistic physics. It even included consideration for details like frame-dragging that is caused by the gravity and spin of the Earth and the Moon. Most importantly it identified new relationships between time and energy.

The application of Time-warped field theory allows the creation of a field within which time rates can be adjusted… without requiring the massive amount of energy that was previously thought to be needed.


The Time Travel Research Center is a privately-owned research laboratory based on Long Island, New York in the United States of America.The company is exclusively dedicated to the advancement of the science, technology and research that will deliver practical time control capabilities and applications.

We are a leader in the development of capabilities to pursue this goal and are the only company of its kind dedicated exclusively to pursuing the development of time control technology. At the core of our research is what is known as our time-warped field theory and technology.

We also support private research and development and also pioneered and manage the development of the TRI-STAR System. Our TRI-STAR simulation system represents one of the most advanced space-time virtual laboratories in the world today… designed and optimized specifically for research in this field of study.

The Center also founded and manages the Time Travel Research Association. This Association networks information and interests on the study of time and time travel from all around the world… providing an exciting forum to study and learn. With more than 15,000 members from more than 90 countries, the association is the largest time travel interest group in the world…

I entered the world of space-time physics when I was recruited at a young age by the United Staes Air Force. Here I spent almost five years as an Air Force Officer, Flight Test Engineer, and Scientist, conducting advanced space-time research at the prestigious Air Force Flight Test Center in the Mojave desert.

The focus of my work was in the research, development, test and evaluation of space-time models and systems. It was here at the Air Force Flight Test Center that I began building a detailed understanding and passion for space-time physics

After leaving the Air Force I began to develop what I labelled Time-warped Field Theory to describe new relatinships between time and energy.

Since then I have spent almost all of my time working to fund my research, advance my theories, build our TRI-STAR virtual laboratory, and plan the launch of the Time Travel Research Center.

Time-Warped Field Theory and Applications

Our core technology involves the creation of a self-contained spherical time-warped field, about 30-40 centimeters in diameter.

Within the boundaries of a time-warped field it is possible to actually accelerate or decelerate to a certain degree the rate at which time passes relative to the rate of time outside of the field.

The applications for this technology are many.

We are currently researching several applications in the medical field. One would be transplant organ preservation. The time-warped field will be used to preserve organs or tissues awaiting transplant. In this case the organ would be stored in a special container within the time-warped field. Here it would be exposed to a significant retardation in the rate of time passage that would keep the organ healthy and fresh for a longer period of time. This will greatly increase the success rate of transplant operations and will also provide a solution for organs to be stored and made available for longer periods of time… so they can be available when they are really needed.

Another area of great interest and application of this technology is for scientific test acceleration or retardation… not only in the medical field, but in many others. In many disciplines the speed at which research can be accomplished, or results can be produced, is gated by the length of time required by certain natural processes or chemical reactions. Utilizing the time-warped field technology we will be able to actually accelerate this testing and research, hopefully without compromising the quality of the results. This will have tremendous advantages in many industries and research around the world. The number of new avenues in research and development this could open up are significant.

There still many technology challenges we need to overcome…perhaps in some areas we still have more questions than answers.

Future Applications of TwF Technology

But we don’t exclude the possibility and we even anticipate that after much more development that we will be able to create stasis fields and then eventually certain types of disease regression capabilities in the future. But given the dangers it is much better that we walk before we run here.

We see tremendous promise for the application of this technology for medical and health care use.

The impact this technology could have on accelerating research and finding cures for diseases like heart disease, cancer, aids, and diabetes is profound.

We also believe that our TwF Technology will eventually permit certain types of actual disease regression as our development continues and we find safer ways to use it on a living person.

But in the short-term, the benefits in accelerating and opening up new avenues of research will have such a large positive impact that we feel it may entirely change the way the world looks at and performs research and may help us move more quickly to new cures or treatments for these diseases.

Tri-Star Space-Time Virtual Laboratory

Our virtual laboratory is key to analyzing and learning more about Time-warped field technology and its application.

Our simulation programs may represent the most advanced space-time virtual laboratory in the world.

The Tri-Star system has been designed and optimized specifically and successfully for space-time research and development.

I have personally invested now more than fifteen years in the development of the Tri-Star system.

the system can simulate a complete and accurate space-time environment for almost all of our research needs.

The Tri-Star system’s simulation programs were designed with one goal in mind — to advance our efforts to achieve time time control technology. It is a very unique scientific research platform.

The system is probably most unique in that it is very flexible and quickly adaptable to the various types of TWF analysis and testing we need to do.

By bridging the walls between physics, mathematics, and computation… and injecting our space-time model… the Tri-Star system now delivers a powerful research and development environment for us.

The system is used extensively before and after our live experiments to compare actual results v.s. computer predictions… and during our live experiments for feedback and control.

More and more though the greatest value has been in exploring and documenting the nature and possible applications of time-warped field boundaries.The nature of the field boundaries is quite complex.

What will come in the future?… We feel that if our research continues to resolve itself as we’ve planned… and we predict it will… we will all be seeing some fascinating changes and the opening of an entire new industry based on this technology.

The Time Travel Research Center will continue to be dedicated to developing time control technologies and applications that will benefit the world.

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