1. steven schmidt says:

    My interests are astronomy and space mission involving the world. Thank You!

  2. scott says:

    Space travel

    This is a idea for space travel.

    Its called split second burst of a magnetic field.

    What you do is build a magnetic field at the front of a space craft / ship. Then you put the split second 2 million gauss magnetic making devise, behind it. So German scientist can make a 1 million gauss field now.

    So that will blast out ( like) magnetic particles) that will hit the magnetic field, forcing it to push ford.

    So the strongest magnetic fields in the world is 1000 trillion gauss, & in 1 way out of 2, when it gets compressed, you times every 3 gauss in that field by 10 billion gauss each gauss in that 1000 trillion gauss field. So every split second, you will go faster & faster.

    So 335 trillion gauss times each 1 gauss by 10 billion, to you get up to 335 trillion. Its massive & is going to send you faster then the speed of light in space. Faster the light years in years.
    For now with what we can make, we could still get way past the speed of light by 1000s of times it.

    So if you want to have a look at my drawings, so you can see how it works, go to my facebook page. Its open to all.

  3. Scott Ryan says:

    The idea of a periodic motion system between the magnetic field and the centripetal acceleration does pose an interesting mathematical problem, if you swap the magnetic field for an electric field.

    Centripetal and electric forces vary according to distance at different rates, however mathematically one can ask if there can be a system where the two balance out or more specifically oscillate as a result of the two forces.

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