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The links list below accesses the Mars surface water evidence record ordered with the most recent postings at the top and the oldest at the bottom. You’ll find a lot of liquid surface water here on a planet that isn’t suppose to produce even one such discovery according to the official and most prevalent scientific views of Mars being severely hard frozen, incredibly dry, and dead as can be. Further, note that this evidence doesn’t even contemplate probable far more massive underground water reserves. Water is the basis of life, at least life as we know it, and the presence of water exposed on the surface and especially in a liquid state, as you will see a lot of here, definitely points to more tolerable temperatures and a more breathable atmosphere than officially reported. This in turn implies that life as we know it is not only possible on this planet, it is almost certain in such a huge well established and more favorable ecosystem.

Mars Water Terraces Life
Mars Global Evidence
Mars Water Ice, Clouds & Life
Mars Strange Bio-Life-1
Mars Phoenix Miscellaneous
Mars Tower & Water Evidence
Mars Rover Miscellaneous
Mars Strange Evidence-1
Mars Richardson Crater Enigma
Mars South Polar Cap Bio-Life

Mars Kaiser Crater Water & Life
Mars MRO Cerberus Fossae Water
Mars Strange Line Network

When Mars Mesas Aren’t
Mars Forest Life Bio-Diversity-

Mars Conventional Tree Evidence
Mars”Dunes” Are Something Else
Mars Dust Devils & Water Geysers
Mars Glass Tubes, et al
Mars’ Aram Chaos Water, Etc.
Dual Biological Life Ecosystems
Mars Swamp Evidence
Mars Forests Mix

More Mars Forests & Lakes
ESA’s Mars Surface Water Ice
Mars South Polar Forest & Water
Mars South Polar Biological Life
Mars South Pole Shoreline Tampering
Mars Shoreline & Life Evidence
Mars South Polar Ring Anomaly
Mars South Pole Flood Waters
Civilization Sites & Water To
Water Ice in Fractured Layers
Opportunity Mixed Evidence
The Hand of Power
Water Ice Masses: Ecology’s of Life
The Blob, Water & Buildings
First Liquid Surface Water on Mars
Colossal Waterfalls Turned Solid
Clouds of Atmospheric Moisture

Water & Civilization at the South Pole
More South Polar Cap Civilization Evidence
The Well of Illusion

Low Profile Domes, Massed Buildings & Water
Giant Nozzle Shooting Liquid Spray

Dissecting a Water Find: Part III
Dissecting a Water Find: Part II
Dissecting a Water Find: Part I
Giant Plants & Lakes of Water
The “Tubes”: Natural Geology or Life?
Great Fish Symbol & More Water
Canyon Water Troughs & One is Numbered

Double Hump Dome Beside Huge Crater
Water, Islands & Civilization Evidence
Camouflaged Dome & Water Hole

Defunct Aquatic Park
Water Industrial Site, et al
Dome, City, Airport & Water
Colossal Head & Animal Monuments

First Discovery of Standing Liquid Water

The Real Smoking Gun As To Life On Mars

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